9 healthy snacks (very easy to prepare)

Staying well nourished throughout the day is good for our healthBut also keeps our energy and focus at optimal levels to get to work or the activities we do on a daily basis.

Nutrition experts have recommended five meals a day for decades because our bodies are a machine that is constantly consuming energy and therefore needs us to fuel them to function in the best possible way.

To do this, you need to add to breakfast, lunch and dinner, a mid-morning “snack” and a mid-afternoon “snack”, the latter more commonly known as a snack. In today’s article, you can find some tips for choosing a healthy and easy snack to prepare.

    The importance of the snack and the reasons not to neglect it

    Unfortunately, some people often forget the snackAs they are not aware of the importance of eating well in the middle of the afternoon. Not snacking means spending a lot of time without food, which lowers blood nutrients and energy substrates for the brain and other organs, and also helps you eat very hungry dinner, which can lead to overeating at the last meal. of the day which does not help to keep the figure.

    In short, snacking helps us control hunger levels, maintain body energy and metabolic activity, and also allows us to lose weight and control our weight. At an early age, it is essential to maintain the functioning of the brain and not to interfere with the normal process of growth.

    A healthy snack is essential for losing weight and keeping fit

    Now not all foods are worth a snack. Eating foods high in sugars and refined carbohydrates (for example, industrial baked goods) can have a detrimental effect on our health, leading to an increase in unnecessary calories and an increase in blood sugar, called hyperglycemia. Unlike fruits (which contain fructose and fiber) or other healthier products, processed foods promote the development of fat under the effect of insulin.

    In Western societies, unfortunately, the consumption of this type of food has increased dramatically in recent years and can be found anywhere: in metro stations, shops or restaurants. Experts warn that this is one of the causes of overweight and obesity, which, along with a sedentary lifestyle, make this phenomenon a public health problem. With this scenario, dietary control is a key variable for fat reduction and it is essential to stimulate the change in eating habits and enable a healthy lifestyle.

    Healthy, easy-to-prepare snacks

    As we have seen, these types of foods are not a good alternative to choose as a snack. But then What healthy snacks can we choose as a mid-afternoon snack?

    Below are a total of 7 healthy snacks that are super easy to prepare.

    1. Almond yogurt

    Almond yogurt is a good mid-afternoon alternative. These combined foods provide a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, and monounsaturated fats, called healthy fats.

    Almonds are high in oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fatty acid that belongs to the omega-9 group.

    A skimmed yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of almonds will be enough to eat a full snack that does not exceed 200 calories.

    On the other hand, it is advisable to sweeten the yogurt with honey to avoid the harmful effects of refined sugar. However, honey should not be abused either.

    2. Fruit smoothie with yogurt

    If in the previous point the snack consisted of combining yogurt with almonds **, it is also possible to combine yogurt with fruit to prepare a delicious smoothie **. Do you dare to try it?

    Smoothies or smoothies are tasty and refreshing if you also add a little ice cream. Use milk, skimmed yogurt, and any fruit to taste (bananas, mangoes, pineapples, etc.), but no more than half a cup of fruit.

    Smoothies are also a great option as a healthy snack if, instead of real milk, we use almond milk to prepare them; try to buy this product in the most natural version, with no added sugars.

    3. Wholemeal toast with avocado, light cheese and turkey

    Wholemeal toast can be a great snack if combined with other healthy ingredients. Therefore, not every sausage we find in the fridge is a good alternative to healthy snacking.

    If we want a healthy snack, we have to exclude the bologna, sausage or whisk. Spread the wholegrain toast with avocado and add a few slices of light cheese, and turkey can be a snack that gives us carbohydrates and slow-absorbing protein. Avocado also contains monounsaturated fat, which makes it ideal for a balanced diet.

    Of course, it’s not a snack you should have every few days, as avocado is high in fat (although it is healthy fats) and will provide you with plenty of calories in just one bite. .

    4. Hard-boiled eggs stuffed with hummus

    Eggs are a great source of protein, and for a delicious and nutritious snack, it is possible to combine them with hummus., A cream of cooked chickpeas that includes ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil or garlic.

    To prepare the eggs with hummus, simply cook two hard-boiled eggs and, once prepared, replace the yolks with a few tablespoons of hummus.

    5. Peanut Butter Banana Rice Crackers

    Rice crackers are an ideal snack for their nutritional value and low calorie content.

    This food provides carbohydrates and fiber, and if we also add peanut butter, we get protein and monounsaturated fat to have a perfect snack (besides being very healthy). It is possible to improve the taste of this snack by adding a few pieces of banana to it. However, the peanut butter must be whole, otherwise we will be consuming a product with a high content of added sugar.

    6. Green tea with whole chicken mini ham and cucumber ham

    Another alternative to snacking is to prepare a mini sandwich full of chicken and cucumber ham. and serve it with a cup of green tea.

    To prepare the mini-sandwich, just take the slice of wholemeal bread and add a slice of tomato and cucumber. Then place the sliced ​​chicken ham and cut the bread into squares. In addition to the protein and carbohydrates in the mini sandwich, green tea has a host of healthy properties and will help keep you feeling full.

    7. Protein bars and carbohydrates

    While some people are against these supplements, the truth is it is an ideal snack, especially if you have little time to prepare your snack.

    In the market, it is possible to find different types of bar type dietary supplements that provide you with carbohydrates and protein and also taste great. Of course, check with your dietitian before choosing one product or another; he will be able to advise you so that you choose the supplement adapted to your needs.

    8. Zucchini and salmon rolls

    One of the easiest healthy snack recipes to make. To prepare this bite, you just need to fry strips of zucchini and prepare slices of smoked salmon. Pour virgin olive oil over the zucchini, then place the fish on the vegetable strip and roll everything up. If you want, you can help keep it in shape by puncturing the whole with a toothpick.

    9. Peanut butter apple

    Contrary to popular belief, peanut butter is very healthy, as long as it does not contain any additives and is consumed in small amounts. Spread apple pieces on it for a complete snack full of vitamins and healthy fats.

    By the way, peanut butter is a delicious product without the need to add extra chemicals like salt, so make sure it only consists of chopped peanuts.

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