The 13 most dangerous foods for your health

Humans need to be well nourished to enjoy a healthy body. Healthy foods provide us with different macronutrients and micronutrients which have different functions: energy, structural, transport …

Unfortunately, because of the capitalist society we live in, large food companies use large amounts of chemicals and pesticides in food that harm our health.

Alert with certain dangerous and harmful foods

Every day we eat foods that seem natural but have been treated with deadly poisons. Most of the time you don’t have to worry about it because the doses given are completely safe. However, the US Environmental NGO Working Group (EWG) states that there are foods that contain up to 20 different types of pesticides.

As this organization warns, “Even in small doses, these pesticides can be harmful to babies and young children, so you should always be careful.” There are also foods that contain other harmful substances such as trans fats, which are not beneficial for our body.

But … what are these foods? Below is a list of foods that are hazardous to health.

1. Carn

You probably think that fruits and vegetables are more contaminated than other foods. However, meat is perhaps the food that contains the most pesticides. This is because many of these pesticides are fat soluble and these substances are deposited in the fatty tissue of meat and are therefore consumed by humans.

Not only that, but meats also contain antibiotics, drugs, and hormones. Fish are even more dangerous, as some can contain large amounts of heavy metals. For example, tuna contains mercury.

2. Refreshments

Soft drinks may sound delicious and harmless, but they contain high amounts of sugar.. Coca-Cola contains for each 330 milliliters can, 39 grams of sugar, or about 10 lumps of sugar. Logically, consuming one or two cans a week is not bad, but daily and prolonged consumption of this substance is useless.

Carbonated drinks also contain aspartic acid and feminamine, substances that damage brain cells, brain tumors, and increase the acidity of urine, creating susceptibility to urinary tract infections.

    3. Dairy products

    As with meat, dairy products also contain a lot of fat and therefore pesticides.. However, these rationally consumed foods are very healthy.

      4. Fried foods

      Fried foods can be delicious, but not at all healthy. And shouldn’t its consumption be an important part of a person’s diet.

      These foods are high in fat and increase the level of cholesterol which affects the arteries.. Studies show that in the long run, these foods kill neurons and negatively affect memory and learning. In addition, if these foods are frozen, they are even more harmful.

      5. Strawberries

      The NGO Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that this fruit contains up to 20 different pesticidesAs a result, almost 90% of the production of this food shows signs of unhealthy chemical residues. The same goes for other red fruits like cherries.

      6. Tomatoes

      Tomatoes are a must-have product in any salad, but once they are ripe, many pesticides are added to them. Unfortunately, tomatoes contain such a thin skin that chemical residue remains in the fruit even after peeling them. This is why it is better to take organic tomatoes.

      7. Apples

      Apples (and also pears) are foods that, if organic, are very healthy. However, non-organic products contain large amounts of pesticides which are neurotoxic. As in the previous case, it is of little use to peel them.

      8. Potatoes

      Potatoes are one of the best ways to get carbohydrates. Porridge can be a very healthy option and a very effective food for weight loss. But it can contain a lot of pesticides, many of which are antifungals..

      9. Spinach

      Although green leafy vegetables generally do not contain a large amount of pesticides, spinach is an exception so it can be harmful to health, the NGO Environmental Working Group (EWG) includes spinach in his list of foods containing the most pesticides.

      10. Eat junk food

      Needless to say junk food is unhealthy food. And it is that this type of food is not very nutritious. Its prolonged effect causes chemical changes in the brain and symptoms of withdrawal. In addition, they contain large amounts of additives and transaturated fats, the most harmful fats.

      11. Pancakes

      Breakfast pancakes can be a delicious dish. However, it is not exactly a healthy food. They are full of trans fats and contain large amounts of partially hydrogenated soybean oil.. On the label you can see how it also contains a lot of salt and preservatives. If you are going to eat cakes, better to bake them from scratch. At least you will know what you are eating.

      12. Coffee

      Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, and while drinking coffee in the morning is not a big risk, its abuse can be harmful. Experts claim that 600 milligrams of caffeine per day can cause headaches, increase anxiety, and cause various sleep disturbances. Plus, in the long run, they can cause serious cardiovascular problems and even stroke.

      13. Fishing

      Peach is a sweet and tasty food, but it contains a lot of pesticides. The characteristics of the skin of this fruit mean that even after washing them, they still retain a large amount of chemicals.

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