What is a synoptic chart and how is it used?

On countless occasions we have very complex and dense ideas in mind that are difficult to explain and / or argue. Develop a topic or a concept using the synoptic table it is about using a very useful tool, as it helps to visually clarify complex ideas, which leads to better and easier memorization.

In this article, we will see how to use a synoptic table, either to study or to organize complex plans or concepts.

    The synopsis as the main element

    The synoptic graph is a synthesis or summary of a specific subject, by sub-categorizing the subjects it composes. It is a way of looking at the “x-ray” of a written explanation that is often difficult to process. Basically, the synoptic board aims to explain any topic in a simpler way by ordering the ideas in a hierarchy, and visually.

    As its name suggests, the synoptic table part of the base to make a synopsisThat is, a summary of any specific topic, representing the similarities and differences within the same topic. For example, to explain how a parliament works, the synoptic table reveals how it is formed, who participates and what it is used for, always following a top-down hierarchical methodology.

    We cannot ignore the visual element. According to neuroscientists, humans tend to be an animal whose thinking is based on visualization, so they are inclined to process information graphically. In any school, from primary to university, any teacher accompanies his explanations with an explanatory diagram, offering a dynamic means of making known texts, concepts or any type of useful information.

      Features of the synoptic diagram and how to use it

      The synoptic graph it’s the equivalent of a mind map. It is not used exclusively in the field of education, as many companies use this same method to develop their production and competitiveness policies. For this tool to be effective, it must be based on some basic functionality which we will see below.

      1. Main theme

      It is essential to organize the ideas well and analyze correctly what is supposed to be explained. We must define the main subject well, The basis of the rest of the synoptic table, in a clear and concise manner.

      2. Subthemes

      Second, it is necessary to develop the themes derived from the main theme. This task should not be confused with the inclusion of subjects which are not very related to each other or which do not belong to the same hierarchical category. For example, the case we put in the introduction of the formation of a Parliament, the sub-themes would be MPs and parties, among others, but not laws.

      3. Synthesis of ideas

      If the main purpose of the synoptic table is to clarify a topic or ideas, any kind of complex explanation will be avoided. The main feature of painting is that it exposes ideas in a clear and concise manner, avoiding damage.

      4. Avoid confusion

      This particular point is linked to the previous one. The synoptic table is intended to facilitate the understanding of a subject, especially if it is complex in its theory. It takes up the essential points and clarifies any indication of doubt.

      5. Structural hierarchy

      When we choose a text and try to summarize, we are trying to sort out the ideas. The synoptic diagram will save us this step by its organizational nature. The order can be top to bottom (vertical) or left to right (horizontal), avoid ambiguities on the meaning that follows its structuring.

      6. Support material

      Ultimately, the synoptic board is the most useful tool for emphasizing or showing any kind of idea to the target audience; whether at work, in high school or in any field where audiovisual material is available. Therefore, it can be used to highlight key ideas that have been exposed through other means, such as speaking.

      Factors to consider

      Although at first glance it seems easy to make a synoptic table, in practice it is not that simple. Of a vast and dense subject, you must know how to select the most important thing, Not to mention the transcendent themes that complete the graphic scheme.

      First of all, it is necessary to study the subject well, to identify these crucial points and to know how to order them so as not to lead to confusion. Also, while it is necessary to include everything that is essential, there is no need to make the mistake of including too much text or arguments.

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