The 12 best question and answer games for fun

In the company of friends or family, play a trivia game and the answers can be a good way to socialize while testing our knowledge.

Some of these games are really well known because they have been played for decades. Others, on the other hand, are more recent and are adapted to new technologies, so that it is possible to play with them from your mobile device and online.

    The best selection of quiz games

    In this article you can find a selection of quiz games, both board games and apps, So you can have fun in the company of your friends and family.

    The best board games that will test your knowledge

    Some of the best board games include:

    1. Trivial persecution

    Since 1981, Trivial Pursuit has been one of the best and arguably the best-known board games. Its operation is simple: each player has a circular piece with six holes in the shape of a cake. The object of the game is to fill the tile with different colors, Which correspond to different categories of questions. The board consists of a circular track with spaces of different colors.

    The players roll a dice and move along the board in the direction of their choice. When a player stops at a color, he must answer a question of the appropriate category. If the player answers correctly, he gets a tile of that color (Assuming you don’t have it). A correct answer in another position allows the player to roll again. Once the player has the complete circular piece, they can move along the board towards the center and thus win the game.

    2. Stage

    Scene is a slightly different trivial game, as it contains questions about cinema and movies. This game offers the possibility to bring all the family and friends together and enjoy answering questions about the seventh art, As it incorporates real content from your favorite movies and actors. It includes a DVD, with scenes for players to guess the name of the movie they belong to. So go ahead: lights, camera and … action!

    3. Play

    Game is a fun and original game that will allow you to have a good time in good company. It is short, each part lasts 15 to 20 minutes and can be played individually or in pairs. You have to answer 7 different questions, each from different categories. It’s similar to an American game called Wits & Wagers, but the questions are aimed at European players.

    4. Skulls

    Cranium is a very interesting game, which combines questions with different activities such as drawing, modeling and acting. In other words, it is a game of overcoming challenges and tests. no more you must lift one of your 200 cardss and have a good time. It includes, in addition to cards, a tray, a pot of plasticine, a dice and a block of leaves.

      5. Tribond

      A great quiz game that gets you thinking and is fun, where you have to connect three given items in a list using three seemingly unrelated clues. A great opportunity to spend an exceptional afternoon while doing an ingenious job.

      6. Pasapalabra

      The well-known television program “Pasapalabra” has its version in a board game that will test all your wisdom. It works the same as the TV show, but unfortunately you won’t get any financial reward. Of course, if you like rivalry, this is great for challenging your friends.

        Best quiz games apps

        In addition to these board games, new technologies have allowed us to play these types of games from our own smartphone.


        Quadradets is an application that allows you to play online with other participants, a question and answer game that contains an original and fun board. In this game, strategy becomes a key element in winning. Now you have the chance to challenge your friends and family and show them your mastery in this game.

        8. RoscoRae

        A quiz-based game called “Word of Mouth”, which we talked about above, so you will have to answer different questions as you go for the wire. This game is free and available on iPhone, iPad and Android, and you can play in multiplayer mode, to challenge other people or in single mode.

        9. Logo contest

        An application that has enjoyed great popularity since has already received more than 40 million downloads worldwide. The game is simple and involves guessing the different logos displayed in the game. These logos are owned by companies and companies around the world.

        10. Requested

        Your friends will become your rivals with this exciting game, which you need to answer different hand questions of a fictional Russian roulette. To win you need to get 6 crowns, which belong to the 6 categories of the game. It has over 100,000 fun questions to answer and the game is available in 20 languages.

        11. How much do you know?

        This app is only available on Android, And aims to put you to the test in a fun way, in which you will have to answer hundreds of thousands of questions on different subjects: cinema, music, flags of the world, etc. Ideal for playing with your smartphone from anywhere.

        12. Trivial party

        If you are looking for the online version of Trivial Pursuit, you can download Trivial Party, which you allows you to play with 5 additional players simultaneously. The questions will make you think, but they will also immerse you in extreme pleasure. The topics covered are: shows, sport, association, art and literature, science and technology, history and geography. In this way, you will be able to make your knowledge come true.

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