The 8 Best Apps to Improve Employee Emotional Wellbeing

The fast pace of today’s society, both personally and professionally, requires companies to increasingly take into account the emotional well-being of their workers, beyond offering them economic and safe work spaces. Ignoring the psychological aspects of job performance can cause serious damage to employees and to the general functioning of organizations.

That’s why, in recent years, there are apps specifically designed to help with psychological care routines, teach ways to manage emotions, psychologically healthy habits, offer routines tailored to the needs of each user, and more. And even some have been specially designed to be directly the company which, through such applications, offers coverage in terms of psychological assistance to employees.

Following this line, you will find below a list of the most recommended apps to improve the emotional well-being of employeesexplaining what they can do.

    Apps to improve the emotional well-being of the most valued employees

    These applications are great allies for companies to offer their employees resources for emotional well-being and psychological self-care.


    Thanks to the professionals of Mindgram companies can offer their workers the possibility of having online video call therapy with accredited psychotherapists, in addition to having a chat service with psychologists to make consultations at any time of the day, anywhere what day of the week. And all this while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and security in data transmission.

    But in addition to offering psychotherapeutic coverage, this application means that, through its interface, employees can access all kinds of exclusive content dedicated to self-care in emotional and personal development: Psychology podcasts, courses and workshops , material to meditate or practice mindfulness, etc.

    2. I feel online

    I feel online is a company dedicated to providing services related to well-being at work, a very positive activity for any work group that nowadays more and more companies are taking very seriously.

    Thanks to IFeel, we will be able to organize educational workshops, we will have the possibility of receiving therapy in case you are going through a difficult period, we will have access to a large number of self-help guides and we will also receive various advice. with which to significantly increase our performance in the workplace.

    3. Well Wo

    In WellWo They specialize in what they call corporate wellness, which is why they offer all of their clients a variety of workplace health-related programs.

    This platform has 3 priority objectives: reduce absenteeism, motivate employees and boost the productivity of any work team. These tasks, although they may seem practically complicated to carry out thanks to the professionals of WellWo, will carry them out in a much shorter period of time than we imagine.

    4. BH Wellness

    As part of the employee support program BH Wellnessfocused on providing workers with all the support they may need to improve their job performance.

    We should not hesitate to contact these specialists if, for example, we want to improve the personal motivation of our employees, we would like to reduce absenteeism in our company or if we have detected a psychological problem in one of our workers and we would like he receive adequate therapy.

    5. Sanvello

    Sanvello is an application available on Google Marketplace specifically intended to help all people who are going through an emotionally delicate period.

    Thanks to this application we will discover how we can relax in a much more effective way, what types of thoughts can help us to focus correctly on our daily life or what psychological strategies we must follow, if we want to be more likely to achieve all our personal goals.

    6. Headspace

    Head space is one of the most recommended applications focused on spreading the practice of meditation that we can currently download if we are interested in learning how to use this ancient technique.

    By following the steps that will give us in this application and practicing meditation frequently, we will be able to see how our stress levels at work are significantly reduced, our performance at work will get a new boost and on the other hand, we will also discover several tips with which allows us to significantly improve our quality of sleep.

    7. Get Wellat

    Get Wellat It is a platform oriented towards corporate well-being, thanks to which we will have the opportunity to be able to greatly promote the emotional well-being of all our workers, a fact that in practice we will be able to achieve thanks to the many services that we can currently offer.

    Get Wellat professionals can support us both professionally and personally, which can certainly be very interesting for anyone throughout their career.

    8. INBILA

    Thanks to the digital platform INBILA We will be able to significantly improve the emotional well-being of our workers, a factor which in practice will probably end up affecting us in a better working environment and much higher production.

    Some of the most interesting benefits that we can derive from using this application are reduced absenteeism, increased motivation of our employees and improved communication between them.

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