The 8 types of keratin and their use

The term keratin is not unfamiliar to much of today’s society. The gradual increase in the importance given to body image and the influence of the media are making known many names of different components and elements that are part of cosmetics and personal hygiene products and products that improve the health of our skin or our hair. Keratin is one of them.

But there are a variety of types of keratin and related treatments, As we will see throughout this article.

    What is keratin

    Keratin or keratin is a protein found in the bodies of vertebrate animals (including ourselves). It is a protein very rich in sulfur with a fibrous structure, Which is part of tissues such as the outer layer of the skin, hair or nails and whose main function is to protect epithelial cells from external damage.

    That is why it is used as a component or as a product promoting the protection of the hair, being one of the most widely used and known treatments today to strengthen and protect it. However, among the wide variety of keratins that there are some who can be pernicious, Such as those containing formalin. It should also be borne in mind that for keratin hair treatments to be effective, it is advisable not to wash your hair for 48 hours after applying the keratin.

      Two basic types of keratin

      While there are many treatments and types of keratin that we can use in treating hair, the truth is that we can find two basic types of this product according to its main source.

      Alpha keratin

      Alpha keratin is the most common type of keratin found in the hair, nails and horns of various animals, and is often used as the base for all hair treatments that use keratin. It contains cystine, which allows its application to generate rigidity and strength. It allows hair straightening for up to four months, Making it look soft and eliminating laughter.

      Keratin beta

      Beta keratin is used in milder treatments than alpha. It barely contains cysteine, which makes it less rigid than the previous one but just as strong. It can be mined from materials such as cobwebs. It softens the curls but lasts less than the previous one. Of course, this leaves the hair easier to comb.

      other types

      Alpha and beta keratin are the main ones depending on their source, but there are other types of keratin. These include the following:

      1. Hydrolyzed keratin

      This type of keratin is characterized by being a good hair conditioner and restructuring, Regenerates the damage of its outermost layers and hydrates it and gives it a shiny appearance. It also has smoothing and cauterizing properties.

      2. Keratin with formaldehyde

      This type of keratin has the particularity that it can be harmful and harmful because it contains formalin, Capable of degrading hair or even emitting gases which have adverse effects on the health of the wearer or wearer.

      3. Keratin without formaldehyde

      It is an all-natural keratin, without formalin or chemical components, which is usually made by processing keratin obtained from human or plant hair.

      4. Chocolate keratin

      Characterized by cocoa butter in its composition, this type of keratin repairs and straightens the hair to give more weight to the hair. In addition, cocoa oil gives it a special smell and shine. with natural antioxidants that protect the hair.

      5. Brazilian keratin straightening

      Keratin treatment originating in Brazil, this is one of the most popular and well-known. It differs from other types of treatment by the fact that it eliminates up to 95% of curls, being a treatment particularly indicated for the complete straightening of the hair. It also provides protection and nutrition to the hair, giving it a shiny appearance.

      The process begins with washing the hair completely with soap to remove grease and dirt, and then dry it with a towel. After that, the product is applied and dried with a hair dryer. Usually after that the hair is dried with a hair dryer and then it is smoothed with an iron so that the heat fixes the keratin in the hair.

      6. Japanese keratin straightening

      A type of keratin treatment that is characterized by leaving the hair straight, shiny, soft and strong. The loop is completely removedOnly new hair can have curls. The effect wears off in a few weeks. The application procedure is the same as above.

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