A survey reveals the keys to the beauty of the female face

Although it is well known that the human perception of beauty is based on certain cultural factors, Some researchers have attempted to elucidate the unchanging flow beautiful.

Thus, many studies have wondered, throughout history, why certain faces appear to us more beautiful than others, isolating cultural or subjective arguments.

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The beauty of the female face: detecting the keys

Scientists at the Universities of San Diego and Toronto have studied the female face in depth. Leaving aside the emphasis on some culturally valued facial features in today’s Western society, such as full lips or large eyes, the researchers noted that there were new “golden proportionsThey make up a face that attracts us more.

More precisely, these proportions have to do with the distance between the two eyes, the mouth and the contour of the face.

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The research was conducted using four independent experiments in which different pairs of women with very similar facial features but with more or less separated eyes and varying distances from the mouth were presented to students.

A question of proportions

The students rated the most attractive of these women because the vertical distance between the eyes and the mouth was approximately 36% of the length of the face., And the horizontal distance between her eyes was 46% of the width of the face. One of the curious facts revealed by the study is that these proportions correspond to an average face. With a tape measure, you can repeat the same facial scan with any woman who wants to participate.

“It has been impossible for generations to find these relationships. Ancient Greece promoted its version of golden proportions, also known as divine proportion, And they used this knowledge in art and architecture. Several scientists have suggested that Leonardo da Vinci himself had these proportions in mind when he painted the Mona Lisa, ”explains Pamela Pallett, one of the leading researchers.

Palett is of the opinion that this ancient proportion does not explain the modern perception of beauty. He therefore considers that the study succeeded in determining that the distance between the eyes, the mouth and the contour of the face correspond to the true proportions which we perceive as beautiful.

The key is in the middle

Some experts indicate that this proportionality may be linked to an individual cognitive process, in which the observer accepts as an ideal an average of the proportions of all the faces he sees during his life. They also explain that these proportions are often linked to an indicator of good health, and both biologically and evolutionarily, we tend to consider these faces more beautiful.

Hairstyle can also influence

Research suggests a very interesting point, which has to do with the influence of haircut on beauty: “The study also sheds light on the question of why an attractive person sometimes looks less or vice versa after a different haircut or hairstyle, and this is because the proportions we perceive can change. Stephen link, Another of the researchers.

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