The 10 best apps to increase your productivity

In a demanding work environment like today, more and more mobile apps or other devices aimed at improving performance are emerging and performance in daily work.

There are many services that these offer us, namely improving productivity, both personal and professional, one of the advantages in which application developers all over the world work the most.

    Top 10 Apps to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

    So, check out the selection that we present to you below if you are interested in knowing the best apps we can use to increase our productivity in any task or project in which we are engaged.

    May 1

    Meyo is a personal assistant who will allow us to improve ourselves in all aspects of our life., Both emotionally and personally and in our performance at work. That is why it is one of the best applications that we can find today to increase our level of productivity.

    This tool is a real revolution in applications for the promotion of physical and psychological health, as it offers advice and assistance for all areas in which we want to improve, in a completely individualized way and through all kinds of interactive content.

    Some of the highlights are guided exercise programs, exciting challenges, videos, tips, fun games and even a personal chat with which we can share our needs for a more personalized service tailored to our demands.

    Thus, the main advantages that Meyo offers us and with which we can increase our productivity are: the various mental trainings to improve our concentration or our memory as well as other capacities; orientation towards healthy eating and exercise habits, as well as overcoming negative habits; meditation sessions to overcome anxiety or stress problems and also professional guides to improve our social skills in the personal and professional environment.

    The Meyo app, developed by a young start-up from Barcelona, ​​is now available for download on Android and iOS, and more and more people are taking advantage of its content and personalized assistance, with which they can improve all types. of domains.

    2. Todoist

    Todoist is the ultimate app for solving outstanding issues, Make to-do lists and organize group work as well. This tool is one of the most reliable of users, both for its intuitive operation and its simplicity.

    Discover the benefits of todoist, which is undoubtedly one of the leading applications in the field of pending tasks, with millions of downloads around the world supporting it.

    3. Slack

    Slack is an application that will help us organize teamwork in the best possible way., Optimizing our personal characteristics and those of our colleagues to obtain the best result in the final work.

    This platform allows you to create working groups of several people, as well as to open private conversations between members of the same, being another of its main features the possibility of synchronizing the files of the application with our apparatus.

    4. Trello

    With the Trello app, we can also optimize our performance and increase our productivity. when performing teamwork. The main characteristic of this tool is its high level of interactivity between the members of the group, to the point that any member can consult the work of the others.

    Without a doubt, we are faced with one of the best applications designed to improve the performance of group tasks, both for its simplicity and for its flexibility and accessibility.

    5. Discussion list

    Focuslist is the application available for iOS, iPhone and iPad, This will allow us to organize our activities and our daily management at intervals of 30 minutes each (25 work and 5 rest).

    This method has been found to be useful and beneficial in improving our productivity, and this tool also allows us to subsequently assess our performance with the records provided by the system itself on our daily performance.

    6. Hours tracking

    Hour Tracker is the ultimate app for counting the time we spend on our tasks or work.. This tool can be very useful for us to organize our time and improve our productivity in all our tasks, whether in the personal or professional environment.

    Hour tracker is also available for iOS and is one of the most downloaded, both for its simplicity and the variety of ways to count hours worked.

    7. Forest

    Sometimes it may not be easy to focus for a few hours without looking at your cell phone continuously. The Forest app is one of the best options we have to improve our performance and leave the mobile behind during working hours.

    This new application is the simple premise that the longer we are without consulting the mobile phone, using the time targets we set for ourselves at the beginning, the more our tree or our virtual trees will grow, depending on the time reached.

    8. Zapier

    Zapier is a tool that allows you to integrate several different applications, such as gmail and Slack. This application will allow us to work faster and more efficiently, as well as improve our productivity.

    Zapier is definitely an app that we need to keep in mind for our future projects, especially if we are working with a lot of different apps.

    9. Toggl

    Toogl is an application that will also allow us to count the time we spend on each of our jobs. This tool is compatible for any device, so we will have a permanent track of the hours we spend on each task.

    Toggl therefore also offers time and productivity reports so that we can assess our performance later.

    10. Cloudcal

    Cloudcal is the application that allows us to integrate the calendars of all our applications into one, To have an overview and optimized.

    This app is available for Android and is definitely one of the best tools for people who use many different calendars.

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