How to prevent stress at work in a company: 6 effective strategies

Stress is an increasingly common condition in society, especially in large cities. It is an alteration of the body, where we are overwhelmed by the demands of the environment. When this is due to work, we talk about stress at work.

In this article, we will learn more about this disorder and talk about ways to prevent stress at work in companies.. To do this, we will offer you 6 proposals that companies can apply to prevent stress in their workers.

Stress and stress at work: what are they?

Stress is a psychophysiological state of the body, which arises when the demands of the environment exceed the resources at our disposal. The term “anxiety” is sometimes used to refer to how we feel in very stressful times.

Stress can appear in different areas of life, be it personal, social, professional … When it manifests itself in the work environment (that is to say when it appears as a result of work), we talk about “stress at work”. We know that up to 59% of Spanish workers suffer from stress at work, Which has a negative impact on a person’s health, but also on their productivity, quality of life, etc.

Stress at work is due to multiple factors: many hours of work, high demands on the part of the company, few hours of sleep, a self-demanding personality, not achieving goals, accumulated fatigue , etc.

When this stress is very high and appears alongside other symptoms, we speak of “burnout” or “burnout syndrome”. In fact, this syndrome has been recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an official syndrome.

Its characteristic symptom is professional wear and tear, which results in physical and emotional wear and tear. But we are talking about more extreme cases than just stress at work; it is therefore important to prevent the latter, to prevent it from leading to burnout syndrome.

How to prevent stress at work in a company

But, How to prevent stress at work in a company? Is it possible?

In this article, we will offer you some suggestions to prevent it, aimed at being implemented by the companies themselves.

1. Sports promotion campaigns

The first proposal we come up with on how to prevent stress at work in companies, and it may be a good idea is that companies offer their employees campaigns or programs to promote sport to their employees. These may consist of planning certain sporting activities throughout the year (for example, once a week). Activities can be: yoga, cycling, basketball, soccer … There are a variety of sports to choose from.

These activities should ideally be in groups and involve as many workers as possible. From them, it will be expected that workers acquire healthy lifestyles through sport; in turn, sport is a good tool for preventing and combating stress at work, as it helps release tension and secrete endorphins.

In addition, these activities can also be a good option to strengthen the bonds between workers, strengthen social relations and promote a good working climate.

2. Daily fruits in the office

This second proposal, also linked to the previous one, offers us another perspective on how to prevent stress at work in companies. It aims, like the previous one, to promote healthy habits among workers. So, food is another key element in achieving this lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyles help prevent stress at work, whether inside or outside of work. In addition, we know that food greatly influences mood and energy. The initiative to provide free fruit to workers, although it may seem like a small gesture, can encourage other healthy behaviors in them.

3. Mindfulness sessions

Mindfulness is, in turn, a philosophy of life, a healthy practice, and a type of therapy. It consists of the practice of meditation, a state which is achieved through concentration; meditation allows you to “leave the mind empty” and achieve a feeling of peace and fullness, through breathing and relaxation exercises. Thus, mindfulness is a very good tool to avoid stress.

The idea of ​​offering a mindfulness program within companies can also be a good option to prevent stress at work in a company. This program can consist of a weekly mindfulness session in an activated space inside or outside the company. (In an open space). These details will depend on individual preferences and resource availability.

4. Massage sessions

This proposal, like some of the previous ones, is already being implemented by many companies, as it is considered innovative and healthy. Through, a service of masseurs and / or physiotherapists is hired who come to the same office to give a short massage to the workers (For example, between 15 minutes and 30 minutes). These sessions can be spaced out (for example once a week, once a month …), always depending on each company.

The type of massage is usually on the neck and head, but can cover other areas as well (although in the office most of the neck and head are possible). These massages can produce a state of relaxation in the worker, even if it is short-lived. Feeling good and comfortable in the office helps prevent emerging feelings of stress or anxiety. In addition, this practice would allow you to “break” from the routine even for a short time.

5. Training in relaxation techniques

Another proposal we are making on how to prevent stress at work in companies concerns relaxation techniques. Companies can schedule trainings for workers that explain different relaxation techniques; ideally, these can be applied inside the office, at a time of wear and tear and stress, or just occasionally.

There are exercises that can be done in the same office chair, Or elsewhere depending on the type of work; these can be breathing and / or meditation exercises. They can last a few minutes and apply when needed. In addition, they will allow you to maintain an adequate pace of work, productive, but at the same time relaxed.

6. Ergonomics training

The last proposal we offer on how to prevent stress at work in a company is ergonomics training, A discipline within occupational risks. While occupational risk training is compulsory for workers in all companies, it is sometimes not sufficiently taken into account.

In addition, it is a good option to teach special sessions in ergonomics, this particular discipline, which teaches us how to sit correctly to avoid injuries or contractures, how to work, what temperature is appropriate in the office, what conditions environmental factors are the most appropriate, etc.

Good working conditions, at the environmental level, as well as a correct knowledge of the way of working, will allow the worker to be at ease (avoiding stress at work), at ease, uninjured and very productive .

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