What is personalized nutrition?

We all have a cousin, friend or brother-in-law who claims to have the ultimate solution for you to lose those extra pounds with the guarantee that he or she has worked.

But does one type of diet really work for everyone? Are we also responding to the different changes we can make to our diet? As you may have guessed, the answer is no. Each person is a world, and as proof of this, personalized nutrition is booming more than ever.

And what is personalized nutrition?

Unlike public health, personalized nutrition individualizes the nutritional strategy to be followed according to the specific needs of each person and specific case. That is to say, he seeks to personalize the diet according to the objective to be achieved, the preferences and dietary habits of the individual, his profession and his lifestyle, possible pathological conditions, etc.

For example, a diet will vary between someone who dislikes vegetables, does not exercise regularly, and has two children to care for, and someone who works nights, has type 2 diabetes and enjoys cooking. .

What factors does personalized nutrition take into account?

Beyond the goal and specific nutritional needs of each individual, personalized nutrition takes into account other factors that shape our daily lives and therefore influence our ability to adhere to a diet. Some examples are:

  • Food intolerances or allergies to consider
  • The free time we have to devote ourselves to making the different recipes
  • Leisure, whether we like to exercise outdoors or party, for example
  • The emotional state at that particular time
  • Food tastes
  • The working environment, because we spend most of the week at work and therefore the nutritional strategy must be able to adapt to it.
  • Genetics, because each person has different genes that determine the response to different nutrients or food patterns. This science is called nutrigenetics.

Meyo and personalized nutrition

Personalized nutrition is an area of ​​nutrition that has gained particular relevance in recent years due to its importance in planning a successful nutrition strategy. Meyo knows this and, for that reason, aims to be the perfect tool to help you build and grow your final diet.. The algorithm developed allows, through simple questions, to personalize according to your age, your physiological state, your objective, your preferences, possible intolerances or allergies, the practice of physical exercise and nutrigenetics, among other factors.

In this way, Meyo will establish a diet plan with many desirable and easy recipes, fully tailored to your needs and genetics if you wish. You will always have it on hand on your mobile phone with just one click. In addition, thanks to its chatbot system, you will be able to interact with your virtual assistant and raise any doubts or concerns you may have regarding “ Personalized eating has never been easier!

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