The 7 best ice cream brands in the world

Identify the best ice cream brands it is a chimerical task, because it corresponds more to a subjective perception than to an objective datum. For this reason, the best qualitative method to give some validity and rigor to this classification is to ask direct consumers: pay attention to their sales and their popularity.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the big ice cream brands invest huge sums of money in advertising and marketing, so although the offer of this product is very wide and the effects of advertising may to mix, be with our perceptions on its snack.

    Ranking of the best ice cream brands in the world

    There are hundreds of thousands of flavors and combinations produced and distributed by different brands of recognized prestige, some with a history of more than half a century.

    In the following lines we will see the top rated ice cream brands of the world according to the opinions of consumers, distributors and experts in the field.

    1. Ben and Jerry

    How many times have we seen the famous container of cows in an ice cream terrine? What should be the image of a brand of milk represents the quality of what is considered to be the best brand of ice cream in the world. This American brand was born in 1978 in a humble farm, making homemade ice cream.

    Since then, the growth of this brand has been exponential, reaching millions worldwide, especially in the Anglo-Saxon market (both UK and US). Hotel companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King or Domino’s Pizza offer this product in their fast food chains.

      2. Gold card

      Coincidentally, this brand was born at the same time as the first on the list, in 1978, but on the other side of the Atlantic. More precisely in the French capital, Paris, a city known for its culinary delicacy. With no more and no less than 4 million euros in net sales last year, Carte d’Or took second place on this list.

      Its franchises are renowned throughout the European continent, To be, in addition to a quality product, an assured prosperous company.

      Their specialty is terrines and cones, with different categories to reach a wider audience: Carte d’Or Patisserie, Carte d’Or Sorbet, Carte d’Or Gelateria and its flagship product, Carte d’Or Classic.

      3. Häagen-Dazs

      You certainly don’t even need to present this brand. Being the oldest ice cream brand of all of the above, Häagen-Dazs has become one of the benchmarks in pastry and ice cream. Its luxurious establishments are always located in the best areas of all cities of the world.

      In addition, at the industrial level, they have also reaped great success for its unique terrine design that incorporates a teaspoon to enjoy its consumption in any place and in any circumstance. Their specialties are coffee, chocolate and vanilla which experts say are second to none.

      4. Crescent

      Who does not know the most famous cone in the world? All the celebrities of the world have been photographed with him. From Lionel Messi to Bradley Cooper.

      Unlike other brands, the company is clear on its flagship product: cream, chocolate and cone-shaped biscuit. Anyone who hears the name Cornetto identifies it as such.

      It is a relatively young company, less than three decades old, which gives it even more importance by placing it no less than the fourth place of the best ice cream brands in the world.

      5. Magnum

      Another type of ice cream with worldwide recognition. Magnum was born in 1989 designed for the elderly (adults). Famous are its advertisements with a certain sensuality and an ode to pleasure where a wide range of celebrities such as George Clooney or the Spanish actress and model Jana Pérez have also participated.

      Its product, simple but original, consists of a mass of vanilla ice cream or cream coated with melted chocolate attached to a wooden stick. Although it does not have the variety of its competitors, its popularity continues to grow every year.

      6. Kalise

      It is probably the most famous Spanish brand in the world of pastry and ice cream products. Although the company was born in 1999, its tradition and its recipe go back to the 1940s and 1960s in the Balearic Islands.

      It is currently one of the best brands in the world of ice cream because thanks to its export, it earns 78 million euros net per year.

      In addition, it is surely the brand that offers the most variety and products.: Terrines, cones and other dairy products are offered in all types of hotels. Its market share in Spain is 25%, according to the latest estimates.

      7. Blue Bell

      Perhaps the world’s least-known ice cream brand, but not the least good. Blue Bell Creameries was born at the turn of the 20th century, in 1911 in the United States, on a farm that was originally intended to sell homemade butter.

      So good, it is currently the best-selling brand of ice cream in the whole American country, Surpassing all of its competition for its $ 400 million in its last fiscal year. Their specialty is cream and vanilla ice cream with about 250 combinations, in addition to sorbets and other yogurt ice creams.

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