The 10 best recipe apps

With the recipe apps we have today, learning how to cook all kinds of dishes has never been so quick and easy. Whether it’s mixing friends and family to discover these tastier, healthier ingredients, or even adopting healthier habits, these digital resources make everything much easier.

These apps are useful both for seasoned chefs who already have experience and for people new to the world of cooking and wanting to gain their first knowledge of how to properly prepare each dish and nutrition.

There are currently a wide variety of such apps out there, but if you want to go with what’s safe, keep reading; here we go a review of the most recommended recipe apps.

    The most popular recipe apps

    If you want to make your smartphone an important ally when it comes to cooking, you are sure to find the recipe apps that best suit what you are looking for.

    1. Oorenji

    Ooreji is a new interactive nutrition application with which each user can easily and quickly organize their fully personalized weekly menu. and tailored to special needs, as well as find a variety of tasty and nutritious recipes.

    Ooreji’s artificial intelligence algorithm takes into account each of the user’s variables to deliver a service as quickly as possible according to their preferences. It does this based on variables such as the age, sex, physical activity, and physical condition of the person.

    With Oorenji we can get healthy menus selected daily according to the calories of each food, and we will also find more than 2000 recipes approved by nutritionists and professional chefs.

    Each of these recipes offers in detail its nutritional information and with Oorenji we can group our favorite recipes or also create new ones according to our tastes and the ingredients we have available.

    Another novelty of Oorenji, it also allows you to follow the evolution of weight loss from one week to another thanks to the monitoring tables of the application, as well as the possibility of discussing with a team of specialized nutritionists to consult any questions.

    • You can download it on this page for Android systems, or on this other page for iOS systems.

    2. Ekilu

    The Ekilu app is another digital resource specializing in nutrition that helps you achieve a balanced diet every day, as well as maintain a healthy level of exercise and incorporate the vitamins and macronutrients you need into your menu, all combined with professional instructions and recipes designed to different user profiles.

    This application allows you to measure the progress of each of the areas mentioned, as well as the goals exceeded on a daily basis in terms of nutrition, sport or in the field of mindfulness, all with the aim of leading a healthier and more relaxed life. .

    In Ekilu you will also find more than 2000 recipes with few ingredients that will inspire us to prepare very healthy meals with less calories.

    • You can download it for Android here, or for iOS systems here.

    3. Dietfarma

    Dietfarma is another of the most used apps today specializing in healthy diets. It’s easy to use and access, and you can choose from a wide variety of personalized diets prepared by a designated nutritionist (based on your personal preferences).

    Each of these diets is associated with detailed nutritional information, as well as all of its ingredients and practical information on recommendations and health deficits or diseases to which the diet can be attributed. For example, if you need foods high in protein, it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for in their recipes.

    • This is your download page for Android smartphones, and it’s iOS.

    4. Yazio

    The Yazio app is mainly a calorie counter specialized which provides access to a wide variety of specialized recipes and nutritional plans for the user.

    Yazio offers a variety of exercises and activities to lose calories, as well as professionally supervised intermittent fasting plans that, along with nutritional plans, will allow us to improve our quality of life.

    5. Kitchen shelf

    Cookpad is another of the most important apps in the world of interactive recipes and currently its receipts already number in the millions, as well as its users, more than 40 in the world.

    The main novelty of this application is the ability to share your own user-made recipes, as well as interactively access those uploaded by other people and learn how to prepare them.

    6. Thermomix Cookidoo

    Thermomix’s official recipe app, Cookidoo, offers a catalog of over 1000 recipes to play with or without Thermomix and its main advantage is the last classification of each of them.

    Each of the recipes is organized according to the type of evening, the season or according to the ingredients you bring.

    7. Tasty

    The Tasty app also offers a variety of categorized recipes depending on the difficulty, the ingredients, the type of diet, the origin and even the theme.

    Here you will find a wide variety of how-to videos to learn how to prepare each of your recipes step by step, as well as various useful tips and secrets that every chef should know.

    8. Free recipes

    Another of the best known is the Free Recipes app and has more than 30,000 recipes for all kinds of dishes, also in the field of confectionery and pastry.

    The recipes are explained in detail and also in a very simple way, and are classified according to their ingredients.

    9. Cooking stories

    Kitchen Stores is one of the most recommended apps for people who are just starting to cook, and we can find a variety of recipes organized according to their difficulty or type of cooking.

    Its main advantage is the very elaborate explanatory videos with which each of the recipes is illustrated and taught.

    10. SideChef

    SideChef offers many recipes of all kinds, from the most elaborate to surprise friends and family to those made in 10 minutes.

    The app offers personalized recipes according to user preferences and also allows you to build the shopping list needed to create these more complex recipes.

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