The mysterious Pokémon song that caused suicides in children

In recent years, it has been relatively common to attribute certain prejudices to video games in the education of children. Alienation, trivialization of violence and even epileptic seizures.

Is the legend that Pokémon caused suicide true?

However, these epileptic seizures have only occurred occasionally and no deaths have been documented. Entertainment companies have sought to minimize the social alarm of these cases, as it is true, they say, that television, midnight lights and other lighting circumstances can trigger these attacks.

While general concern about video games was intense in the ’90s, there is one case that made a lot of noise. In 1995, Game Freak released its first Pokémon Video Game, The famous Red and Green versions.

    reality trumps fiction

    Initially, they had an acceptable range of sales, exceeding one million cartridges sold in a year, but nowhere near the scale which, in the following years, reached the phenomenon. The game hit the market in February, and by the same summer they had already been counted 107 cases of suicide among 6 to 12 year olds.

    Investigations into each of the deaths led to a common circumstance that pointed to the Pokémon video game as responsible. In each of the recorded cases, the parents of the deceased children pointed out that their children were playing Pokémon day and night.

    After analyzing the cartridges, the police realized that the last town where the children played was the village of lavender, the lands were animated by a very characteristic sound. The song Lavender Village contained moments of high intensity in tones that could only be heard by children. Overwhelming screams and sounds that caused headaches resulting in severe migraines, Monitoring of insomnia and irritability. Despite the crude symptoms, his video game addiction did not stop. The inability to fall asleep involved images of nasal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, and finally depressive images.

    The culprit, a double tone that caused headaches and anxiety

    Alerted by these cases, Game Freak corrected the tune, preventing later versions released in Europe and the United States from containing the dangerous song. Game Freak sources claimed that the last song is almost identical to the original.

    They just released a few squeaks that they caused two-tone melodies to the original music, Sounds that could only be perceived by children due to their high spectrum.

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