The 5 best healthy eating apps

Applying a healthy nutrition strategy to our daily life is not easy, because sticking to a balanced diet means knowing what foods to buy, how many calories to consume, and knowing what and how to cook.

This is why diet apps are very useful as they allow users to have many options within a few clicks on smartphones.

In this article we will review the best diet apps available for smartphone today, very useful if you want to achieve a body weight goal, increase your athletic performance or simply eat better overall.

    Most Recommended Diet Apps

    Traditional recipes or nutrition apps focused on counting calories, which does not guarantee a varied or healthy diet.

    Fortunately, today there are better diet apps and healthy eating programs that offer scientifically validated diets and with the option of being monitored by nutritionists, to ensure you reach weight goals and improve your body composition.

    1. Oorenji

    Oorenji is our favorite app, ranked among the best nutrition apps and recipes. It’s free and includes all the features of the apps you’ll see below. In addition, it allows you to generate your food for free according to your own nutritional method, validated by several universities.

    You can view over 2,000 recipes and save your favorites. It is also great for the suggestions it gives you based on what you have in the fridge or pantry.

    If you download the app, you can print your weekly shopping list, contact your nutritionist for free and, if you want to go even further in personalization, paying only € 2.99 but you can have all the premium features. based on its new artificial intelligence. algorithm, which takes into account a database of more than 1,000,000 customers, to offer you the menus most suited to your profile.

    It also offers online consultations with your nutritionist and genetic testing (optional) for further customization of your menus.

    • You can download this app from this link for Android and this one for iOS.

    2. Yazio

    The Yazio app is a very useful resource if you want to have an easy to use calorie counter in your daily life. and available at any time.

    It offers 20 nutritional plans with over 1000 recipes. You can plug in your activity tracker and record your steps, exercise, and fasting history.

    Keep in mind that almost all of the content is paid for. The recipes are not Spanish, and some ingredients are difficult to find.

    • On this page you can download the application if your mobile is Android, and on this other if it is iOS.

    3. Fideus-Ekilu

    The new Noodle app is called Ekilu. It offers personalized recipes and diet plans and lets you measure your progress in changing habits using the “Healthy Dish” method.

    In addition, this app offers you an automatic shopping list which is very useful to be clear on what to prepare.

    The premium version costs 8 € if you pay all year round (107 €). It allows you to view all the recipes and offers coaching for changing habits and mindfulness.

    • Here you can download it for Android systems and here for iOS systems.

    4. Nootropic

    Nootric has a high quality app if you are looking for mid to long term nutrition plans. They offer a 7-day trial for € 1 and online plans starting at € 69 per quarter. They also offer 6 month packages at lower weekly prices. They send out a weekly menu and basic routines.

    His team has less experience than the competition and does not have their own diet method. This is why its application mainly works as a directory of nutritionists.

    They offer a free nutritional study that can be done on the web, and in doing so, it marks the approximate date you will reach your goal and phase 1 of the weight loss plan, with the pounds lost.

    • This is their download page for Android, and this other is for iOS.

    5. Dietfarma

    Dietfarma is an application associated with a nutrition management program for nutritionists. In this sense, it offers personalized diets from € 29 / month, with an extensive recipe database.

    Of course, it takes 24 hours to send the scheme, which is why it is not as nimble as the competition.

    Your printable shopping list is handy, and the fact that it lets you send messages to your nutritionist partners is also helpful.

    • If you are interested in this app, you can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

    What do you think? Do you know of any other app that should be considered among the best nutrition and recipe apps? Leave us a comment.

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