8 common habits that kill neurons

The human brain is one of the most complex systems that exist in nature, but it is also relatively fragile.

The balances you need to stay healthy can be altered by a wide variety of situations and, in particular, are greatly affected by the damaging habits that destroy our neurons.

Just as our nerve cells are involved in thousands of processes that influence our lives, what we do and the routines we adopt also affect the well-being of neurons. And, since there is so much of it in our brains, sometimes we don’t realize that we are slowly letting ourselves go much more than would be normal for our age.

that’s why knowing these habits that destroy neurons is important if we want to stay healthy in the present and in the future.

    Main habits that destroy neurons

    This list of routines and habits that are detrimental to our brain health contains actions and states which by omission or commission erode our mental capacities, some of them in the short term and regardless of the permanent damage that ‘they cause. Let’s see what they are.

    1. Stress

    Stress doesn’t just make us feel bad, it also destroys neurons, especially if it becomes chronic.

    Indeed, this state is associated with a strong release of cortisol, a hormone used to divert resources towards biological processes that give more importance to the here and now to be able to get out of urgent problems. One of the side effects of large amounts of cortisol is that neurons are more neglected and, on top of that, the immune system is weakened.

    2. Lack of sleep

    Many studies link prolonged sleep deprivation and neuron death and the decline of parts of the brain, including the hippocampus.

    This type of damage causes, in the long term, memory problems, And also affect the ability to concentrate.

    3. Monotony

    Lifestyle-based lifestyles limit the variety of ways neurons connect to each other, resulting in the death of the less used. It’s so simple: nerve cells that cannot be taken advantage of disappear.

    4. Take drugs

    This is one of the most well-known effects of drugs. Chemical dependence causes all mental functions to lead to a new dose, neglecting the maintenance of the nervous system. On another side, interference from foreign substances in the functioning of neurons it makes many of them age and die prematurely.

    5. Consume tobacco

    Technically, tobacco is a medicine, so this should come as no surprise: that it is legal does not imply that it is not harmful. Its substances are capable of generating a very serious addiction and of permanently damaging our neurons.

    6. Breathe in contaminated environments

    the brain it is one of the sets of organs in the human body that consume the most resources. A large part of the toxic particles that we absorb daily will end up there, even if the blood-brain barrier protects us from them.


    When we notice that we are thirsty, it is important to be satisfied as soon as possible, otherwise our body it will start to extract water from the cells of our body, By killing some. And yes, neurons too.

    8. Work with a fever

    When we are sick we are particularly vulnerable, and any activity that requires effort it can strain our body so much that permanent damage occurs at the microscopic level. In these situations, it’s best to let them take care of us and stop worrying about side issues.

    Healthier Living to Maintain Brain Health

    In short, there are many negative daily habits that damage our neurons. Although at first it may be thought that a carefree lifestyle that does not take into account health is harmful to the body and that is all, it must be remembered that our brain is part of this body. They are not two separate things, in the same way that there is no fundamental distinction between spirit and matter; in psychology and science in general, dualism has been ruled out.

    This is why a healthy lifestyle will have a positive impact both on the appearance of our body and on the good state of our mental functions, although the effects on the latter are not immediately noticeable and are more disguised by the lack of a mirror in which to check. its state. Avoiding These Neural Destructive Habits Can Be A Good Start To A Better Life.

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