How do I get rid of fleas from my dog? 4 tips

Man’s best friend is now the most pampered. Our furry friends are life partners and part of the family, so in addition to taking care of their diet and appearance, we are very concerned about their health.

In this sense, fleas are one of the most common problems in dogs. It’s annoying for us owners, but without a doubt they are the ones who suffer the most.

Visits to the vet about this are not uncommon, and it is well known that one of the main questions is … How do I get rid of fleas from my dog?

    5 effective methods to kill dog fleas

    While prevention is always the best tool, the appearance of these critters is not something we can control at all.

    Washing and brushing your hair frequently and vacuuming furniture or textures that often accumulate insects are measures to keep the appearance of the pests under control, but if one day you find that your dog is scratching insistently , chances are, you already have them and need to apply some. of them solutions to get rid of fleas in your pet.

    1. Flea collar

    This product is the most popular for getting rid of dog fleas. Its mechanism of action is very effective and there are brands that offer up to 8 months of protection.. However, in order for your action to be total, you must follow certain recommendations.

    The first thing we need to do is check with your vet which type and brand of collar is best for you, as it depends on the pest you need to control. Another important tip is to focus on brands that are recognized and meet the required health standards.

    It is important to know that the substances contained in the flea collar are toxic to humans, so it is necessary to wear it with gloves, wash your hands after touching your dog and prevent children from having prolonged contact. and frequent to avoid poisoning.

    One tip to make your dog feel comfortable with the collar is to choose a rope in his size or to adjust it. When you put it on, leave a two finger space between your neck and the collar. If you are using it for the first time, be aware of possible allergic reactions.

    So if you are wondering how do I get rid of my dog’s fleas? Flea collar is a great solution besides it works as a preventative method as well.

    2. Pipettes

    Flea Pipettes are a quick, convenient and safe alternative to killing your dog’s fleas.

    These are ampoules with liquid inside ready for immediate use. They are administered topically and in a single application they protect for up to 4 weeks.

    If you are leaning towards this option, there are some important things you need to know to ensure that it works properly. An important element is the brand you choose. There are some cheap selling alternatives on the market but they don’t work the way they should and at the end the expense is more important, because in all cases it will be necessary to resort to another solution. It is best to invest in a reputable brand pipette from the start as this will ensure that we can get rid of the fleas. Be sure to check the expiration date, as an already expired pipette will not work.

    And above all: apply it correctly. It should be placed at three points along our puppy’s back: Neck, spine and near the tail. Make sure you put the coat aside and put the product on the scalp and not the hair, otherwise it won’t work. Ah! And one important thing: you should not bathe your dog for at least 48 hours.

      3. Antipulse spray

      If your puppy is already infested with fleas and it’s not just about preventing but completely eliminating fleas, Spray is a great solution.

      There are many brands and the vast majority are effective and easy to apply. It is enough to spray the product all over the body of our animal, avoiding the eyes of the animal and the one who applies it, because it is very irritable.

      The spray is immediate action, unlike the pipette and collar, because as you apply it you can see how the fleas die off.

      Subject to the spray brand or your vet’s recommendations, it’s best to let the spray sit for a few hours, then bathe and brush it to remove any dead fleas that remain in your coat.

      4. Flea shampoo

      this alternative it could work more as a preventive measure this as a solution to kill dog fleas, but can be used if the problem is just beginning the infestation and few have been detected, or also as a support for the flea collar or the spray.

      To use it, simply replace the shampoo you normally bathe it with with a flea cream from the brand you want. Some have a strong odor and others can irritate or dry out the skin. You can try trying two or three until you find the one that works best for your pet.

      You can also try a homemade flea shampoo. Mix a few cups of hot water, a cup of alcohol and a few drops of soap for the frets. Then apply it in the same way as a conventional shampoo, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. You can apply vinegar to it and leave it on for a few minutes to end up brushing your puppy very well and completely finishing off the fleas.

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