The 15 best detox juices you can make at home

Food is one of the fundamental pillars of our lifeThis enables us to acquire the nutrients necessary to survive and in turn is one of the greatest physiological pleasures for many people.

But today we tend to commit certain excesses that leave us bloated and heavy. In addition, the foods we eat today are often filled with preservatives, dyes and various substances that can harm us in the long run.

This is why different types of diets have emerged that try to help us detoxify and lighten them while nourishing us. One of the products they usually use is detox juices or green juices..

    What is a detox juice?

    Detoxifying or detox juices, also called green juices, are all these smoothies made from the liquefaction of various fruits and vegetables. These are highly nutritious juices that provide energy while being low in calories. Their main benefit and function is to allow the body to cleanse itself, regain balance and help reduce heaviness, water retention, bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort.

    The importance of these juices are the ingredients themselves, being relatively easy to prepare if the most suitable ingredients are known to produce certain effects. Highly nutritional elements are used which provide different effects such as cucumber, tomato, citrus, apple, avocado, spinach, moringa leaves, carrot, chia or ginger. Also spices like turmeric.

    Also keep in mind that these juices are a supplement, not a meal replacement.

    Fifteen detox juices that we can prepare at home.

    Below, we present you about fifteen detox juices that we can prepare at home, in a simple way.

    1. Avocado juice

    Combining avocado, cucumber, dill, and lemon in a smoothie can result in a compound that helps cleanse our bodies. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants and is mildly anti-inflammatory.

    2. Pineapple and ginger smoothie

    Ginger is a very useful component in relieving inflammation and constipation of the stomach, as well as improving nutrient absorption and having antibiotic and expectorant properties. Pineapple is highly diuretic and provides vitamins, minerals like iron or sodium. This is why a smoothie combining the two components nit will be very useful for you to purify our body at the same time, we provide you with beneficial nutrients.

    To make this smoothie, we will need three or four servings of pineapple, a tablespoon of ginger coffee and half a cup of rice.

    3. Currant, spinach and orange juice

    This type of juice is very useful for improving our immune system. And is that spinach is rich in vitamins such as A and minerals such as iron, magnesium and antioxidants, protecting the brain and eyes and the intestinal lining. Blackcurrant promotes circulation and has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, and orange is a key source of vitamin C and fights cholesterol while having microbicidal properties and facilitates purification.

    It is enough to liquefy these products: two handfuls of washed currants, two peeled and chopped oranges and six spinach leaves.

    4. Juice against fatigue

    If we are particularly tired, it can be useful to combine the energizing properties of ginseng, Banana, spinach and apple in a juice or smoothie. Ginseng is very well known precisely to relieve fatigue and stress while increasing energy and physical and mental activity. Bananas, while high in calories, are a food high in potassium (although some types of pumpkin exceed it), minerals, and tryptophan, among others. Apple is rich in vitamins C and E, also reducing water retention and cramps.

    5. Carrot and tomato juice

    Carrot and tomato are two products whose combination can provide us with a rich and effective detox juice.. The carrot is a product that has antidiarrhoeal, antiparasitic and antioxidant properties while providing a large amount of vitamins and minerals. As for the tomato, it is rich in fiber and lycopene and is also suitable for people with hypertension due to its low sodium content. It is also stimulating and energizing.

    Two carrots (washed and peeled) and two tomatoes (usually also peeled, but the skin can be interesting to keep due to its fiber content) should be enough to make this juice. Sometimes honey is added to it. Particularly indicated in case of constipation.

    6. Orange juice, flax seeds and pear

    This juice is very useful in case of constipation, Due to the laxative properties of flax seeds. Orange and pear are also fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help in the purification of the body. Two pears, the juice of three oranges and a little more than a tablespoon of flax seeds will bring us great benefits when beaten.

    7. Spinach, apple and celery smoothie

    To make this smoothie we will need spinach, cucumber, celery, a few apples, water and a little lemon juice. All of these ingredients provide us with nutrients and large amounts of antioxidants and fiber., Which is useful for debugging.

    8. Grapefruit, spinach, orange and pineapple juice

    Combination particularly useful to avoid water retention. All of these components are known for their diuretic properties and their content of essential vitamins. In the case of grapefruit, it helps speed up metabolism and just like orange contains a lot of water, making it a food with diuretic properties (in addition to helping protect the heart and skin).

    9. Celery juice, cucumber, spinach, apple, parsley, ginger and lemon juice

    This detox juice meets the characteristics of several of the above, Resulting in a combination that increases energy levels, improves digestion, purifies and nourishes itself with the different nutrients that each component provides.

    10. Red fruit juice

    Red fruits, along with lemon juice and coconut water, can be used to make an interesting detox juice. with antifungal properties particularly useful in protecting the genitourinary tract (especially in women, easily facilitated by infections in this area). They also improve the immune system and have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Very purifying, it also contributes to the prevention of anemia thanks to its high content of vitamin C.

    11. Cucumber, melon and watercress juice

    A very healthy and low calorie green juice. Watercress is a diuretic and laxative, As well as stimulants and antioxidants. On top of that, they are mildly aphrodisiac and contain folic acid. Melon is very antioxidant and contains abundant vitamin A, in addition to being a diuretic. Finally, cucumber is also anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, and contains substances that reduce the risk of prostate, breast or ovarian cancer. This smoothie is good for pregnant women.

    12. Pomegranate, apple and ginger juice

    Being pomegranate is one of the few fruits that doesn’t change the sugar level, Its presence in a juice is very useful for people with sugar problems such as diabetics (Taking it is therefore only useful for the sector of the population facing this problem). In addition to not affecting sugar, it provides antioxidants and also lowers cholesterol. Ginger and apple also help provide the benefits mentioned above.

    13. Brussels sprouts and green bean juice

    Brussels sprouts are very effective in stimulating insulin production and provide minerals such as potassium. and phosphorus and vitamins. Also iodine. It is involved in improving the function thyroid and our eye health, in addition to being a diuretic and preventing certain types of cancer. As for green beans, they are also rich in vitamins such as C, A or B and provide protein and carbohydrates. To prepare this detox juice, you must liquefy the beans (about two cups) with the brussel sprout juice. It is a highly recommended juice, especially for diabetics.

    14. Mango juice, banana, oatmeal, chocolate, hazelnut and wheat bran

    Half a banana, half a handful, a tablespoon of wheat bran, two or three ounces of dark chocolate and two or more hazelnuts alongside a little oat milk will provide us with an important energy contribution. Of course it can be something higher in calories than the other juices or smoothies mentioned above.

    15. Kiwi, pear and lettuce juice

    A very effective combo to regulate intestinal transit and fight against constipation while being very nutritious. Kiwifruit has more laxative and diuretic effects than strengthening the immune system and being rich in vitamins. It also improves circulation and ossification. The pear in addition to being a diuretic and regulating the digestive system provides potassium, calcium and iron. Lettuce is also rich in many components such as beta-carotene, pectin and fiber in addition to many vitamins. To prepare it, two kiwis, two pears, 150g of lettuce and mint are enough.

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