How to write an email to apply for a job: 7 keys

When writing an email to apply for a job, it is important to pay attention to every detail. After all, personnel selection professionals rarely read this type of text in its entirety; it only happens with those you find interesting from the start. Although he has an excellent training and employment career, it won’t help much if the text of the email sent is not convincing and has a chaotic structure.

And it is that in an environment as competitive as the job market, it is important to bring together as many ingredients as possible so that we can achieve our objectives. University degrees and years of experience are of little use if we cannot communicate them properly, which is why knowing how to have a first impact on personnel selectors is so important. Below we will see some tips on how to write an email to apply for a job, The structure it should have and the type of content it should cover.

    The difference between the application email and the cover letter

    If we know the difference between a cover letter and the text of the email that contains the first, we already have a lot to gain.

    In short, the text of the e-mail, which is not written in an attached document but in the “body” of the EnamThe mission is to convey the main idea of ​​who we are and what we want, while the cover letter and resume add a lot more information and add nuance to the data provided (although each of these texts brings to his style and different purposes).

    So a written email to apply for a job, although it is short and simple, it must meet a number of requirements very well to prevent us from going through the first stage of selection.

      Writing an email to apply for a job: some tips

      To increase your chances of getting the job you want, follow these steps when writing your application email.

      1. Use a professional email address

      It might sound silly, but it isn’t. Delete using email addresses that seem casual and, if you don’t already have one, create an email service account that looks professional.

      2. Read the job description carefully

      In case you compose the email from the vacancy notice in a company or organization, pay attention to the requirements that must be fulfilled by the candidates and the description of the activities to be carried out in this working environment .

      Once you’ve done that, see how they combine these requirements with your characteristics and select one or two sections in which you stand out that have to do with what is requested. This will help you know what information about you will interest you in your text.

        3. Learn more about the organizing organization

        To enrich the content of your application email, research the organization to which you will send the email a little more. This will allow you give a personalized touch to the request and at the same time conveying the idea that you have a sufficiently proactive disposition to be interested in knowing more about this company and to imagine if you are interested here.

        4. Structure your text

        Create a script with the main ideas that will form the backbone of your application email, placing a description line for each. These main ideas should be, in this order: who you are, where you read the offer (and what it is), what you can offer, what is your availability and the indication that you are adding a cover letter and CV as attachments to an email.

        5. Develop the text

        From the diagram above, expand each of the parts, connect them to each other to make them read smoothly, and review possible errors and omissions of useful information about who you are and what you do. . The text must be written in normal capitals (Written only after a period, for proper nouns, for heading paragraphs, etc.).

        Keep in mind that each of these parts that make up the text should be clear and concise, without digressions that drift towards subjects that have nothing to do with the petition. In addition, they must follow an inverted pyramid scheme: the main and most important information at the beginning, and the least relevant at the end.

        However, keep in mind that these types of texts should be short, a maximum of 200 wordsSince this is the first contact with personnel selectors and other people on the HR team, and you can’t demand time and attention when reading an application, they don’t know not at first if they will be interested.

        6. Complete the text of the e-mail with the formal details

        Finally, he understands some important “finishing touches” typical of these types of emails.

        Find out who is the person who receives this type of email or who selects staff, and address them by name in the presentation that will be at the top of the text. If you do not know the name, use a generic greeting from those used in the professional field.

        Also consider these recommendations:

        • It includes a farewell, also using those used in the professional context.
        • Signature with your full name, Including surnames.
        • As the title of the email in the “Subject” box, enter the position you are applying for or the name of the position you have read, along with your name.

        7. Check all errors

        Now that everything seems to be done, take one last look to see it all. like that you will be able to detect possible repetitions, click errors and misspellings.

        The importance of a good CV

        Creating the text of the email to apply for a job is the first step, but it’s not enough to get to the job you want. The next thing you need to do is write a good CV and a convincing cover letter.

        To find out how to do this, you can read: “The 10 tips to improve your CV

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