The 10 Best Masters in Talent Management

Talent management is one of the basic pillars of any organization in order to retain within its teams people with skills and abilities that correspond to the company’s philosophy, and which make it possible to achieve objectives more effectively. of the company.

Talent can be shown in different ways, such as creativity, customer service, organization or efficiency. This is why it is important to identify the talents needed for each area of ​​the company, and to preserve them in the long term to improve the competitiveness of the company.

How to train in this field? Let’s see what they are the best Masters in talent management which you can take advantage of to specialize.

    The most recommended masters in talent management

    If you want to deepen your knowledge in the field of talent management, in this article you can discover the top 10 masters related to this field, so that you can develop both academically and professionally.

    1. Possess a master’s degree in talent selection and management (UMA)

    The Master in Selection and Talent Management is one of the most comprehensive degrees in existence in the field of human resources and personnel selection, thanks to the collaboration of an excellent teaching team specialized in selection, training, organization and personal development.

    The approach of this diploma takes into account the practical work and the needs in the professional field, the training of the people who will be the future workers of the private companies in functions such as the selection of the personnel and the organization of the companies. In addition, a wide range of professionals from several of the most important companies operating in Spain participate.

    This diploma is carried out at the University of Malaga. More information about the Master is available on this page.

    2. Master in Human Resources Management (IMF)

    The Master in Human Resources Management at the famous MFI center it will allow you to train as a professional in the field of human resources, in functions such as recruiting new employees, talent management or knowledge management within the company.

    Thanks to this training, you will be able to combine both theoretical and practical training, in order to be able to start consolidating your knowledge in the world of work at the end of this training by one of the most famous centers in the country.

    The content of this master is in online format.

    3. Master in Talent Management and Human Resources (INESEM)

    If you want to become an expert in talent management, the Master in Talent Management and Human Resources this is a great opportunity to study all those factors that help improve both the potential and the quality of the human team within an organization.

    Each person’s skills and abilities need to be developed and developed over time, so having HR professionals who know how to guide and deliver the right tools for each type of worker is essential.

    You can find this center in the Polígono Industrial L’Ermita Edifici “Centro Empresas Granada Oficina 18, 18230 Atarfe, Granada.

    4.Master in Human Resources: Organization and Talent Management (UCJC)

    This Master in HR and Talent Management offered by Camilo José Cela University it will give you an overview of the roles to be fulfilled by a responsible person in the human resources department of any organization.

    Students of this degree will learn all these tools and mechanisms so that workers are competitive and that there is an appropriate strategy between the human resources department and the vision of the company.

    You can find this center in Urb. Villafranca del Castell, Carrer Castell de Alarcón, 49, 28692 Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid.

    5.Master in Talent Management and Development (UCM)

    The Master in Management and Talent Development is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to manage all those skills needed to lead the human resources department in a competitive, technological and globalized environment like today.

    In this degree offered by the Complutense University of Madrid, you will have a teaching staff of the highest level, with doctors specializing in human resources and professionals and entrepreneurs working in private companies.

    The university center is located in Av. Seneca, 2, 28040 Madrid.

    6.Master in Strategic People Talent Management (Mondragón)

    The Master in Strategic Management of People’s Talent that takes place in Mondragón is aimed at all people who work in the field of HR, or who wish to work in departments dedicated to the selection and management of people.

    The center has a long history in this field and has professionals specialized in different disciplines who will allow you to have a global vision of talent management and team management.

    You can find the center at Loramendi Kalea, 4, Edif. 6, 20500 Arrasate, SS.

    7. Master in Talent Management in the Digital Age (La Salle)

    The Master in Talent Management in the Digital Age is the only program you get offers an overview of the digital economy, The impact of new technologies on companies and new methods of managing talent and people in the digital age.

    Professionals who wish to develop their professional career in the field of talent management in the digital age.

    Carrer de la Salle, 10, 28023 Madrid.

    8.Master in Talent Management (University of Valencia)

    The Master in Talent Management taught at the University of Valencia is one of the most outstanding masters nationally for offering an academic approach as well as by leading entrepreneurs and companies working in the human resources sector.

    By completing this Master, you will have all the tools and skills that will allow you to progress professionally in companies specializing in people management, thanks to the practical nature of the courses, and work placements.

    The university center is in Av. De Blasco Ibáñez, 13, 46010 Valencia.

    9.Master in People Management and Strategic Talent Management in Organization (University of Salamanca)

    The Master in People Management and Strategic Talent Management in the Organization taught by the University of Salamanca is an excellent opportunity to acquire academically and professionally all the skills necessary to carry out good talent management in companies.

    In this training, you will be able to learn all those challenges that an organization’s human resources manager must know how to face, the relationships between management, workers and the human resources department, and the management of incentives.

    The format of this Master is online.

    10. Master in Human Resources Management: Organization and Talent Management (University of Barcelona)

    The Master in Human Resources Management: Organization and Talent Management This is a great training whether you want to focus your professional career on talent management and HR service, or if you have spent time working in this field and want to update your knowledge.

    Team management, the development of career plans or the administration of incentives for each professional level are some of the functions that any professional will perform in this sector, and in this master’s degree you will be able to learn all the keys to be able to to effectively manage all of these functions.

    The center where this training is given is located at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585, 08007 Barcelona.

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