Kissenger: They develop the way of giving kisses from a distance

The advancement of new technologies affects all aspects of our lives; also in our emotional relationships. For example, FOMO syndrome can enter family or friends gatherings when your smartphone is constantly being consulted, as can the social isolation that some people experience when interacting with others only through the computer.

However, sometimes the opposite effect also occurs: technology allows people to be closer even though they are physically far apart. In fact, in a short time, it’s possible that kissing someone we don’t have in front of us will be common … although the idea can lead to controversy. There are already some devices that connect to electronic devices connected to the Internet so that you can experience something like a kiss.

Lack of contact in long-distance relationships

Love and affection are phenomena that are found face to face, in contact with people and, basically, by touch. Just not being able to kiss makes many long-distance relationships unfulfilling, and you aren’t able to find an incentive in them to compensate for that feeling of frustration.

Thus, the inability to kiss can become a relationship draining problem. But … Is it possible that the development of new technologies provides an answer to this problem? Today, at least, some teams are already developing ideas to make kissing possible remotely through devices connected to each other wirelessly. Let’s see what their characteristics are and how much potential they have.

The Kiss transmission device

The University of Electro-communications of Japan has developed a machine that transmits the movements of language to another equal, regardless of the distance.

It is used by placing one of its adapted parts in the mouth, Which will record the movements that are performed and transmit them to another, which will move synchronously.

Kissenger cover

Besides having created a gadget the name itself is a joke (it comes from the union of the words “kiss” and “messenger”, but its resemblance to the last name of the German politician Henry Kissinger cannot accidental), City of London has succeeded in creating a flexible plastic case that attaches to the front of the smartphone, without covering the entire screen. The idea is to use it during video call sessions to add touch to the communication exchange. based on image and sound.

This device is able to recognize pressure differences and simple movements, and also allows you to amplify the sounds of the kiss.

Kissinger machine

Similar to the cover, this pig-shaped machine has built-in plastic lips that move synchronously just like its twin partner, which can be located far away.

Is the idea of ​​digitally kissing good?

These machines are still curiosities developed by universities and show the degree of technical advancements that have developed in recent years, but it is not certain that they can be bestsellers.

After all, one of the fundamental aspects of kissing is its psychological dimension, and kissing a plastic surface may be too strange an action to be perceived as something to do with love and affection.

Outraged, the simple fact of having to go to get a device reduces the spontaneity of the kisses, Making them a little more bland. Kissing may be a necessity, but no less true that it cannot be administered like a drug; they need a certain spontaneity and a degree of intimacy that is very difficult to achieve through these machines.

Either way, only time will tell if these remote fucking machines are a useful advancement or not. Meanwhile, video calls and cheap flights remain the big lifeguards of long-distance relationships.

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