The 10 best universities to study HR

University training in human resources it is one of the most important academic fields of recent years. Selecting the right workers for the company’s mission and values ​​is essential to building the future of many businesses.

Choosing the right center to conduct your HR training is essential for learning the most effective people management methods. These methods are based on concepts such as transparency, commitment and trust in the human team of the organization.

    Most Recommended Universities for Studying HR

    In order for you to become an excellent professional in the field of human resources, we have selected the top 10 universities that offer this type of study.

    1. UMA – Masters in Talent Selection and Management

    the University of Malaga has excellent training in human resources. The Master in Talent Selection and Management will allow you to understand the real needs of organizations at the human level, learning the most effective methods to create strong and dynamic teams.

    Thanks to this Master, you will be able to carry out internships in high-level companies, applying all the concepts worked on in the subjects, but in a real working environment that will accelerate your learning process.

    • The University has its facilities on Av. De Cervantes, 2, 29016 Malaga.
    • On this page you can see the contact details of the master.

    2. EADA – Master in Human Resources Management

    EADA is a well-known business school in Spain that offers an excellent Master in Human Resource Management, thanks to which you will be able to implement strategic human resources plans in any company.

    Talent and team management is the key to interpersonal relationships between team members. If the team is aligned, it will be much easier to overcome the challenges posed by the market.

    You can find this business school in C / d’Aragó, 204, 08011 Barcelona.

    3.ESERP – Master in Human Resources Management and Personnel Management

    ESERP holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Personnel Management, the main objective of which is to offer a global vision of human capital management in any type of organization.

    The main areas of specialization of the Master include personnel selection, corporate social responsibility, training and development, and career plans focused on enhancing the talent of people who are part of the team.

    The center is located at Carrer Girona 24, in Barcelona.

    4. EAE – Master in Human Resources Management

    the EAE University it also offers one of the most interesting masters in human resources, specially designed for users seeking management positions.

    The main objective of this training is to orient the employees of the company towards the business objectives, by establishing an incentive and well-being plan among the team members that will allow the company to ” evolve towards adequate management.

    You can find the center in C / Aragó, 55 08015 (Barcelona).

    5. European University (EU) – Master in Human Resources Management

    The Master in Human Resources Management designed by the European University its main challenge is to train students in the areas of talent management, innovative strategies, training and organizational culture.

    Thanks to its online format, the Master offers a great opportunity for people who wish to combine their progress in the world of work, with specific training that will allow them to grow professionally.

    You can find its facilities at Calle Tajo, s / n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid.

    6. UNIR – Master in Human Resources Management

    UNITE is one of the best-known online universities in Spain, which offers an excellent Masters in Human Resource Management which offers a very differentiating material in its online content.

    The agenda includes constant reviews and updates of the material, which ensures that the classes adapt to the current market situation, work on new technologies, social media, diversity management and job management. talents.

    You can do this Master in HR completely online.

    7. UOC – Master in Human Resources Management

    the Open University of Catalonia, Known by the acronym UOC, is one of Spain’s leading online universities. This center has the famous Master in Human Resources Management, whose main objective is that the learning of its students is oriented towards a process of transformation of organizations through knowledge and innovation.

    To make this possible, special emphasis is placed on the implementation of digital solutions, encouraging 2.0 companies and digital companies as drivers of change.

    Your training is completely online.

    8. UAB – Official Master in Human Resources Management in Organizations

    the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) holds a master’s degree in human resource management in organizations, working in organizational, legal, psychological and business economics.

    Mastery of these areas allows the management of the company’s human team to align with strategic management objectives, so that all departments and employees are oriented towards a common objective.

    You can find its facilities on the UAB campus, Plaça Cívica, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona.

    9. UPF – Master in Human Resources Management

    the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) is one of the best-known centers, and has a Master in Human Resources Management, where they work on all these tools to promote talent management, competitiveness and well-being at work of the human team.

    The student will be able to combine the courses of the Master with his professional activity, in such a way will be able to apply from theory to practice all the knowledge which he acquires in an almost immediate way.

    The center is located at Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12, 08002 Barcelona.

    10. UB – Human resources management: organization and management of talents.

    Finally I couldn’t miss the knowledge University of Barcelona, A public institution with a long history that offers the Master in Human Resources Management: Organization and Talent Management.

    With this training you will be able to know the importance of the human resources department in the strategic vision of the company, you will be able to establish the bases of the strategic human resources plan, and you will be able to promote an adequate management of talents within the different departments.

    Its facilities are located at the University of Barcelona, ​​Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585, 08007 Barcelona.

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