How to be an influencer: 9 tips to reach people and get followers

The media have evolved and with them also the means of becoming famous. While singers, actresses and TV celebrities continue to be quite admired personalities, a new type of celebrity has emerged in recent years: influencers.

Influencers can be anything, but they all share the trait of being content creators. Drawings, music, film reviews, exercise routines … there are many types of content in the form of photos and videos which, by their originality or because they offered something of very good quality, have them. propelled to stardom.

Being an influencer is not easy, but not impossible. Several aspects must be taken into account to make our Youtube channel or our Instagram account influential. Then we will learn to be an influencer.

    How to be an influencer: a challenge for thousands of people

    With the rise of social media and large content publishing platforms, more and more people want to be influencers. Influencers are defined as people who contribute content on a particular topic, whether it is photos or videos, original, of good quality or who have just been successful and serve as a reference for many people. . As these people have many followers, companies and brands see them as a very effective platform to promote their products.

    Today influencers are admired people, on a par with singers, actors and other celebrities. For this reason, there are many who enter the world of social media, be it Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, posting all kinds of content and waiting to see if they get some notoriety. The problem is, they don’t know how complex, competitive and selective this world is, with which most end up failing in their attempt to become influencers.

    Not everyone has influence wood or knows what to do. There are many aspects to consider when posting content that does or does not impact the posts, photos and videos that we publish, and of course, if we don’t make a lot of people see and interact with it. that we put online, we cannot earn ourselves the title of influencers. Whatever influence we create for ourselves, if no one follows us, we are no one.

    If the content we put online is not original and is not competitive, we will stand out among the many users who are trying to be successful. in this community. Below we will see some tips for creating the content that we post, in the form of photos or videos on any of the social networks we can think of.

      Tips for being an influencer and managing digital identity

      Let’s look at some tips on how to become influencers or at least make our content stand out and deliver not only a lot of “likes” but also a quality and relevant audience given the type of content we generate.

      1. Set a goal

      Before we start posting content, we first need to ask what we want to post. Everything is not worth it, because an account that posts very diverse and non-specialized content tends to go unnoticed. You have to set a goal by opening an account on the social network, choosing the subject and the type of audience you want to capture.

      It is essential to be clear on what we want to hang. Whether it’s recipes, exercise routines, drawings that we have made … all are specific content that must be linked to the name of the account or, at least, its biography.

      We also need to set a goal of posting content with a certain frequency.. Ideally, the publication frequency should be between 3 and 4 days minimum.

      2. Talk about the subject we master

      People have many skills, but in some we are better and in others worse. We need to know what our strengths are and where we are good at and start there. We can only be influencers if the content we put online is of quality and shows that we have mastered it. In doing so, our followers and brands that can advertise us will be interested in us.

      Whether it is a specific training (for example, nutrition, medicine, psychology …) or a hobby (for example, sport, music, art …) our content must show that we know what we are talking about or what we are doingThis will allow us to compete with other accounts that offer the same type of content but not as thoroughly as ours. Of course, we have to try to have some originality, something special that makes our content a little different, something new.

      3. Avoid diversification

      Closely linked to the previous point, we must avoid diversification, that is to say talking about anything. It is true that there are many influencers who have channels and sub accounts where they talk about content that is little or not related to their main account, however, don’t forget that these people became famous for the specific content they offered in their first account. When they saw that they were already successful enough, they dared to open more accounts.

      We can’t do that, at least for now. First we have to expect that the first account we opened will have some kind of repercussion. Otherwise, we should consider changing the content type of the main account, not opening a new one. In the event that we get lucky and become famous with the first account, we can consider opening a new one with a different theme, but understanding that it’s still a risky action.

      4. Be original

      As we mentioned, many people try to be influencers and it always happens that there are thousands of accounts that specialize in the same subject. Each of these accounts really struggles to deliver 100% original content because there is so much competition and so much content on offer that it’s very rare to come up with something drastically different from what others are offering.

      We can see another author’s content and prompt us to post something. For example, if we have a drawing account, we may see art from another account and want to draw a drawing of it but with our style. It’s fine as long as we give original source credit, In addition to asking the author’s permission and thanking him for allowing us to do so.

      What we should never do is copy ourselves from influencers, or grab content that has gone viral and post to our account while waiting for a distraught user to end up in our account believing that we are the original source. Copying is not just an ethical mistake and social media users will see us as a non-original and honest account. In addition, all social networks have algorithms that detect SPAM, which results in our account being closed for violating community rules.

      5. Take care of the photos and videos we post

      It seems obvious that in order to be a good influencer you need to take care of the photos and videos we post, but the truth is, many don’t. The quality of the multimedia content of our site must be taken into accountAs they often become the cover letter for new followers and this is also what our most loyal “followers” are looking for. Poor image quality is synonymous with vague content creator.

      Whatever type of photo or video we upload, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s sharp, with the right composition, and with the right light. If necessary, we will have to go through a filter, a feature that all smart phones have in your camera. Given the excellent facilities that smartphones offer us, Nowadays, making quality videos and photos is not at all complicated.

      6. Add and take care of the text

      It is strongly recommended that publications be accompanied by a text. Text should be short, to the point and to the point.. If we embrace the extension, what can happen is that we waste a lot of time paying attention to a text that no one will read because when they use social media people don’t want to read – they are “textacos”, but they look at the images and the relaxation.

      In addition to being short, the text should be well written, without spelling mistakes and using an appropriate register depending on the type of content we are posting. Message and text must be of the same quality levelBecause if the written part is not pleasant to read, it can give the impression that the publisher is leftist, vague and ignorant.

      7. Have quality followers

      A lot of people think that in order to be successful you need to have a lot of followers. This is true, but only in part. The most important thing is to have quality content that served to attract these followers, and not the other way around. However, many prefer to go to platforms that offer paid subscribers who are nothing more than bots, fake profiles that do not interact with the content and are very likely to be removed by the page’s algorithms.

      Buying subscribers is not recommended at all. First, because it is about spending money on something totally unnecessary. Second, because an account that has followers that is clearly junk makes it look uninteresting, even a little bit illegal. And third, because we are going to lower the quality of our content, which will make our account uncompetitive and we will have very few influencers.

      We are interested in having quality subscribers, real people who interact with our postsThey provide content, reviews and suggestions, as well as sharing our posts. These are the people who in real life will talk about our account, recommend it to their friends, and by word of mouth make our page grow.

        8. Be honest with the advertising.

        Influencers with more followers are coveted by brands, and that’s not a bad thing, on the contrary. Television and newspapers began to lose strength, being replaced by content creators, so it only makes sense that companies were interested in convincing influencers to promote their products in exchange for freebies and payments.

        The world is like that, and no influencer should feel bad about “being bought”. Who hasn’t wanted to earn money in exchange for what they love? Yes, it is true that there will be followers who take a dim view of your YouTuber, Streamer or Blogger promoting a product or service, but what they really do is their work.

        However, if we want our followers to stay by our side, we need to be honest with the advertising. If we have to talk about a brand, we have to do it explicitly, making it clear that we are promoting their product or service. Doing it in a more “subliminal” way can make our followers believe that we are trying to cheat and feel bad and, of course, that they will start to stop following us; or it may even have legal consequences.

        9. Use hashtags, tags and geolocation

        Whenever we post a video or photo, we have to use hashtags, tags and indicate where this image was posted or made (geolocation). These three aspects they are something that characterizes the world of influencers a lot and, in fact, these are the elements that can give us more visibility, Make sure that people who do not follow us but who are close or interested in the subject we are talking about start to follow us.

        With hashtags and tags, our content becomes easier to find when you use the social media search engine. These hashtags and tags are keywords that when clicked will take us to all public posts on the social network that talk about the topic in question. Geolocation is for those who are looking for images taken in a specific location to get our own and if you are interested click on our content.

        Likewise, we should not overuse hashtags and tags. Just like we commented that a long piece of text no one reads, putting too many tags can make our content appear heavy and overloaded. It’s best to put at most 10 hashtags, all directly related to the content of the photo or video we posted and where and when it was taken.

        We must not put words that are not related to what we have posted. This is bad enough, because users may interpret it as a “clickbait”, meaning using a word or a thumbnail in a video that has nothing to do with what is actually being posted, this which makes anyone who clicked on that content will feel cheated. No one is following an account that made them feel bad.

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