The 10 Best HR Apps

Good human resource management is a task that can sometimes be difficult for some companies to manage, and this is precisely why over time more and more companies of all sizes are making the decision to outsource their human resources department. humans or at least a part of it.

Following this line, you will find below a selection of the best applications for the Human Resources sector whom you can currently contact.

    The most popular Human Resources applications

    We hope that if your company is looking for a service provider of this type today, in the next selection you will have the opportunity to discover the professionals most suited to your particular case.


    Mindgram is a virtual platform oriented to the Human Resources sector, which offers its services to a wide variety of companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its main added value is that it allows organizations to offer psychological assistance to their employees, since through their application you can carry out psychotherapy sessions with accredited psychologists. In addition, it also includes the possibility of having consultations with a psychologist by chat, at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

    Additionally, Mindgram provides workers with access to a variety of workshops and courses designed to improve our emotional and mental health, psychology podcasts, mindfulness and meditation materials, and more.

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    Thanks to the professionals of The person we will be able to effectively outsource our entire current human resources department, a fact that in practice can be very useful to us by allowing us to considerably speed up a management that otherwise would take up a large part of the time of our employees.

    Among the services offered by these professionals are the development of new selection processes, the production of a company organization chart to our measure or the digitalization of all our business management (accounting, recruitment, etc.).

      3. Talent Time

      The App specialized in Human Resources talent time This can help us a lot if we want to be able to organize our human resources in a much simpler and more organic way, a feat that these professionals have achieved thanks in particular to the fact that this application has menus that are really very intuitive as well as easy to use.

      We should use this application if we want to be able to carry out personnel selection processes in a much faster and more efficient way, if we have doubts regarding the new law on gender equality or if we would like to be able to carry out some kind of d workshop in our company that promotes equality between our workers.

      4. Factorial

      Factorial is an application focused on the human resources sector developed in the Latin American nation of Mexico, thanks to which we will be able to have in the palm of our hand all the management related to the correct control of our group of employees.

      Through this application we can modify the hours of our employees, control their hiring, carry out a new selection process and even, we can also send company announcements or discuss with our employees the vacation period that corresponds to each of them.

      5. Sesame

      Via the online platform Sesame we can have a much more precise control over all the aspects related to the field of human resources that our company currently has, a fact that will be possible thanks to the very intuitive organization that this application will provide us and to the many services that the qualified professionals sesame will provide us.

      This application will allow us to easily carry out certain procedures that are sometimes quite cumbersome for any employer, such as sending payroll, drafting internal communications or even checking our employees’ schedules.

        6. Niikiis

        Software specialized in human resources management Niikiis it can save our company up to 30% in operating expenses, which, as we can imagine, would never be possible without outsourcing the activity of our human resources department.

        This application has some tools that can certainly be very interesting for us, such as the geolocation of our employees, the development of new selection processes or even an effective redistribution of working hours.

        7. Bizneo

        The human resources app Bizneo This will give us the possibility of managing our work group in a much more efficient and intuitive way, a factor thanks to which we will be able to see how the productivity of our company manages to achieve certain objectives that previously seemed simply irrelevant. our reach.

        Bizneo is a platform that works internationally, it will allow us to both send and receive documents and on the other hand, it is also important to note that all the information we share through it will always be end-to-end encrypted.

        8. Kenya

        Using the app Kenya We can greatly simplify all aspects related to the human resources sector that our company currently has, a service that can certainly be very useful to us, regardless of the number of employees that we have today under our orders.

        The Kenjo application can be very interesting for us if we want to be able to have digitized all those contracts that we execute over time, we have difficulty making schedules or if we would like to be able to create from scratch a new graphic internal organization that helps us increase the productivity of our current business once and for all.

        9. Deel

        deel is one of the most used human resources platforms today, a fact that is based on the certainty that some internationally renowned companies such as Shopify, LG or Dropbox, have the services of these professionals to manage your specific area of ​​​​resources human.

        Where these specialists stand out the most is in carrying out new selection processes, paying salaries internationally or in providing appropriate legal advice for all their clients.

        10. Tugesto

        Tugesto is an application dedicated exclusively to the specific area of ​​Human Resources, thanks to which we can significantly speed up some of the internal processes that our Human Resources area currently has to perform.

        The Tugesto application will be very useful if, for example, we have difficulties when we have to make a large number of payrolls, we want to control the schedule of our workers much more efficiently or if we would like to be able to locate the future of experienced skilled workers in our particular field of action.

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