The 10 best free diet apps

Among the most popular dietary applications are those for label interpretation and food recognition, which in most cases have no objective criteria and are a bit alarmist.

In fact, several experts have expressed that they generate the so-called “chemophobia” towards additives which are in fact safe in human food and which do not in any way replace the advice of a nutritionist.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any apps on the market for you to consider. In fact there is a good number of free diet apps that facilitate the intake of healthy food. Let’s see what they are.

    Most Recommended Free Diet Apps

    There are several free apps that help you know what to buy and what to eat to achieve good nutrition according to your goals. Below you will see several recommendations.

    1. Coaching applications in the food industry

    If you are interested in apps that walk you through the process of buying the right ingredients and establishing a diet in your daily life that is what you are looking for, then this selection of apps will be of interest to you.

    1.1 Oorenji

    Oorenji is the most comprehensive diet app, and includes personalized plans with 20 types of diet: vegetarian, vegan, keto, Mediterranean, slimming, lowcarb, etc.

    It has a new artificial intelligence algorithm that takes into account the records of over 1,000,000 people to come up with the nutritional plan that is most likely to be successful based on your profile, and even your people.

    In addition, Oorenji offers the possibility of having a follow-up service with nutritionists and a coaching service using push notifications to activate motivation.

    It is one of the top rated free diet apps. If you want to access all the plans and challenges, you only have to pay € 2.99 per month.

    • You can download this app on this page for Android and on this other if your system is iOS.

    1.2. Noom

    This cool app called Noom offers long term weight loss plans with a 14 day trial. At the end of the questionnaire you are asked for 16 €, although you can pay 1 €. It is based on cognitive behavioral psychology to change habits, but without having a diet plan or nutritional method of its own.

    To use it, you must complete a first questionnaire on medical data, which would require the supervision of a health professional. Then you have to complete another Lifestyle, Goals, and Motivations quiz, which gets a bit tedious.

    The application offers coaching with nutritionists and psychologists from 150 euros every 6 months or 25 euros per month, a bit expensive and of course not for all budgets.

    • If you want to download this app, you can do so on this page for Android and this one for iOS.

    2. Labeling of applications

    These are the best free diet apps focused on providing information about foods for sale.

    2.1 Yuka

    The French application Yuka offers information on food labeling. The premium version costs € 14.99 per year.

    Score out of 100 based on 3 criteria: 60% of the score consists of the score on Nutri-Score, 30% of the score penalizes the presence of additives, and 10% is based on a positive evaluation if the product is ecological or organic, although this does not imply that it is sustainable.

    The score is not quite right, as not all additives approved in Europe are safe and do not provide information on the nutritional quality of foods. Additionally, the app is not based on a validated nutritional method, nor does it offer different diet options.

    In France, via this application is available the possibility of consulting a nutritionist from € 69.

    • You can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

    2.2. MyRealFood

    MyRealFood is a free Spanish application based on barcode scanning, looking for ultra-processed foods. He classifies foods into 3 groups: real foods, good processing and ultratransformation.

    It is based on the NOVA system of the University of São Paulo. It signals the presence of additives and the nutritional quality of the food based on the front labeling used in Chile, but does not clarify the design of its final index, so it is not 100% objective.

    • This is their download page for Android systems, and it’s for iOS systems.

    2.3. Open Food Festivals

    Open Food Facts is a French application which defines itself as the “Food Wikipedia”: a free and collaborative database.

    It reports on the nutritional quality of a food based on the Nutri-Score system of five letters and colors, from green (A) for healthier products to dark orange (E) for less healthy.

    It also provides information on nutritional levels per 100 grams of fat, saturated fat, sugars, and salt. In addition, it mentions the ecological footprint of the food, as well as whether it contains additives.

    This app is useful for comparing two foods or products in the same category, but like Nutriscore, it has flaws and requires some basic nutrition skills to make good use of it without falling into errors due to misinterpreting information.

    For example, healthy foods like olive oil or nuts score poorly, while cola or juices come out well.

    • To download it on an Android system, go to this page, and for iOS, here.

    2.4. The CoCo

    This free Spanish application, El CoCo, offers its own index from 0 to 10 according to the NOVA system (degree of processing and number of ingredients) and the warning stamps of Chile.

    This is the fairest, because it does not criminalize the presence of necessary and safe additives, but takes into account whether the food has an excess of salt, sugar, calories and fat.

    It is an interesting application to compare two foods of the same category and to be able to make a healthier purchase.

    • Click here to download it on iOS or here to download it on Android.

    Other applications

    These are other apps that you might be interested in.

    1. Yazio

    Yazio records food intake and provides weight change graphs and calories burned. It also logs your fasting times, so it’s a very useful digital resource if you want to lose weight.

    2. Ekilu

    Ekilu gives recipes and diets adapted to each person, and gives the opportunity to measure your progress taking into account the goals of changing eating habits and healthy living.

    The premium version costs 8 € if you pay all year. This gives access to all recipes and also provides mindfulness exercises and coaching services to change habits.

    3. Nootropic

    From the Nootric app they give the possibility of benefiting from a 7-day trial for 1 €, although to access the plans online you have to pay 69 € per quarter.

    On the other hand, they give diet plans for 6 months at lower weekly prices. In addition to offering a weekly menu, they organize exercise programs to get in shape.

    4. Dietfarma

    The Dietfarma app allows you to get personalized diets with a monthly payment starting at € 29, and offers a wide range of healthy recipes based on the information you have in the database.

    However, between the request and the time when the diet is obtained, 24 hours may elapse, so the operation is not very smooth.

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