The 14 Best Team Building Activities (Explained & Ranked)

Teamwork is one of the most important qualities in life, especially at work. In the professional world, making a company work in a coordinated manner makes it possible to achieve common objectives and to be united, while avoiding interpersonal conflicts.

Having a collaborative team is essential in any organization, which can be achieved through team building activities, that is, the promotion of group work.

Then we will reflect on the importance of team building activities, their benefits and also mention some ideals to implement to any business. Keep reading to find out!

    What is team building and what is it for?

    Team building activities, also known as team building activities or promoting group work in Spanish, are dynamics that serve to ensure that a group of employees who usually work individually end up becoming a real united team. . With them, workers are ready to work together to achieve common goals and objectives agreed upon by the company. To achieve this, a series of activities planned by the organization must be followed.

    Teamwork is one of the most important qualities, both for life in general and for the business world in particular. Activities to promote group work can result in many benefits, among which we can highlight the following.

    1. Motivate the team

    Through these types of activities, employees will be happier at their workplace, which will certainly increase productivity.

      2. Encourage camaraderie

      Team building activities strengthen interpersonal relationships between colleagues, fostering bonds between them.

      3. Improves group communication

      Good communication is essential in any group of workers so that they don’t just know what to do, but also have no problem properly communicating issues that arise in the organization.

      Team building activities improve communication and group interaction, breaking down the fear many classmates have of giving bad news or asking for help. The more confident they are and the more free they feel to say things to each other, the smoother the communication in the organization and the better the interaction between workers.

        4. Increase creativity

        Activities of this type help to create environments that are relaxed, playful and confident. something that helps the people who perform them give their all and having more and better ideas, that is, it increases creativity.

        5. Encourages team spirit

        Another name by which team building activities are known is that of activities aimed at promoting team spirit, which reveals one of the great benefits.

        Through these types of activities we manage to create this feeling of belonging to a group that gives people so much satisfaction, feeling useful and valued both by the company and the organization and by their peers as a group of people.

          The most recommended team building activities (and how to apply them)

          There are a lot of team building activities. There is something for every situation we can think of that has to do with business. Therefore, below we will discover the 5 main types of activities of this type and, in addition, we will explain some examples of each of these modalities, all perfect because we put them into practice in our company.

          1. Activities to get to know each other

          Starting a new business is never an easy task. Not knowing anyone often becomes an obstacle when trying to give the best of yourself, because the initial shyness does not invite us to put all the meat on the grill. This is why team building activities that help employees get to know each other better and break the ice can be very helpful.

          Here are some examples of such activities.

          1.1. Business cards

          We can start by offering a simple activity to get to know the workers. A very common example is to ask each member of the team to write on a card three adjectives that define him, as well as three hobbies that he likes to practice, without putting his name.

          The cards are left in a jar and the activity facilitator will take them out one by one, saying what is written on them. The other members have to guess who it is.

            1.2. Invisible friend

            The invisible friend is a very common activity among groups of friends and families, especially as the Christmas holidays approach. However, it can also be done with people who don’t know each other very well, being a fantastic team building activity to create an environment of more trust and good turnover.

            The dynamics are well known: papers with all the names of the workers are placed in a jar and everyone takes out one to know who should give the gift.

            We agree on a delivery day, a maximum price to spend on the gift and how to deliver it, so that we don’t know who our invisible friend is before opening the gifts. After opening the gifts, everyone will have to say who they think gave them the gift and reveal who the real invisible friend was.

            1.3. Line

            Two teams are formed and invited to be placed in rows according to different variables, such as height, age, the first letter of their last name, the time they work in the company … Get them to test how well they know each other and discover new things from their office colleagues. The team that does it the fastest wins.

            2. Team building activities

            These types of activities are great for improving trust among peers, promote the cohesion of work groups and awaken the feeling of belonging to the group. Among the team building activities we find the following.

            2.1. Blind circuit

            This activity involves blindfolding a team member and being guided by the rest of their teammates until they reach the finish line.. Colleagues will need to agree and coordinate to guide anyone with their eyes covered, preventing them from falling and injuring themselves.

            What can happen is that everyone starts talking at the same time and doesn’t light up at first, but after a few minutes they certainly find a way to organize themselves to give instructions.

              2.2. Team sports

              Team sports are one of the best ways to build emotional bonds between your participants. here we can use practically any group sport that comes to mind: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, paintball …

              2.3. One day out

              It often happens that no matter how well the work is done in the office, stress and routine end up having an effect on the interpersonal relationships of workers. Workers can associate the workplace with strenuous work, and of course, they also end up seeing their co-workers as such strenuous people, inevitably associating them with the job.

              To prevent this from happening, a very good idea is plan for days away from the office, where colleagues have relationships outside of stress and routine at work. This can be done anywhere, but ideally in a natural, outdoor setting, such as the beach or the mountains.

              2.4. The desktop game

              A great way to create cohesion and group culture in the company is the office game, a kind of trivia that we can do ourselves with the history, anecdotes, internal jokes and other curiosities of the workers and the company.

              It is ideal for remembering fun times among veteran workers, introducing them to new ones. new arrivals and create a very relaxed working environment.

              3. Activities to acquire new skills

              Some teamwork promotion activities also serve to improve employee skills, while creating good group dynamics. Among them we can highlight:

              3.1. Culinary activities

              Most everyone likes good food or at least food. Gastronomy has always brought people closer together, so their introduction to the workplace allows workers to have a good time enjoying delicious food while having fun preparing them.

              Culinary activities help to disconnect from the routine and have a different experience, improving the cooking skills of workers and practice skills such as companionship and overcome common challenges.

              3.2. Training activities

              Training activities are basically any workshop where work-related skills are encouraged. In them leadership skills can be put into practice, conflict management, creative thinking …

              3.3. Video game tournament

              Video games are increasingly valued in the workplace. Far from the outdated view that they are just entertainment for kids and teens, the truth is that entertainment from video game consoles and computers has many benefits. At the corporate level, video games promote technological skills, as well as the relaxation and enhancement of teamwork through multiplayer type games.

              4. Problem solving activities

              It is believed that on average, employees spend almost 3 hours per week trying to resolve certain interpersonal conflicts. No wonder, since when there is a group of people who are very different between them, it is almost inevitable that quarrels, situations of tension and clashes will arise..

              Team building activities help improve communication between workers, strengthen interpersonal relationships and make them put aside their differences to achieve their goals. Among the examples that you can see we have the following.

              4.1. Exhaust room

              Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years. Many people see them as fun activities to do with friends and family, but they can also be useful for work groups.

              The company itself can organize its own Escape Room with groups of 5 people, making a room, a floor or the whole company the scene of a series of activities or a gymkhana which, if resolved, will have a price.

              Either way, group members will need to talk to each other, work as a team, and cooperate to overcome the activity.

                4.2. In search of the treasure

                This teamwork activity is perfect for getting workers to take initiative and collaborate. This can be done both in the office and outside. The team will be divided into small groups of 5 people who will have to search for different hidden objects.

                Therefore, they will use clues located at different points where they will have to solve puzzles, puzzles and riddles to find out the location of the treasure. The team that manages to find all the items will win.

                5. Activities to promote humanitarian values

                Finally, we leave some activities which, rather than encouraging teamwork, serve to instill values ​​in workers while collaborating as a group. The activities to promote certain values ​​that we will see below aim to provide employees with enriching experiences while having a positive impact on society and the environment. Here are some examples of this type of activity.

                5.1. Food collection

                A classic activity to help make the world a better place is to collect food for a group in need. The company can periodically organize a day during which workers are invited to make a food donation for an association close to the company, a neighborhood foundation or any group that may need it.

                5.2. Environmental cleaning

                The beaches, the countryside, the city… There are many places where some people behave irresponsibly by polluting the environment with their waste. To counter the incivility of careless citizens, the company can organize days when workers get together to do a collective household.

                It is possible to make the cleaning of the environment acquire a more fun and active dye by turning it into a competition, forming various teams to which it is proposed to collect the greatest amount of waste. Whoever manages to collect more garbage wins.

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