7 documentaries about the human brain

The human brain. This organ, the main element that controls the body and allows us to be who we are, is one of the most misunderstood. Sometimes considered the last frontier to be explored due to its high level of complexity, the brain still hides a multitude of secrets that science has not yet been able to fully reveal.

In this way, their study has become a fundamental thing in explaining who we are, how we shape ourselves and how we can improve our health and well-being. There is still a long way to go to fully understand thisA high level of research is therefore needed both now and in the near future.

If the knowledge available to date is available in books and manuals, the fact remains that a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, which makes it easier to understand and study the phenomena of watching videos and documentaries. . And, the larger an image, the faster we have a series of frames, the better. For this reason, it may seem interesting to know about some of the human brain documentaries which further help to understand the human mind.

Brain documentaries

Below is a series of documentaries that can help you understand what the brain is, What parts it consists of and how it works. They are not classified according to a clear criterion, they are all equally recommended.

1. Brain, the last riddle

This fifty-minute production, produced by production company New Atlantis, reflects what the brain is, how it evolved and how brain circuits work. Throughout the documentary, we are also told about certain theories or views on the configuration of the brain. The effects of certain disorders and difficulties associated with brain dysfunction are also shown.

2. The baby’s brain: networks 447

This episode of this well-known program by Eduard Punset deals with brain development in childhood. It places particular emphasis on the growth process in the first two years of children’s lives, studying the formation of different brain systems, such as pain. A clear documentary that makes it easier to understand the evolution of the brain.

3. Psychology. The secret life of the brain. The brain of an old man

This documentary was directed by Odyssey Channel and directed by Edward Gray tries to explain the development and evolution of the brain to the elderly. It is also referred to aging, slowing down of its functions and the difficulties of disorders and brain damage, such as stroke. We are also talking about some studies on improving the quality of life of neurons in old age.

4. The brain, an enigma for science

In this documentary produced by Canal Història es it tells us how different brain systems work and their effect on behavior, Such as fear, sensation seeking or orgasm.

5. Brain plasticity

This documentary talks about the adaptive property of the brain, plasticity or neuroplasticity. Thanks to this property, the human brain is able to learn and cope with major changes and overcome problems such as brain disorders. Although this is a particularly observable property during our period of growth, the human nervous system retains a certain capacity throughout its life. Brain plasticity is what allows us to recover from a brain injury, for example allowing us to recover speech and movement in the event of a stroke.

6. My musical brain

Music has been a constant part of the history of almost every culture in the world since ancient times, shaping a part of our lives and participating in human socialization. This National Geographic documentary seeks to explore how the brain processes music, how it affects emotions and cognitions, and how it modulates the functioning of our brains.

7. The science of fear

This Discovery Channel documentary explores the emotion of fear. This emotion is a key tool to explain our behavior, As a mechanism dedicated to ensuring our survival and well-being. Throughout the documentary, we talk about the effects of fear on behavior, its functions and importance as a survival and coping mechanism, and the brain process that leads to it.

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