The 10 possible weaknesses of a job interview

Job interviews are one of the most important times in many people’s lives. No wonder, because what happens in a matter of minutes can completely affect the direction life will take in the months or even years to come. That’s why it’s convenient watch out for those weaknesses that can put us in a vulnerable position during a job interview.

This indicates that reviewing your personal weaknesses before attending one of these dates becomes an essential step. preparing to find work.

    Weaknesses to polish before a job interview

    Let’s see what these little loopholes are through which our chances of getting a job can be blurred when we attend a job interview and all eyes are on what we do and say.

    1. Give an artificial image

    A lot of people try to give a more serious and professional “makeup” image to the extreme of their image, even if it comes at the expense of naturalness. This is a mistake because, even though she looks good, she is valued positively, it becomes an element that remains if the whole seems very artificial.

    For example, a 22-year-old who applies for a job interview to apply for a job as a computer engineer can seem very artificial if he is too decked out. The message that conveys something like this is that the candidate everything is played on one card; specifically, in the aesthetic charter. This effect is more harmful in young people because they are not used to wearing elegant clothes in their everyday life.

    2. Dodge questions

    A job interview is not like a press conference for a politician: we have to tackle the issues head-on or our options for getting to the place we want will be severely limited. Faced with omissions and answers that are not really, personnel selection managers imagine the worst of options possible.

    3. Stick to what is said

    Non-verbal language is very important in job interviews, especially if we are choosing a location where we need to deal directly with clients. That is why it is advisable not to become obsessed with what is said regardless of the gestures and postures adopted.

    4. Don’t look in the eyes

    This weakness is related to the above, but it is so important that it deserves its own section. Keeping your eyes open is fatal in a job interview. It’s better to look in the eye and point out any signs of nervousness (which usually fade over minutes) than not looking the other person in the eye and being in a helpless attitude all the time.

    5. Lying about the past

    Personnel screening services can find out with some ease when a candidate is lying and when he is telling the truth about his past. If the location you choose during the job interview is important, they will invest more effort in researching these aspects.

    6. Lack of curiosity

    A common weakness. It is a mistake to assume that the job interview is an event that you are going to talk about yourself. is good take an interest in the company and what is being done, And it is also highly appreciated that questions are asked to resolve doubts about work dynamics, organization in general, etc.

    7. Agree on everything

    This is very noticeable when a candidate tries to please them regardless of who is conducting the interview. For example, nodding effusively when the other person makes statements that aren’t really important or gives you chuckles in the face of little jokes that pop up throughout the interview. This, like the weakness of settling too much for a job interview, gives an image of Machiavellianism and falsehood.

    8. Speak badly about previous companies

    It’s okay to say that previous work did not meet our demands, but it must be done with tact. On the one hand, the confidentiality of the internal functioning of these organizations must be preserved, and on the other hand, it is not advisable to attribute everything to the company itself except in exceptional cases where workers’ rights have been clearly violated. . It is advisable to consider it as a clash of philosophies or, in any case, refer to conflicts with specific people in the organization instead of talking about the whole.

    9. Not having researched the company

    This weakness is usually exhibited in a large number of cases, but it remains serious. Attending a job interview without knowing the basic ideas about the organization you want to belong to is a symptom of a lack of interest which, in the eyes of those who choose the staff, it can easily turn into disinterest and lack of involvement in the tasks to be done.

    10. Megalomania

    Another weakness that one can show during a job interview is, paradoxically, to act as if one has no weaknesses. This gives the message that we are unable to detect our imperfections and that we will therefore cause problems in the workplace. Megalomania is a bad sign and denotes a little analytical mind to judge what works and what doesn’t.

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