New course for the Master in Talent Selection and Management (UMA)

The core of organizational psychology is the processes of personnel selection and talent management. And no wonder: the human factor is fundamental for any business, its heart. Without the right workers, the number of available material resources is useless: the projects will not be viable.

The Master in Selection and Talent Management at the University of Malaga (UMA) focuses on these two pillars of people management in order to train professionals adapted to the real work context.

The new course, which opens on October 23 at 5.30 p.m. in the diploma room of the Faculty of Psychology, It also incorporates a novelty: the profile of enriched talents and the use of new technologies, such as Machine Learning, Big Data or Blockchain-based methodologies.

What is the Master of Talent Selection and Management?

Those who wish to specialize in human resources and work and organizational psychology have an interesting option in the Master of Talent Selection and Management at the University of Malaga. this third cycle allows you to become professional in everything related to building and managing teams in the business context.

This is achieved by combining two basic aspects of team building. On the one hand, there is the selection of personnel, adapting to the needs of the company, the capacities of the candidates and the motivations of the latter. On the other hand, the creation of working contexts in which the well-being and inclusion of workers is stimulated, and which allow them to more easily develop their talents and to choose the company of which they are part as a place of sustainability. grow professionally and personally.

Thus, the Master of Talent Selection and Management is designed by train in both the bridging process and the dynamics of adaptation and renewal of the organizational context so that those who contribute to the company choose to be part of it.

Thus, in his teaching plan we find subjects such as the dynamics of leadership promotion, the use of different staff selection interviews and other selection tools such as the assessment center, conflict management. , creating internal communication plans, using different types of incentives, and many more.

Its teaching staff is made up of professionals with well-established careers. and who work in companies as important as Leroy Merlin or El Corte Inglés: human resources directors, CEOs, training managers, lawyers, etc., as well as with the best professors in the university field.

What’s new this year

The development of new technologies has made it possible to develop useful tools both in the assessment and selection of workers and in training and personal development initiatives.

Beyond offering techniques, strategies and tools to capture and develop talents and continue to work in a work team, the flexibility of new digital environments makes it possible to create methods to adapt to very specific objectives adapted to every business, whether it’s exploring huge amounts of data using Big Data, using Machine Learning to create programs tailored to the motivations and goals of the worker, etc.

For this reason, the Masters in Talent Selection and Management at UMA introduces this new field of work into the educational plan. The head of this newly created module is Alejandro González, founder and CEO of Taalentffy.

A great option to enter the labor market

The training in people management that we find in this Master gives us the opportunity to be part of companies with very varied profiles, all of which need a constant flow of experts in the field.

In the case of the Master in Selection and Talent Management at the University of Malaga, going through this professionalization program brings the added value of teaching methods and techniques to retain talents and take advantage of new technologies in the process. ., Which is often overlooked despite its positive impact on employee well-being and cost reduction in the company.

The Master faces its fifth edition with a placement rate of over 70%. In addition to a very strong commitment to quality and long-term internships (100% of students in the fourth promotion succeeded in doing paid internships).

None of this has gone unnoticed by the candidates of this new edition, who have tripled the number of places available. As its director Margarita Bravo, Full Professor at the University of Malaga, says, “Masters students go to companies to learn, but Masters students in talent selection and management contribute to the company from day one. you notice that they are different ”.

You can find more information about this master by clicking here.

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