Do entrepreneurs or professionals communicate well?

For the authentic development of man and of a society that respects and promotes the human person in all its dimensions, it is proposed to achieve two objectives: continuity and constant renewal.

On the one hand, it is constant because it remains identical in its underlying inspiration, in its fundamental orientations for action; and on the other hand it is new, since it is subject to the necessary adaptations by the variation of conditions and by the constant flow of events. So the same is expected of the company as a social institution.

    Another way to approach professional and personal development

    The notion of business development or personal development does not coincide with that which is limited to exclusively satisfying material desires, without paying attention to the permanent value of the spiritual and human development of all.

    Experience shows us that the permanent denial of individual and professional creativity causes a feeling of frustration can predispose HR to “psychological migration”; workers may not feel valued and engaged with the company they represent, at the end of the mission the company lives for.

    In search of an adequacy between the needs satisfied

    Negotiation is included in the “Business Anatomy” as an alternative or complementary treatment to achieve positive goals.

    For businesses to be healthy, development must be both economic and cultural, political and human, avoiding that the mechanisms to be used are so automatic that they make rigid the situations which require continuous adaptations of the changesand bearing in mind that these mechanisms must be subjected to an ethico-moral analysis, and we are talking here about social responsibility.

    A healthy business should be run and run by healthy people. There are also companies that can be self-centered and talk too much about it when presenting to a potential client, which could affect the closing of sales, because it makes it seem like the important thing is not the needs at hand. satisfy at that time. Is the company listening to the market to make any changes? Do we listen to customers? Do we practice active listening?

    Are we communicating well?

    Alexithymia is the neurological disorder that consists of the inability of the subject to identify his own emotions and therefore, the impossibility of giving them a verbal expression.

    When each person, each company understands what their mission is, the balance of power ceases to exist, everyone understands that they have their place and that they are essential to its operation as a whole.

    The business climate it affects the proper functioning of workers, in the same way that the atmospheric climate affects human beings emotionally and psychobiologically, and even at the level of health when there are climate-induced disasters. The business climate is improved with good internal communication, a clear vision of the functions of the service, leadership, motivation and training adapted to each case.

    Respect is a personal and professional value at the level of Internal Human Resources, and at the social level in the interrelation with other companies in the same sector or in a different sector that must coexist in the market, and also taking into account the environment.

    The development process also needs a service of solidarity; everyone is called to take their place, and above all you need Confidence, Balance and Illusion. All this to humanize the company.

    He Medisofia methodhelps to improve the anatomy of the company, focusing on human and institutional improvements, and developing skills and values ​​through the use of personalized advice, elite training and psychotherapies adapted to each person (sophrology, social psychology, psycho-oncology, neuropsychology, NLP, speech therapy, social and managerial skills, etc.).

    One of the most beneficial personal abilities in our relationships is Assurance. In the same way, the assertive company or the assertive professional, positions itself in a healthy way on the market. If assertive behavior facilitates the flow of information in work groups, we avoid “corporate cholesterol”.

    From our birth, people are social beings and we realize the action of others. So the company is also a social institution. Human beings feel they belong to this group, and it is the groups and not isolated individuals that constitute the functional units in the struggle for existence. And all these groups form society. The culture and the personality of the companies are integrated on the guidelines of behavior of the human resource.

    In relation to biological rhythms, there are also circadian rhythms in the company (wake-sleep) in terms of working time, working days are equivalent to waking and opening, action availability, etc. And circanal rhythms (over a year) are associated with better trading times depending on the sector, summer rest periods, etc.

    My interest in making a commercial comparison with the human body is the invitation to awareness of the corporeity of beingand the importance of each organ or cell both at the human anatomical level and at the business and human resources level.

    We are all important and needed in the world! As people and as institutions at the service of their “sacred contract”, which is their Mission. It’s the anatomy of business and the importance of good communication; many human anatomy, merging their activities and interacting with society, with other companies or professionals.

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