The 10 best academic search engines for scientific research

The number of scientific articles published in academic journals can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to find the results of some research. In fact, with so many scientific papers from students or just the curious, they may have a hard time finding the information they are looking for and separating the wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, there are several
online university search engines that give us easier access to information about the surveys that interest us. Both in psychology and in any other field of knowledge, they are very useful digital resources for learning or to have material with which to build a thesis or academic work.

The combination of these specialized search engines and extensive databases eliminates the need to go through the experience of filtering and searching for very specific content in general search engines such as Google.

    10 recommended search engines

    This selection of search engines specializing in academic articles and publications can be very useful for quickly accessing research articles, books written by experts and dissertations. Some of them are more specific than others and some of them are better at filtering content and avoiding duplication, however
    all are easy to use.

    You can access it by clicking on its name.

    1. Dialnet

    One of the most famous specialist search engines in Spain. The Dialnet database primarily contains academic publications in Spanish related to the humanities and social sciences in general. In addition, all options are written in Spanish which makes it very useful for more people in Spain and Latin America.

    2. PDF SB

    A free content search engine that can be read online. It doesn’t specialize in science and doesn’t filter very well beyond the language of the content, but it can be very useful for quick searches and, on top of that,
    it includes very specific topics that can be very useful for students. In addition, its use is very simple.

    3. NCBI

    The academic search engine of the National Center for Biotechnology Information is particularly interesting for
    find publications on medicine and molecular biology. It includes the path of the search engine that works with the PubMed database.

    4. Google Scholar

    The Spanish version of Google Scholar lets you search much more specifically than your big brother, the world’s most famous search engine. Outraged,
    offers the possibility to see in which publications the article is cited, The book or the thesis that interests us to follow this line of research.

    5. Redalyc

    It is probably the most famous virtual scientific archive in Spanish. Its name is made up of the acronyms of the Network of Scientific Journals of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, and is the option
    perfect for those looking for academic publications in Spanish (Although it also includes some in English).

    This comprehensive specialist search engine allows you to browse scientific articles without leaving the page, and also allows you to create an author profile to identify your own publications.

    6. SciELO

    Originally, this specialized search engine was created to respond to the difficulties of disseminating academic content in poor countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, even if today the collaborative network on which it is based has crossed these borders. .

    The website has a version in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and it is
    one of the best known of its kind in Latin America.

    7. PsycNET

    This Merican Psychological Association psychology search engine is particularly useful for finding publications
    related to behavioral sciences, Although you can only access the summaries for free. If you do decide to pay, however, it’s very useful to complete the advanced search option.

    8. Global science

    One of the most complete academic search engines with a more intuitive and visual interface. In addition, search words can be translated automatically and in real time to find results in multiple languages. It is useful for accessing specialized publications
    which were produced in different parts of the world.

    9. HighBeam search

    It is not as specialized a search engine as the others
    it includes articles, quotes and books that do not necessarily fall within the scientific or academic field. Rather, its added value lies in its versatility and the intuitive way in which its search system has been designed.


    The Spanish version of the search engine for scientific publications of the United States government.
    Uses over 60 databases and is supported by 17 public scientific organizations. In addition, it is one of the oldest specific online search engines, since it started operating in 2002.

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