What does Oorenji offer you to lead a healthy diet and achieve your goal?

For years, scientific evidence has shown the importance of diet, not only in the emergence of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, but also the impact it has on global health, both physical and emotional.

However, interest in nutrition and food has skyrocketed over the past decade. Fortunately, more and more people want to change their eating habits to improve their health.

Oorenji is an application that aims to help you empower yourself and help you follow a healthy diet, adapting to your requirements and needs at any time. Oorenji personalizes the diet plan according to your preferences and goals in just one minute thanks to an algorithm defined in detail by experts from different fields. Moreover, it has a very intuitive and easy to understand interface which makes browsing a simple and satisfying experience.

    What can you do with Oorenji? Feature Guide

    Oorenji is the ultimate app for learning to eat healthy and improve health.

    You have surely considered more than once to really start a diet or you have even managed to do it. However, at the end of the procedure, the new habits do not last and you return to your previous lifestyle.

    In this sense, digital technology makes it possible to develop new functions that support and facilitate the promotion of health among the population. Oorenji is based on artificial intelligence, and offers various functionalities related to food and nutrition, which will be detailed below.

    1. Find healthy recipes of all kinds

    In Oorenji you will find thousands of recipes with a wide variety of foods and ingredients for all tastes. They were created by dietitians-nutritionists and specially designed to be as simple as possible without sacrificing health.

    In addition, you can apply many search filters that will make it easier to find the recipe you like at any time: by main ingredient, food category, preparation time, macronutrient breakdown, etc. Each recipe is detailed with its macronutrient and fiber composition, as well as its energy value. It is also accompanied by the simple steps that must be followed to achieve it.

      2. Create personalized plans for each person and situation

      Oorenji lets you create and adjust personalized diets like never before. According to age, sex, physiological state, target, pathologies, allergies or intolerances, or preferences, Oorenji’s algorithm personalizes your diet in just a few clicks to best suit your needs and requirements.

      You can choose the number of weeks you want to follow the diet, as well as the number of times you want to repeat the dishes (which is very useful if you want to cook for a single day and organize the week). Once the diet has been generated, if a recipe or dish does not convince you, you can replace it with one of the same nutritional value.

      And of course, you can also choose the type of diet you want to follow. The free version includes the Mediterranean and ovolacto-vegetarian diet. But for just $ 2.99 / month, you can get Premium and have access to vegan, flexitarian, keto, and more.

        3. Generate a shopping list

        An interesting feature of Oorenji is that generates the shopping list from the diet you have created and customized according to your needs.

        This way you will have on your mobile the list of all the ingredients and foods that you need to buy to follow the diet perfectly. This makes it easier for you to organize the week so that there are no excuses when preparing the dishes marked for that particular day.

          4. Incorporate genetics into your diet

          Oorenji was created by experts in different fields, including personalized and precision nutrition. In this sense, nutrigenetics is a new branch of nutrition that he is studying how each person’s genetic variants modulate the response to different nutrients or eating habits, among other factors.

          Everyone knows someone who has been very successful with a specific strategy for weight loss, but someone else has not worked at all or even has the opposite result.

          The genetics of each influence our health, so it must also be taken into account when developing a food strategy.

          And the Oorenji application you can request the nutrigenetic test by purchasing the kit, which arrives comfortably at your home and in which come all the instructions to follow. Hundreds of nutritionally interesting genetic variants can be analyzed with a small sample of saliva.

          Once the lab has the results, you can check them for application, and your genetics will automatically be taken into account when planning diets. And not only that, but you will also receive unique information about exercise, lifestyle, learning, etc.

            5. Track your progress

            We are confident that you will achieve significant results using Oorenji and following the personalized diet. Therefore, one of the things that you can do with the app is to measure your progress in a very easy way.

            You will be able to note your weight, the% of fat (if you have any), the physical activity practiced, the number of hours of rest, your mood, etc. Tracking charts will be generated automatically to make it easier to visually track your progress.

            Additionally, the algorithm will then use this information to better tailor your diets and recommendations.

              6. Hire the services of expert nutritionists

              If everything we have mentioned above does not seem sufficient to you or you prefer a professional to intervene, with Oorenji you can also hire the services of a dietitian-nutritionist to guide you through the process.

              With the Premium method for the figure of € 24.99 / month, a new feature will be activated in your profile where a nutritionist will contact you via the chat to launch the process and adapt the nutritional strategy. In this way, the nutritionist will be responsible for personalizing the diet according to all the information received and to follow the evolution over time.

              Outraged, you will have direct communication with the professional for any doubts or concerns you may have regarding the eating plan.

              This service is currently in the final testing phase and should be available to the user soon.

              It’s getting easier and easier to change your diet and improve your health with tools like Oorenji. What are you waiting for to take care of yourself? You can download it for Android or iOS.

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