The 12 best websites to learn English the easy way

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world; but English is perhaps the most important and the most influential. Fluency in English is essential to increase interpersonal relationships, but also to find work, as it is the language most used in the work environment.

Although in many countries English is taught in schools and people are increasingly aware of the importance of mastering the language, only one in five Spaniards speak this language fluently and without fear. If in our article “30 Books to Learn English Quickly and Easily” we present a list of essential texts to improve your knowledge of English, in this text you can find a list of websites that will help you speak and learn English. familiarize yourself. With this language.

Websites for learning English

If you want advice on learning English, expanding your vocabulary or learning grammar, in the following lines you will find the best sites on this subject.

1. Latest news in English

Although the name seems to indicate that this is a news website, in fact, Breaking News English is a great page for learning English. This is a new website as it collects current news and adapts it to different levels. Therefore, each news item is written with more and more complexity. There are 7 difficulty levels.


    This site is very entertaining because it brings together hundreds of movies in English, with subtitles for you to learn the language.. It allows you to adjust the playback speed, so that dialogue occurs faster or slower. It’s a great way to learn English while having fun. There is a payment option with better options.

    3. Know English

    Excellent page that helps you improve your grammar. You have different tools such as videos, texts or films, but pay special attention to grammar, so that you can deepen your knowledge of the rules that apply in this language. You will also be able to expand your vocabulary with Know English and learn more about verb tenses. Definitely a great website for learning English.

    4. Vocabsushi

    A great website to expand your vocabulary as it lets you know what you know about this language and if you need to improve yourself. You can expand your vocabulary in several ways, for example by watching movies. This website has a 20 question test that will give you feedback on your knowledge of the language.

      5. Letter formation

      If you love music, you’re in luck with Lyrics. This website allows you to learn English through song lyrics or video clips. For you to have a good time there is also karaoke. So you will sing while learning something new.

      6.BBC learns English

      British public television and radio also help you improve your English, On this site you will find very useful material for any student of this language. There is a section called “6 minutes English” and hundreds of stories and news made easy for you to learn the language.

      7. English mansion

      Intended for all Internet users interested in learning English, As it provides learning resources for beginners and experts. It is one of the most successful websites in Spanish. A website that provides very useful tools.

      8. Papora

      Papora is available for computers and smartphonesSo, it is useful to learn languages ​​from anywhere and anytime. You can not only learn English but also other languages. However, English is one of the basic pillars of this page. If you visit this site, you will not be disappointed.

      9. Automatic English

      For people who speak Spanish and want to learn English, Autoenglish will be a good option for them.. It offers thousands of resources and exercises that can be printed out and performed anywhere. It is useful for expanding vocabulary and deepening grammar.

        10. British Council

        The British Council offers a lot of exercises and games, making it a great website for all ages. In fact, this site offers different options, for example, for those who want to apply the language in the business world. Both students and teachers can benefit from this portal, which is one of the most comprehensive on this list.


        This site is perfect for learning oral English and especially for perfect listening. You can find recordings of conversations with their transcripts, exercises and different activities. It is essential to be aware of accents in order to become familiar with them.

        12. English page

        English Page is a website that can be used daily, especially to delve into grammar and perfect tenses. It is a page of great prestige, therefore different English institutions and schools use it as a resource for their students. It offers hundreds of exercises to put the knowledge into practice.

        Psychological tips for learning English

        Learning a language is not easy; however, there are some tips that can be helpful to make learning easier. Having a reason, talking to yourself, having fun with it, acting like a child, taking a little dictionary with you … are just a few examples.

        • If you want more tips for learning English, you can read our article: “10 Psychological Tips for Learning Languages”

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