The 8 Best Wellness Programs for Business

Employee mental health has become one of the biggest challenges facing most companies around the world in recent years.

The ever-increasing demands of business and the dizzying pace that most employees are exposed to lead many organizations to seek professional help to improve the physical and emotional well-being of their employees.

Fortunately There are currently a variety of corporate wellness programs on which each organization can count to offer a completely individualized service to each of its employees.

    Well-Being Programs for Most Popular Companies

    If you want to request this type of service from highly qualified professionals, check out our specialized selection of the most recommended wellness programs for companies of the moment.


    The Mindgram Platform It is specifically designed to enable organizations to provide psychological assistance to their employees, both through direct communication with psychotherapists and certified psychotherapists via 24-hour chat or video call, and via podcasts, courses live and meditation and mindfulness content. .

    In addition, all information is treated in accordance with the highest security and confidentiality standards using encryption mechanisms and in accordance with European privacy regulations (LOPDGDD).

      2. Bamboo

      The Bamboo meditation app offers its meditation program for work teams and companies who wish to benefit daily from the benefits of this practice in their private lives as well as in their interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

      In this application you will find guided meditations with exercises explained in a didactic way, as well as sound journeys, relaxing stories, mindfulness courses, quick meditations and a journal to track your emotions from day to day.

      Some of the benefits of meditation are improving emotional well-being, managing anxiety or stress, improving motivation, personal relationships, and empathy.

        3. Well Wo

        The WellWo application offers the program “Health and well-being at work for your employees”with which any organization will quickly obtain an improvement in the personal and professional health of each of its employees.

        In the app, you can find and offer your workers content based on up to one minute video tips to create healthy lifestyles and improve the well-being of your workers both physically, emotionally or nutritionally.

        Some of the elements that work in the application are postural hygiene, ergonomics, cardiovascular health or healthy recipes and the main tools put into practice are mindfulness, yoga, emotional psychology, pilates and gymnastics hypopressive.

        4. Olive tree

        Oliva’s “Appropriate mental health support for employees” program It is offered to all companies wishing to offer their employees a comprehensive, on-demand and quality psychological care service.

        The main objective of this platform is to improve the psychological well-being of people and teams who may have any type of problem in their daily lives that affects them personally and also their professional work.

        5. Mefood Omics

        The Mefood Omics platform offers its “Precision Nutrition for Professionals” programa tool aimed in particular at companies that want to improve the health and well-being of their employees through nutrition.

        Using artificial intelligence, in this application you will find specific solutions to improve the eating habits of each employee, which will have a positive effect on their productivity and general well-being.

        6. I feel

        Health and Wellness Platform Ifeel Introduces “Personalised Emotional Support for Your Team” Programa complete solution to improve the health of employees, offered by highly qualified professionals who work by applying the most advanced technology in the field of psychology.

        With this application you can achieve measurable results based on empirical data and the application of highly proven tools such as mindfulness, audio or exercises to combat stress and conversations with psychologists via chat or video call.

        Some of the benefits of Ifeel are improved resilience, interpersonal skills, productivity, company engagement and reduced absenteeism.

          7. Gym Pass

          The Gympass Fitness Network is one of the networks of gyms and wellness applications with the largest number of users in our country.

          By participating in this network, each company will find more than 50,000 gyms and studios that its employees can access indefinitely and with all the services covered in the best fitness centers in each city.

          8. Fitmewise

          Fitmewise Health Program for Socially Responsible Businesses generates personalized training and nutrition plans in each of the employees’ devices with which they can improve their physical and emotional health.

          It is a complete health program that has already been used by many leading companies in various sectors, and who have already experienced the main benefits of this application: both in improving the conditions of workers and in improving the business climate and reducing absenteeism.

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