The 10 most popular animals

There are all kinds of pets in the world. Dogs, cats, fish, parrots… the list of pets is as long as you want. To be able, we can consider as a pet up to a beetle, although this is of course not among the most popular pets.

Although one can consider any poorly domesticated animal as a pet, it is clear that there are more species chosen as pets and in this article we will find out which ones are. the 10 most popular pet species.

    The 10 most popular types of animals

    Animals are part of society. Some prefer dogs they can walk with, others prefer cats because they are cuddly and less restless. Some even enjoy the company of a bird, a fish or even a lizard. Whatever your pet, one fact is clear: they are part of many people’s lives and are even treated as just one more member of their family.

    There are countries where it is rare to find houses without animals. One test is the case in the United States, where nearly 70% of households own at least one pet. This, which is also happening elsewhere in the world, shows that the adoption, purchase or breeding of pets is becoming an increasingly common practice, especially as the population is more and more aware of the benefits of having a pet in the home.

    But even though there are more who want animals, the decision to have one at home should be considered. An animal is always a living being, not a toy or anything that you can get rid of when you are fed up. Whatever the animal, if we buy it to keep us company, we must be aware that it will require a lot of care and responsibility, which is why we must know how to choose the most suitable animal taking into account our situation.

    We all think of dogs and cats when we are told about pets, but the truth is that in the market we can find many different species of pets, each more suited to a type of home and requiring care. different care. For this reason, we will take a look at the 10 most popular pets below.

    1. Dogs

    The first place is occupied by the animal that we all know because it is man’s best friend: the dog. Scientific name Canis lupus familiaris, dogs reach around 470 million specimens worldwide.

    It is a carnivorous mammal, belonging to the Canidae family, whose domestication dates back around 15,000 years when humans began to domesticate wolves interested in food left by humans in their path. .

    Originally used for hunting and defense, with the passage of thousands of years and the use of artificial selection, dogs have been divided into up to 343 currently recognized breeds, in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors. Among the smaller breeds we have the Chihuahuas, about 25 cm and a half, and among the larger ones we have the boxer, measuring 63 cm and 33 kilos.

    Generally, dogs are friendly, sociable, affectionate, and very intelligent animals. They are the perfect pet not only for their loyalty, but also because they are very active, requiring us to take them for walks and play with them. Thanks to this, dog owners get exercise, either by walking them, throwing a Frisbee at them or running.

      2. Cats

      What about the cats we don’t know? They are, along with dogs, the classic idea of ​​pets. The Felis silvestris catus, of which there are around 400 million specimens in the world, is an animal of all kinds of different breeds, sizes and colors. THEthere are all kinds, even hypoallergenic ones like the sphinx cat, russian blue and the siberian forest cat.

      The domestic cat is a carnivorous mammal, belonging to the feline family. On average, they live around 12 years, although there have been cases of kittens that have reached 20 years of age. They spend between 12 and 16 hours a day sleeping, and although they are generally sociable and playful, they are not as loyal as dogs and, if we take them for granted, they can scratch us for no reason. However, they are generally fairly calm animals, ideal for those who want peace of mind.

      3. Domestic fish

      Here we are entering the major leagues. Freshwater fish are among the three most common animals in the world, in some cases as the fourth most common pet option. These animals, in addition to providing companionship, are used in the same way as birds, using them to decorate the house.. Fish and aquariums are elements considered to be very relaxing and that is why many people include them in their home.

      Among the most popular fish species is the goldfish (Carassius auratus), which was first domesticated in China around 1,000 years ago. This animal can live for a long time as long as its water is changed frequently, it is well fed, and it is not accompanied by other fish that can attack it. They can live up to 30 years and there is even a fish that has reached the age of 43.

      4. Hamsters

      Hamsters remain in fourth place for their hair, as they are still considered one of the most common pets, competing with birds and fish. What we know as hamsters is actually a rodent subfamily (Cricetinae), which contains 19 species grouped into 7 genera.

      They can be between 8 and 18 cm long, weigh between 30 and 180 grams and live between a year and a half and 3 years. They are from the Middle East and are for the first time in Syria.

      5. Birds

      Birds are very common animals, especially canaries and parrots. It is believed that the first birds were domesticated around 4000 years ago in order to use them for hunting. Over time, thousands of birds of all types and colors have been domesticated that one can imagine.

      The main reason birds are acquired is their beauty and song, enclosing them in cages. It is important to understand that depending on the species the cage may be too small, which causes them stress and even strange behaviors., as is the case of the carolines which, when closed, can start to pluck feathers, making blood.

      Without getting into the debate about why having caged animals to sing for us is bad, it is important to understand that they are birds, that they need to fly and that the decision to buy one must be thoughtful. If the bird is well cared for, allowed to fly in a sufficiently large and well-nourished space, it can live for decades depending on its species.

      6. Mice and rats

      Mice and rats are the most common mammals in the world, after humans. Domesticated mice are originally from China, a country where during the Qing Dynasty these rodents were kept in palaces..

      Mice belong to the genus Mus, while rats belong to the genus Rattus. Both genera contain a multitude of species. In the case of the genus Mus, the most common mouse species is the house mouse (Mus musculus), which is usually between 15 and 19 cm with the tail included, weighs between 12 and 40 grams and usually feeds on seeds, small plants and insects. .

      In the case of rats, the most common domestic species is the domestic brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), this variety being different from that of its wild relatives. Contrary to what many may believe, these are animals that pose no risk to humans if they are well fed and dewormed. They measure between 26 and 32 cm and weigh around 300 grams. Its main use during the last century has been to be used as subjects for animal experiments.

      7. Pigs Turkey

      The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) is a very comfortable pet to keep. It is a herbivorous rodent, the result of the crossing of several species of the genus Cavia over thousands of years., which generally lives between 4 and 8 years and can measure between 20 and 40 cm for a weight of 1 kg.

      There are an estimated 5 million guinea pigs as pets in the world.

      8. Snakes

      Snakes, more exotic than iguanas, have become very popular animals, especially among those with a lot of money.. There are all kinds and all colors, poisonous, non-poisonous, large, small, brightly colored … But as a general rule those sold in specialized stores are not dangerous for humans, even if they are suitable keep in mind that these are not fully domesticated animals, but only captive-bred specimens.

      If we acquire a snake we have to be careful because they are still reptiles and as such do not respond to stimuli like we do with mammals. Therefore, before buying a snake, it is necessary to document the species, especially since they can live up to 40 years, require very specific care and, although they are harmless species for an adult, can be dangerous for other pets and babies.

      9. Iguanas

      The common iguana (Iguana iguana) is one of the most popular reptiles of recent decades.. It is a lizard native to the tropics of Central America, South America and the Caribbean, which, being so exotic, has caught the attention of many people.

      They are also popular as pets not only because they are quite original pets, but also because they are not too much of a problem. Despite what his smoky face may suggest, in reality iguanas they are calm animals, quite lazy, and what they like the most is to be in their terrarium at a suitable temperature and with sunlight. If they are well cared for, they can be up to 20 years old.

      Although their nature is rather passive, enjoying the sun lying on a log, they are not animals to touch. Normally we catch them quite calmly, but we have to keep in mind that adults can reach 6 feet (6 feet), with tails that they use to catch sore whips. In addition, adult specimens have a powerful bite which, without tearing our skin, will certainly hurt us.

      10. Ferrets

      The fur, whose scientific name is Mustela putorius furo, is a hill subspecies (Mustela putorius) which it is believed to have been domesticated around 2,500 years ago to hunt rabbits. This animal generally weighs between 0.7 and 2.5 kg and measures around 38 cm.

      Ferrets began to become popular pets during Victoria’s reign of the United Kingdom (1840-1901) who gave them to those who visited her. This curious actual anecdote meant that over time ferrets have become highly sought after animals and are now widely acquired in places like the United States, being the third most popular pet.

      The reason they are so popular is that they are considered to be a kind of cat dog. They sleep as much as cats, if not more, reaching 20 hours a day of sleep, but at the same time they are as playful and sociable as dogs.. In addition, their small size makes them easy to control, even if they are sometimes a bit out of place.

      Having pets improves our health

      Now that we know the most popular pets, we can discuss some of the benefits associated with having pets, especially for our health. Besides giving us companionship and pleasure, pets help us avoid illnesses, physical and psychological problems. Their presence can help us regulate ourselves emotionally, as well as help us stay active and relaxed.

      Over the past few decades, it has been examined how pets, especially dogs, provide benefits to our bodies. Among them we have that they are probiotics, increasing the diversity of beneficial bacteria in our homes, as well as stimulating the activity of white blood cells, reducing blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as in homes with pets there is a less chance of developing allergies. They also reduce anxiety and stress levels.

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