The 10 Best Masters in Human Resources

Human resources departments of companies they are becoming more and more important and, in recent times, many organizations have realized the importance of capitalizing on human capital in the field of work.

This is why professions related to human resources are booming, and there is a strong demand for experts with training and experience in this specialty.

    Best Masters in Human Resources

    A professional in this field can work in different areas of the company: personnel selection, training, remuneration and social benefits, personnel administration, prevention of occupational risks … and can be part of the human resources department of a company. business or work for a consulting firm.

    In Spain there are different postgraduate degrees that allow you to gain both practical and theoretical experience to be able to work in the world of human resources with the maximum guarantees. Below you can find a list with the best Masters in this space that are offered in Spain.

      1. Possess a master’s degree in talent selection and management (UMA)

      • Center: University of Malaga
      • Location: Malaga
      • Duration: 1 lesson
      • Price: 3750 €

      The Master in Selection and Talent Management at the University of Malaga is a very good way to specialize in the fundamental processes of human resources: recruit the right people and retain and develop talent to generate products and services with fair added value.

      It has two aspects: one of specialization in personnel selection and another of training, personal development and organizational development. The two training programs are combined in this Master, although they can also be followed separately (at the end you get an expert diploma).

      This comprehensive Master teaches everything from the psychological aspects of talent management to more technical practices such as working with payroll and hiring. basic to develop fluently in the organizational context, Through the use of emotional intelligence training resources, team diagnostic tools and of course the use of different types of job interviews, among others.

      On the other hand, this master is associated with an internship period during which the knowledge acquired will be put into practice.

      • To see more information about this master, click here.

      2. Erasmus Mundus Interuniversity Master in Work, Organizational and Human Resources Psychology (WOP-P)

      • Center: Miscellaneous
      • Location: several
      • Duration: 2 lessons
      • Price: 5200 €

      the Master in Work, Organizational and Human Resources Psychology (WOP-P) is one of the best in the field of human resources and organizational psychology, and is an official postgraduate degree, which has a reasonable cost.

      It has been taught at various universities since is part of the Erasmus Mundus program (European Union). They are: University of Valencia, University of Barcelona, ​​Università di Bologna (Italy), Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), René Descartes Paris V University (France), University of Guelph (Canada) and Universidade de Brasília (Brazil) .

      In addition to the university in which the student is to study, it is compulsory for him / her to complete one semester in another of the institutional options available. This allows students to discover other working methods, other cultures and the participant benefits from this great experience. It is a master’s degree that has the highest level of excellence and recognition from various international organizations. It has an extension of 120 credits and the courses are taught in English.

      3. Master in People Management in Organizations

      • Center: University of Navarre
      • Location: Navarra
      • Duration: 1 lesson
      • Price: 17856 €

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      Human capital is one of the most important factors in a business and determines its success, so it is important that organizations have professionals trained in people management. If these fail, the organization will have positive results.

      This Master aims to train and train professionals in this field, and unlike other similar postgraduate studies, it takes into account strategic management and offers its students a specific business module and an innovation module. Its price is high, but the quality is maximum. To encourage learning, participants in this training also travel to IESE Business School in Barcelona to deepen their knowledge in the area of ​​“management skills”.

        4. Master’s degree in work psychology, organizations and human resources management

        • Center: Complutense University of Madrid
        • Location: Madrid
        • Duration: 2 lessons
        • Price: 3200 € (approximately)

        Psychologists who wish to study a master’s degree in quality HR they can opt for what the Complutense University of Madrid offers, because it is one of the most recognized in Spain.

        His 10 years of experience guarantee his know-how and, year after year, he has managed to achieve great success, in part to offer a varied repertoire of teaching, which touches all the major areas of human resources.

        This Master is rather intervention-oriented and therefore allows students to develop the functional skills necessary to develop in the professional field, in particular for people with experience or training in the field of psychology. It costs around 3200 € and has an extension of 60 credits spread over two courses.

        5. Masters in human resources management

        • Center: Autonomous University of Madrid
        • Location: Madrid
        • Duration: 1.5 lessons
        • Price: –

        Like the previous one, this Master is taught in the Spanish capital, Madrid, and is a great option for people who want to study in this city. This is an official master’s degree consisting of 90 ECTS credits to be taken over a year and a half, so the teaching load is higher than the previous one.

        It provides both theoretical and practical knowledge on the different areas that make up the HR department: personnel selection, training, remuneration and benefits, Etc. He has a social, global and strategic approach.

        6.Master of Management and Development of People and Teams in Organizations

        • Center: University of Barcelona
        • Location: Barcelona
        • Duration: 2 lessons
        • Price: 3000 € (approximately)

        The organizational environment has changed a lot over the past decades, as have the paradigms that underlie labor relations and workers’ needs and satisfaction. Today, people are looking to build healthier relationships with their business and colleagues, and the business needs to develop leadership strategies so that employees are aligned and committed to its needs and values.

        The University of Barcelona has one of the best masters for managing people and teams within organizations. There are few postgraduate degrees in the country with these characteristics, but thanks to the Master in Management and Development of People and Teams in Organizations (GDO), it is possible to receive quality postgraduate education.

        Students taking this master they manage to learn a correct methodology in professional practice and acquire a clear and practical management of psychosocial analysis and intervention techniques in the organizational field.

        7. Masters in Organizational and Work Psychology

        • Center: University of Seville
        • Location: Seville
        • Duration: 2 lessons
        • Price: 2631 €

        Intended for the training of psychologists, the Master in Organizational and Work Psychology taught by the University of Seville prepares professionals to perform the functions of HR psychologists within companies, and participants in this training course learn the most current trends in science.

        When you study in Andalucia, it is the cheapest option on this list, but that does not mean that it offers quality, quite the opposite. It is a training which has the highest scores according to various indicators.

        8.Master in Human Resource Management in Organizations

        • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
        • Location: Barcelona
        • Duration: 1 lesson
        • Price: 3600 €

        The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the most prestigious in the country and offers one of the best Masters in Human Resources that we can find in Spain. Students in this postgraduate training immerse themselves in the most important aspects of overall human resource management and, upon graduation, become professionals ready to meet the needs of today’s human resource departments.

        This Master lasts one year and is taught in Cerdanyola de Vallès, a city bordering Barcelona.

        9. Human resources management

        • Center: Carlos III University
        • Location: Madrid
        • Duration: 1 lesson
        • Price: 9000 €

        In order to study this Master, it is necessary to have a good level of English, as the program is taught in this language. It is an advanced, high-quality training that prepares students to be able to work as high-level professionals in national and international companies. This training action offers three options for, Which are: the Madrid option, the Madrid-London option and the Madrid-Paris option.

        Therefore, students can choose to do the whole training in Madrid or to do it in two of the most important European cities. If you have opted for mobility, students will receive a double degree: That of the Carlos III University and that of the European university where they decided to study.

        10. Master in Human Resources Management

        • Center: UNIT
        • Location: online
        • Duration: 1 lesson
        • Price: 4992 €

        The Master in Human Resource Management at UNED is one of the best options for study an online postgraduate course on this subject.

        The National Distance University (UNED) is a center with a long history of online training, and hundreds of students have benefited from this training program. In fact, the Spanish university has the most students.

        It is a great alternative for people who work and want to train in this specialty, so that they can combine their studies with professional practice.

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