How to prepare green enchiladas, in 5 steps

Enchiladas are a very typical Mexican dish that as the name suggests “is on the verge of enchilarte!” In a dish of green enchiladas we find two of the many basic ingredients of Mexican cuisine: corn omelet and chili.

There is a wide variety of enchilada recipes. Green enchiladas are perhaps the most typical of Mexico City.. They are easy to prepare and are intended for daily consumption. Each ingredient requires special attention in its preparation, because it is an essential part of the dish, to achieve together a delicious combination.

    How to prepare green enchiladas

    Green tomato, chicken, green pepper and corn omelet are the basis of this recipe. However, you can add your personal touch to create a unique recipe, as enchiladas have as many shapes as country regions.

    This green enchiladas recipe is to be shared with 4 people.

    1. The ingredients

    To prepare green enchiladas, you will need these ingredients.

    • ½ kg of chicken breast
    • ½ onion
    • 2 xilis serrans
    • 7 green tomatoes
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 1 branch of coriander
    • 1 lettuce, cut into julienne
    • 1 fresh cheese
    • 16 trout
    • oil
    • He will have
    • Cream

    2. Chicken

    Chicken breast it should be cooked with onion and salt. Once cooked, let cool so that it crumbles finely. The broth resulting from this cooking will be used later for the caldillo of green enchiladas.

    3. The broth

    To make the broth, cook the tomatoes and mountain peppers in boiling water. When they already feel sweet, you need to liquefy the tomatoes and peppers with the garlic clove and coriander, And you will need to add salt to taste.

    It is recommended that to liquefy, replace the water with chicken broth. It should be in small quantities so that the broth of our green enchiladas is a little thick.

    This caldillo is added to a pan with very hot oil and boiled for a few minutes before the next step of preparing the green enchiladas.

    4. Trout

    Usually 4 omelets per person are served on the plate, so 16 omelets are needed for this recipe. It is advisable that they are freshly prepared and preferably hot so that they are soft.

    You need to put oil in a saucepan, enough to cover the omelet and let it heat up. Once it’s hot enough, put the omelets in the oil.

    The secret to making enchiladas is that the omelets are only “passed” in hot oilThat is, they shouldn’t stay here as long as the omelets shouldn’t be crispy.

    Once they come out of the oil, they are folded to start preparing the dish.

      5. Assemble the dish

      The omelets should flow in the chili broth and the green tomato. They are then stuffed with the grated chicken and folded. Garnish with julienned lettuce, cream and grated cream cheese sprinkled all over the plate.

      And these delicious green enchiladas are ready!


      Green enchiladas have many variations and can be adapted to taste. Poblano peppers can be added to the original recipe, Which must be roasted, put in a bag so that they “sweat” and allow their skin to be easily removed to liquefy next to the green mountain peppers and green tomatoes.

      You can also add radishes with slices or finely chopped cilantro to the final decoration. You can substitute the chicken for grated pork or you can switch the stuffed chicken and place it on top of the omelet.

      You can add more mountain peppers to make the dish really spicy, or on the contrary you can reduce the number of peppers. in case someone is not used to spicy food but he doesn’t want to miss this dish.

      All these variations of green enchiladas are usual to find them in all Mexican houses, since each one adapts them to its preferences; but the basis of this spicy and delicious dish is omelet, chili and meat.

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