The importance of choosing the right academic career

At the end of the baccalaureate stage, it is then that the opportunities and choices that will have to be valued for their immediate future begin to cross the minds of young people: what to do: Are you studying for a university degree?, Work ?, Know the world?

It’s a question we all asked ourselves after graduating from high school, and it doesn’t have an easy answer. This is why many people at this teenage age have a hard time deciding what to do with their lives from now on.

Choosing the right university education: a dilemma for many

Most of the young people are in front his first big decision, Which may cause anxiety or a feeling of anxiety given the importance of choice and your short experience. On the other hand, many are facing this moment with a lot of motivation.

Each case is a world

Obviously, it is interesting to individualize each personal case, because behind this first situation of choice hide circumstances that will affect it: the family, the socio-economic context, the personality … Each person who has chosen to studying was a follow-up to thoughts and stimuli which, in their overall calculation, determined the choice of one race or another.

they generally experiment some family pressure to choose certain careers over others, as some are better appreciated for “being someone in life”. Needless to say, the final choice to study a particular career is not the crucial factor in telling us who “someone in life” is. The race chosen will determine which field of study the person delves into in their next few years, but building an identity or reputation will be done in other ways that incorporate many facets of the person.

Between enthusiasm, vocation and family pressure

However, family and social pressure they generate in young people the illusion of a future of recognition and social prestige which is achieved through the effort and dedication of studies. This perception is wrong in many cases and is not a good basis for choosing one career over others.

You don’t have to come from a strict and demanding family to experience these pressures of career choice, as there are many unconscious judgments and mental representations that we internalize that play a decisive role in any decision we make. throughout our life. Sometimes these unconscious judgments can start from irrational and limiting premises.

Choosing a university degree: reasons, reasons and fears

It is therefore essential to reflect on the why of the choice, keeping in mind that it is important to prioritize the reasons which are based on personal pleasure and intrinsic motivations. The pressure to find the vocation that will mark our lives usually generates anxiety, but it should be remembered that the vocation is built, modulated and rebuilt permanently throughout lifeAnd it is in very few cases that the individual has a very clear vocation from an early age.

Many students choose a university degree without being very clear on the subject of their studies and end up finding their vocation in this field. Some think they are well acquainted with the content of the college career they are about to pursue, and then find something very different from what they thought. Others wander from race to race without finding their true passion. There are cases like people in this world, and it is for this reason that the first choice can be crucial in getting off to a good start. university stadium.

some conclusions

In short, the university stage should not be experienced as a race where you have to run without stopping and without looking back, but it is preferable to conceive it as a path on which you pass with a firm step, while taking advantage of the landscape. : benefit from the knowledge and experiences that allow us to live the university stage this is the key to finding the true calling and enjoying the process.

As with many decisions we make throughout life, choosing one option or the other can have a strong component of arbitrariness. Sometimes we choose more with reason than with the heart or vice versa, and only time will tell if we have done well. In all cases, choose a university degree the most sensible thing is to bet on these studies which really attract us, Pay attention to our intuition.

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