The 16 best human resources blocks

Intellectual capital and human capital have become one of the most important factors in business today, and so this is not surprising. that the human resources departments of companies have become more and more important.

This department generally deals with tasks related to personnel selection, payroll management, occupational risk prevention and work climate intervention, among many other functions.

    The best human resources blogs

    If you are an HR professional, want to train in this area, or just a curious person who loves to read and learn new things, you can find a selection of Human Resources blogs so.

    1. Psychology and the mind

    Psicologí is the most visited Spanish-speaking psychology website, currently receiving 10 million visits per month. In this digital magazine, you can find articles on different topics related to psychology, and it has a section, called “Business”, devoted to topics related to organizational psychology and human resources. If you want the best advice and the best content to reach, this is one of the best options.

    2. SupeRRHHeroes

    If you are interested in the world of HR, in this blog you can find new articles every week. It stands out for its originality in the themes and in the creativity of the texts. A page that will help you discover exciting and curious things in this area.

    3. Talent track

    Talent Clue is innovative and very useful corporate recruiting software. On their website, you can find a blog that is updated frequently. and in which you will find practical and effective advice, taking into account the needs of readers interested in the world of Human Resources.

    4. Human resources journal

    One of the best known and most useful HR magazines if we want to educate ourselves with quality content. In their articles, they cover all kinds of content related to personnel management and the business world: job interviews, conflict resolution, recruitment and selection. In this blog you can find the most relevant information in the sector.

    5. Aptitus

    Aptitus is a job search engine, which has a frequently updated blog to inform those interested. Particularly interesting in terms of staff recruitment and selection content.

    6. Access

    Acsendo is a block of human talents, so it informs you of everything related to the potential of workers in the company. Intellectual capital is one of the most important and decisive factors in the success of a business. It is therefore worthwhile not to lose sight of the articles on this blog.

    7. boomerang

    Boomerang is an Argentinian blog that deals with various current issues related to the world of human resources. On this website you can find tips, news and even a salary calculator.

    8. Ximo Sales Blog

    Ximo Salas, graduate in mathematics, and expert in management and direction of human resources, where he offers his consulting services. His articles are original and contribute valuable information for those who wish to be constantly updated in this area of ​​knowledge. In addition, he frequently discusses the digital world and its influence on the business environment and, consequently, on the field of human resources.

    9. GoGonqr

    A blog that offers different learning tools for students, teachers and businesses. He specializes in personal development and internal communication.

    10. Emol Human Capital

    Human Capital Emol is a magazine of human resources and business-related topics, in which you can find news, tips, trends, columns and very useful content whether you are an employee or an employer.

    11. SurviveRRHHe

    This blog was created by Iñaki González, and thanks to its great reception, received the Educa Awards in 2014 and 2015. It has exceptional and high quality content, so you are up to date with the trends and innovative methodologies of the sector . It is recommended to visit it regularly.

    12. Glocal Thinking

    A space for HR professionals, In which it is possible to find the latest trends related to the sector. The articles are clear, simple and of high quality.

    13. Adecco

    Adecco is one of the best-known human resources companies in the industry. In addition to offering services in this area, he also owns one of the most prestigious human resource blogs.


    If you are looking for an HR calendar to keep up to date and know the latest news in the digital HR field, you will find everything you need.

    15. HR Connect

    A Chilean website, full of articles on human resources management and business management. It is very appropriate to keep abreast of this sector.

    16. Snacks

    Laborum is also an HR magazine, of Chilean origin. On this site, you will find current articles, tips, curiosities and all relevant information related to business and human resources.

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