Thematic sentences: characteristics, how to write them and examples

When we write a written assignment, we need to make it very clear what idea we are talking about. This idea or topic can be subdivided into smaller ideas that we will include throughout the text, formulated as sentences. These sentences are thematic sentences.

Then we will see what these thematic sentences are, How they should be formulated, how they can be used throughout the paragraphs that make up our explanatory text and, also, we will see some examples of all kinds.

    What are thematic sentences?

    The thematic sentences are sentences that tell us what each paragraph of a work is about, i.e. its main idea. The length of these sentences should not be too long, prioritizing clarity and organizing the information appropriately. Such sentences summarize the main idea of ​​a paragraph and allow you not to read everything to extract the central concept. For example.

    “It was a tense day. Employers and unions disagreed with the new working conditions and both faced the exit from the Ministry of Labor.”

    The inclusion of a thematic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph is generally a common resource in all types of text, but it is even more so in explanatory texts, just like academic texts (for example, scientific articles). , Doctoral theses …) and the media (for example, newspapers). In reality, this is what causes many newspaper readers to read only the first sentence of each paragraph, Quickly find out what the news is.

    Aspects to consider when writing them

    If at first glance it may seem simple and even intuitive, making a correct thematic sentence requires taking into account several aspects:

    1. Position in paragraph

    As we mentioned, the thematic sentence of a paragraph is that sentence which indicates the main idea of ​​it. It should be a clear and concise statement, with which it should be easy to recognize and be in a position in the paragraph that is quick and easy for us to grasp.

    Although the position of the thematic sentence may vary within the paragraph, what is recommended in an academic essay is that this sentence be at the beginning of it. Thus, the reader, who usually reads the first sentence of each paragraph while doing a quick reading, can grasp the main idea of ​​each paragraph and also of the whole text before starting to read in depth. This allows you to mentalize yourself to better understand the text.

    “The war brought difficult times for the Paraguayan people. Some experts say that before the conflict the country’s potential was very promising but the war brought everything to a standstill, ruining the nation.”

    2. Accuracy of the idea

    It doesn’t matter where the topic sentence is your idea must be presented with precision and clarity. The sentence must be worded clearly and precisely, without ambiguity.

    “Development of the vaccine is complete. Several of the companies that have been tested against the new virus have said they have already reached the end of their research, considering the vaccine to be over 95% effective.”

    3. Lexical, grammatical and normative adequacy

    When writing a thematic sentence appropriate, precise and appropriate terms must be chosen for the level, register and tone of the work. If the text is an academic document, it will be necessary to use specific terminology, used in its correct sense and avoiding terms that are too general, familiar or imprecise.

    We must not forget the grammatical correctness when formulating the thematic sentence. As the name suggests, they are sentences and like any sentence, they must have a main verb and an appropriate structure that allows them to be understood. However, you should avoid inserting a thematic sentence starting with imprecise verbs such as: il ya, a, finds, est …

      How to write this kind of sentences?

      The first thing we need to do to be able to write thematic sentences is to be clear about the general idea of ​​our work and the little ideas that go into it. This idea, which may well be the statement of a thesis or the problem that research in a scientific article seeks to answer, sums up the purpose and argument of all the work. For this reason, As we write an academic article, it is necessary to make an overview of its structure.

      Having a proper overview of what our written work will be, we will be able to divide the ideas that make up the main theme into different paragraphs. These paragraphs will be placed in an order that allows the reader to broaden his initial knowledge of the subject in question and, after reading, has been able to understand the whole general idea that we are trying to convey.

      Thematic sentences as transitions between paragraphs

      The thematic sentence should not always be a simple sentence that sums up the idea of ​​the paragraph, but a tool to give strength to our work.

      To make our writing more consistent we can use thematic sentences to create smooth transitions between paragraphsWhat should be the answer to the following question: How does this point relate to what we wrote in the previous paragraph ?. Depending on what we answer, our transition phrase will meet the following goals.

      1. Focus and develop

      The thematic sentence introduces us to a paragraph that goes into more detail or adds new information on the same point. In that case, the topic sentence uses words that imply emphasis or similarity: Besides, in fact, also, the same, also, even …

      “Also, the vaccine distribution has already been properly organized. First, the populations most at risk will be vaccinated, including the elderly, health workers and patients with respiratory problems. Then, teachers and workers in essential services in l will be vaccinated. “food. Finally, the rest of the population will be vaccinated.”

      2. Summarize and anticipate

      If the following paragraph refers to a different aspect of the same topic, the topic sentence you can briefly summarize the previous paragraph. In addition, this sentence anticipates new information that has appeared in what we have just started.

      “While it is true that the vaccine appears safe, society is skeptical. They fear that, given the short time it took for a full investigation, it is not yet known what its short and long term side effects are, and there is also the fear that a new strain of the virus, more deadly and resistant to drugs, emerges. “

      3. Compare and contrast

      If in the next paragraph you compare and enter the contrast information, The thematic sentence contains words that highlight the difference: for example, in contrast, but, on the contrary, on the contrary, on the contrary …

      However, some experts are skeptical of the new vaccine. Several medical research professionals are on the side of the skeptical population who, clearly indicating that they are moving away from vaccine positions, cannot help but fear that the vaccine has summer, actually a last minute arrangement “.

      A contrast and comparison paragraph can also be started by phrasing the topic sentence as a question.

      “How will the pandemic be resolved with the vaccine?” Although this is seen as a dose of hope and as synonymous with a return to an “old” normalcy, many argue that it is not yet available. The structure needed to immunize the entire population and, since there will be few who will not, whether vaccinated or simply avoided, the virus will continue in our society long after the first vaccination campaign . “.

      Example sentences thematic

      Then we will put about 5 examples of thematic sentences of all kinds, Both academic and more mundane, to finish seeing this idea.

      “The holidays in Ibiza were wonderful. I was able to spend a week at the beach every day, visit Formentera and discover the most bucolic places in the Ibiza countryside.”

      “The message from the president of the community was conciliatory, but incredible. While reaffirming that the streets were a safe place, incidents with British tourists increased distrust of the regional executive who seemed to prioritize the security of foreigners in relation to that of the natives of the islands.

      “The working dinner with the Arab Emir was a disaster. Whoever was in charge of the catering forgot to tell them not to include anything with pork and only told them to put traditional food on it. . ” Spain. It was quite unpleasant. surprise for the Muslim guest to see how they discovered a piglet with an apple in its mouth right in front of him. The Spanish executive was red with embarrassment. “

      “Dressing properly during a job interview is essential. We should avoid wearing overly formal clothes as we can convey coldness and discomfort to the interviewee, but it is also not appropriate to wear overwear. because that will interpret that we do not take the job offer as a serious thing. “

      “My week couldn’t have been worse. Although I started off relatively well, there was a time when I delayed writing a report for over two days, which also delayed the rest I had to write. I see myself working tonight until 2 am. “

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