The 6 best apps to get up early and not fall asleep

Getting up early in the morning is one of the best options to make our day productive. Especially those days when we have to work or have a lot to do, we have to put the batteries early to prepare the tasks and we have nothing left for the next day.

While some find it easy to get out of bed because they have good sleeping habits, others have serious difficulty getting out of bed.

    Certainly, even people who get up early have already felt the sensation of wanting to sleep five more minutes, five more minutes and five more minutes …

    Get up early and practice good sleep hygiene

    And is that these days when it’s cold outside and you are so comfortable in bed, can the alarm be set with the best of intentions, but is able to give the power button to make it boring, stop ringing and be able to sleep for a longer time. This option, however, is not ideal from a sleep hygiene point of view.

    In fact, to prevent this from happening and to be able to get up early, you need to have healthy sleep habits, How to go to bed early, not to eat a lot at night, not to watch TV when you go to bed, etc. But … what happens when a person does not have good sleep habits and has to get up early for an important exam or to go and hand in their unemployment papers?

    The best apps to not fall asleep in the morning

    Fortunately, new technologies are here to get us out of trouble, and mobiles have a number of apps that can help keep us from falling asleep. Below is a list of apps that will help you get up early:

    1. I can’t wake up!

    If you are one of those people who has severe difficulty getting up in the morning, you are able to turn off the alarm so you don’t hear that horrible sound and then go back to bed, the “I can’t wake up!” ” is what you were looking for.

    Available for Android and iOS, offers 8 different morning challenges it will make you very alert early in the morning. The first of these is a mathematical equation, then it’s up to you to do a sudoku, and so on through a series of tests. If after the sequence you are still asleep, you will have to rewrite some text or respond to the capital of a country.

    2. Puzzle alarm

    If you are tired of the typical format of turning off the alarm with the button so you don’t wake up on time in the morning, Puzzle Alarm it doesn’t stop ringing until you solve a math operation or a memory problem. After you turn off the alarm, you’ll be ready to face the lucid day.

    3. Turn me around

    It is much harder to fall back to sleep once you are up and walking. There are a few apps that work like an alarm that they don’t stop ringing until you take a few steps or turns. One of them is “Spin me around”. The only way to turn off the alarm is to get out of bed and physically roll over until it stops.

    4. It wakes me up

    This curious app is useful if you got out of bed and go to work while driving but sleep is affecting you and you fall asleep. Created by the Amazon Coffee chain and the Proximity BBDO agency, this app uses recognition of expressions and gestures, And when you notice the person behind the wheel keeping their eyes closed longer than they should, the alarm sounds. An app that takes care of your safety.

    5. Wake up or die

    One of the most curious applications on the market when it comes to deactivating the alarm it is necessary to shake the mobile with sufficient force to KO a monster that appears there. Hence, you have to shake your wrist intensely, which will make you wake up instantly.

    6. Time is money

    One of the most ingenious alarms on the market. You better get out of bed with “Time is money” or your bank account will be affected. This app penalizes you if you don’t wake up and therefore withdraws money from your account. Of course, with your consent. Are you going to stay in bed and lose money? You’d better think about it before using this app because your economy might suffer.

    Psychological tips for waking up

    These apps can be very useful for getting up early in the morning and not falling asleep in bed. The apps shown in this list force you to get out of bed and focus so you can turn off the annoying alarm sound.

    However, it is also possible to conduct a series of psychological strategies that will help you wake up naturally and be clear-headed during the early hours of the day. They are as follows:

    • Move the alarm clock away from where you sleep: If you want it to be difficult to turn off the alarm, it is better to place it away from the bed. This way you will be away from where it is ringing and you will have to walk to turn it off.
    • Light dinner: Heavy dinners require you to have more time to digest and this can affect sleep.
    • Go to bed early: If you want to wake up lucid to be productive, you better go to bed early. In fact, research shows that sleeping 6 hours a day is just as bad as not sleeping. You can click here to read more about this study.
    • Turn off the television to avoid distractions at night.
    • Sleep with a comfortable mattress and a comfortable pillow to sleep peacefully.

    You can read more about these psychological strategies and more in our article: “8 Psychological Strategies For Getting Up Early”

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