The 9 most downloaded apps in 2020

There is currently a growing supply of apps available for smartphones and all kinds of devices that can be found on the market. Knowing the most downloaded apps in the world will help us stay up to date of those that present better services, as well as those of more utility to users around the world.

Surely we have all used some of these popular apps, while others may not know as much. In order to know them first hand, in today’s article we will present the most downloaded applications by users.

    The 9 most downloaded and essential apps

    So, if you want to know firsthand which top apps have the most downloads, check out the selection that we present to you below. Inside you will find a brief explanation of each, as well as the essential features that make them so popular.

    1. WhatsApp

    The leading company in the field of instant messaging remains one of the most popular apps in the world. With over 2 billion users, it still ranks first in number of downloads.

    This application is indispensable to the daily life of millions of people across the planet and has become an indispensable tool both professionally and personally, without which we could not communicate with the ease with which we do.

    2. Netflix

    The audiovisual platform giant continues to occupy the first places in the lists of the most downloaded applications From all over the world. A tool that has certainly changed our hobbies, the organization of our hobbies and the way we watch movies and series at home.

    Although more and more platforms similar to Netflix are multiplying, it remains the most used and the most downloaded to watch audiovisual content on different devices, both for its varied catalog and for the quality of its own productions.

    3. Tik Tok

    One of the biggest surprises of recent years is Tik Tok, the app for creating and sharing short videos that has been successful with young people thanks to the challenges and dances that its users have gone viral around the world.

    Few apps have climbed the download lists as fast as this one, and in less than two years, Tik Tok has managed to be a leader in Asia and the United States, and subsequently take its place on the scene. global with over 500 million users. .

    4. Instagram

    The social network of this new decade is undoubtedly Instagram. Owned by Facebook since 2012, this application has become an essential tool for socializing with our peers, especially for the younger generations.

    Much like Facebook did a decade ago, Instagram has changed the way we communicate and meet the people around us, becoming in a few years an undisputed mass phenomenon. Classic photo filters, along with the ability to post live video, have exponentially increased the popularity of this app, both with the general public and with celebrities.

    5. Facebook Messenger

    Thanks to the constant renewal of its instant messaging service, Facebook has reinvented itself in recent years by improving the features it offers and thus your cat in one of the most downloaded applications, still today.

    Many new features were presented in the Facebook Messenger application, and which brought it to the highest levels of download lists, among which we highlight the function of tracking purchases between customers and companies, the function “Messenger Day “which allows you to share photos and videos and the ability to scan QR codes.

    6. Spotify

    The champion of music players. For almost a decade, this application has been installed in the homes of many music lovers, who have become the program par excellence for listening to their favorite, current and classic songs.

    The app can be used for free or in premium mode with enhanced features, and one of its most popular features is the ability to create custom playlists, for anyone with a DJ inside.

    7. Wallapop

    The app for buying and selling used products is one of the most successful businesses in our countrybecause it has experienced an unprecedented download boom in recent years.

    This app can be installed on all types of devices and some of the hallmarks of its success are simplicity, the fact that anyone can use it no matter what product they sell and how useful it is to many people around. different profiles.

    8. Facebook

    Facebook is that application that continues to occupy the top download sites for the past 16 years since the site was first launched. by Zuckerberg and its partners. An app that has undoubtedly changed the lives of millions of people and currently plays an important role in politics and the media.

    The constant reinvention and improvement in performance, as well as decades of user confidence are some of the keys to the success of this business.

    9. Snapchat

    Snapchat is another application that has been with us for several years and remains one of the most popular among users around the world. This instant messaging service for all types of formats has the particularity that the shared photos are destroyed without leaving a trace after 24 hours.

    In addition to this, the application also allows you to share video reproductions, texts or drawings of all kinds, to other contacts, groups or download them directly to your device.

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