The 7 best personnel selection tools

All over the world, companies are applying increasingly sophisticated and specialized processes to select the right candidates when vacancies arise.

And it is that in order to facilitate the personnel selection processes in organizations of all types, In recent years, a wide variety of tools designed specifically to adapt to the different phases of recruitment has been developed.. Here we will see several of the most popular and useful.

    Staff selection tools you need to know

    If you want to know the most valuable personnel selection tools today, keep reading; here you will find a summary of the essentials.

    1. Applicant tracking system

    Applicant Tracking System software is one of the most widely used by companies around the world in personnel selection, for its efficiency, accuracy and transparency in managing most of the recruitment process. Candidate via adaptive and intuitive interfaces.

    This system offers many advantages, in particular unification of all information from the selection process in a single database, The possibility of automating the publication of job offers, greater precision during filtering and selection, optimization of time and costs for the company, the possibility of following candidates during the process and ‘automation of feedback to candidates.

    For example, the Bullhorn system is one of the most widely used ATS for the selection of personnel by companies around the world, and is also one of the most valued by recruiters and professionals in the field of HR.

    2. Assessment center

    Although it is not in itself a tool based mainly on the software world, the Assessment Center is still one of the most used technological solutions to select candidates taking into account information related to the type of work to be done in the event of hiring. It consists of a series of tests and exercises designed through years of research in the field of work and organizational psychology, which it aims to assess certain aptitudes, capacities or competences of the candidate (s).

    The main skills assessed in this type of process are leadership, analysis, reasoning, verbal and written communication, teamwork, and the ability to work under pressure.

      3. CodeLive codility

      The Codility CodeLive remote recruitment platform it is the ideal tool to assess the skills and technological capabilities of the candidate, By video call and with the possibility of interacting with it live thanks to programming tests.

      And it is that this tool gives the possibility of making tests designed by technological profiles as part of an individualized recruitment process, as well as to organize live group evaluations.

      4. ScheduleOnce

      ScheduleOnce is a well-known meeting planner that syncs with your personal calendar and it allows you to import the candidate’s contact details on their own device and also to organize group meetings.

      It is a widely used tool in the field of staff selection, as it helps to optimize the time of organizing meetings and quickly identify the best times to schedule each meeting.

      5. Rear view

      Hinterview is another of the most used platforms by companies and international organizations for conduct live job interviews with one or more candidates.

      This tool offers a variety of different modalities, such as organizing group conferences, sending pre-recorded videos with instructions, or broadcasting videos in which the candidate answers a series of personalized questions.

      6. Spark rental

      Spark Hire is one of the most widely used and prestigious video interview software from a multinational perspective in the personnel selection arena.

      It is software that offers all the benefits of online job interviews and also allows you to save each session and share them within the recruiting team to analyze them in depth.

      7. Focus

      Docusing is the leading company in management and signing of electronic documents, And its services are used by millions of users around the world.

      With this platform, it is possible to electronically sign any document securely and reliably, which is why it is widely appreciated as an essential tool for speeding up procedures in the world of labor relations.

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