Mobbing: psychological harassment at work

the “intimidation“The file professional psychological harassment is a situation that occurs at work, in which one or more individuals systematically and repeatedly (at least once a week) exert psychological violence on one or more individuals, for an extended period (in at least 6 months).

This destroys the communication networks and the reputation of the victim and disrupts the performance of his duties and the demotivation of his job.

Mobbing: psychological harassment at work

Actors of bullying can be colleagues, superiors or subordinates, and this behavior can affect workers in any type of organization, even small and medium-sized enterprises.

The characteristics of mobbing

The methodology used by the actors in charge of company mobbing can be varied. For example, spreading rumors to encourage marginalization of the victim (Even outside of work) and to make life difficult within the organization; or intimidation and humiliation in front of other employees. Whatever behavior is adopted, it results in psychological and emotional harm for the victim.

Victims are typically the most creative, ethical, and capable people in the workplace. These people suffer from bullying because the bully may see them as a threat to their own position within the company. Supervisors can also be victims of psychological harassment. In these cases, the subordinates act together to undermine it. Women, young workers and those with a longer lifespan are at high risk of bullying. Bullying is on the rise in sectors such as services, health and education.

The psychological impact on victims of harassment

Bullying can have a devastating effect on the morale and performance of victims and cause intense discomfort. Below are the consequences of moral harassment for those who suffer from it:

  • Deterioration in self-esteem and self-confidence, both personally and professionally

  • Feelings of guilt
  • insomnia

  • hypervigilance
  • tired
  • Personality changes
  • Difficulty concentrating irritability
  • depression

  • anxiety

  • Recurring memories and dreams of traumatic events
  • Feeling of reliving the traumatic experience, hallucinations, flashbacks …
  • Intense discomfort when starting a new job
  • Reduced interest in daily, social, or leisure activities
  • Feeling of disaffection with others and restriction of emotions and emotional life
  • pessimism
  • Feelings of failure and frustration

Physical impact on victims of workplace harassment

Moral harassment does not include collective physical harassment of the victim worker. Instead, he focuses on disrupting his inner life. But the emotional toll is so great that it can have physical consequences as it can cause stress, And thus their physical symptoms. For example, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, etc.

What to do in case of mobbing?

In case of mobbing it is imperative to act as quickly as possibleAs the psychological damage can be increased over time. Since bullying is a phenomenon that takes place within the company, it is important to report it if the bully continues to insist on causing harm. In the event of moral harassment, it is necessary not only to have legal but also psychological support.

First of all, you must communicate to the occupational risk prevention service or the superior so that he is aware of the case. If you are being bullied, this should be your first step.

Due to the complexity of these facts, support can be requested from trade unions, the company health and safety committee, and the situation can be reported to the labor inspectorate before the case is legalized.

Once these avenues have been exhausted, and if moral harassment still exists, then it will be necessary to report. It is important to be clear that it is difficult to gather evidence for different reasons (there is no physical evidence, there is no written evidence or peers do not commit for fear of retaliation) , but the harassment report is proven by means authorized by law, be it confessions, documents, witnesses, experts, etc. Therefore, it will be necessary to collect documents, medical reports and search for witnesses.

Psychological support in the event of moral harassment

Due to the psychological and emotional damage suffered by the victim, on many occasions you have to go to a psychologist to regain well-being. Not all professionals are accredited to carry out this problem, since it is necessary to go to a professional who specializes in psychological and occupational health problems (not a doctor). In other words, the symptoms should not be treated on their own (such as acting on anxiety or depression), but the phenomenon should be understood in its entirety.

It is common for misdiagnoses to occur in such cases and for incorrect treatment strategies to end up being used (for example, only treating stress or anxiety with medication). This usually happens when you go to the general practitioner instead of an expert psychologist. Unfortunately, this is more common than people realize.

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