The 7 best apps for managing stress at work

Stress at work is an increasingly common phenomenon today due to the demanding work rhythms that many people around the world are subjected to. To overcome cases where our stress levels do not allow us to maintain the desired professional performance in our workplace, there are many specialized applications in this particular field.

Thus, many of these applications offer increasingly sophisticated advice and career guidance responsive to individual needs, which is undoubtedly a step forward in improving the working conditions of many people around the world.

The 7 most recommended apps for managing stress at work

So if you want to know first hand what are the best apps for managing your stress level at work, Below we present a selection in which we briefly summarize the most important characteristics of each of them, So that you have a general idea of ​​what is best for you for your particular case.

May 1

Meyo is a global personal assistant with whom we can improve ourselves in all aspects of our life, Both in the psychological and professional environment, as in social relationships and it will also help us to overcome negative situations that we may have in our personal environment, such as reducing our level of stress or anxiety at work.

Developed by a young Barcelona start-up, this app offers a series of free interactive content that will help us overcome any state of discomfort or negativity at work, supervised and approved by healthcare professionals at all times.

Some of these Meyo content or functions that can help us better manage stress at work are, among others, the guided meditation and relaxation programs offered by the app, the various guides for improving social skills and work environment, advice on healthy eating and sports. habits, sessions and tips to improve our sleep habits and many other useful, simple and educational tips on health and well-being.

So, if you are interested in a tool that allows you to overcome your stress problems at work, do not hesitate to download the new Meyo application, now available for iOS and Android, with which you can benefit from a consulting service. personalized to your interests from day one, and the benefits are already being enjoyed by thousands of people.

2. Stop, breathe and think

Stop, Breathe & Think is one of the most popular meditation apps we can find in the market for tools for mobile devices today. By downloading it for free, we will have access to over 30 guided activities related to meditation, mindfulness or yoga, with which we can manage our stress levels at work once and for all.

This tool is useful for people who want to learn to meditate and for beginners and has a premium version that offers twice the interactive activities and advice of all kinds.

3. Calm down

Calm is a tool that will also guide us in learning meditation and the technique of mindfulness. thanks to flexible sessions ranging from the simplest 3 minutes to the most complete 25 minutes. On the way down Calm we will also have meditation lessons with subject matter experts, audio stories or tales for sleeping and a catalog of relaxing sounds ideal for relaxation.

This application is available for iOS and Android free of charge for all those who wish to acquire healthy habits of relaxation and self-awareness, as well as to better manage their stress level at work.

4. Self-Help Anxiety Management (SAM)

With the SAM (Self-help Anxiety Management) app, we will get all the self-help tools and methods needed to deal with our anxiety attacks in the best possible way, anywhere and whenever possible.

This application has been developed by mental health professionals and has all the guarantees to be used in case of suffering from any type of psychological problem, with or without the help of a professional therapist.

5. Simple habit

Simple Habit is an application with which we will also learn relaxation and meditation exercises of all kinds for people who cannot afford to invest a lot of time in this type of practice, each exercise requiring only 5 minutes per day.

The app offers a free trial for the first month, and the exercises it offers will help us positively manage our stress at work, as well as reduce our levels of anxiety or insomnia, among other benefits.

6. Zen

The Zen app also offers professional content designed to improve our meditation and relaxation skills, as well as our sleep patterns and stress or anxiety reduction, among many other areas of personal well-being.

In addition to that, this tool also offers all kinds of motivational messages and famous quotes that can inspire us on our way to a state of peace and well-being with ourselves.

7. Sanvello

Sanvello is an application that will offer us all kinds of professional advice and guidance to overcome all our psychological or emotional problems, as well as our level of stress at work, for free.

Again, this tool is supervised by professionals in psychology and offers all kinds of programs, tips and guides that will allow us to work on the specific area in which we need to improve.

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