The 8 best workshops for businesses

Today, both the frantic pace of professional life and the increasingly demanding demands in the corporate sphere are more and more conducive to certain companies having certain performance problems or some of their employees do not feel not at all performed.

Fortunately, there are many workshops for businesses that we can find in the market today, And it will help us improve ourselves in all kinds of issues that we might have both in the overall scope of the business and in the little details that need to be addressed. These workshops can be in person, as they always have been, but there is also a wide range of online training and even apps that help us improve in different aspects of well-being at work.

    The 7 most recommended workshops for businesses

    So, if you want to know firsthand what are the best workshops for business that we can find today, take a look at the selection that we present to you below, where we summarize the main characteristics of each one.

    May 1

    Meyo is the new personal and professional assistant with which we can improve in all areas that interest us and become the best version of ourselves. This application has become a real revolution in the field of health promotion and healthy habits for companies and workers, being one of its guarantees of success, the sophisticated artificial intelligence system with what matters.

    The Meyo system has been developed under the supervision of real healthcare professionals and experts in personal and professional coaching, and will certainly offer the best service of assistance, guidance and support to companies and workers who may have it. need.

    Thus, the main benefits that we can obtain for companies using the Meyo application are, among others: professional tips and advice to maintain healthy eating habits or an active life, various meditation and relaxation guides to improve our performance at work, the various challenges focused on improving the climate in the company, teaching skills to increase our level of productivity and practical guidelines to improve postural hygiene.

    Thus, any company that wishes to improve in a specific area will find at Meyo, a personal and work assistant, already appreciated by thousands of people. It’s available on iOS and Android, so feel free to download it ASAP.

    2. Psychology 360: workshops and advice for companies

    The psychological assistance center Psychology 360, Specializing in online services for organizations and individuals, offers various training programs for businesses at an affordable price.

    His team of psychologists has over 20 years of professional experience in areas such as stress and emotional management, optimizing work performance, establishing an appropriate organizational climate and other elements. that come into play in the work context.

    • On this page you will find their contact details.

    3. Trade carefully

    The Mindful Project offers an official Mindfulness program for companies in Madrid, Where during eight sessions they will teach the main characteristics of this technique based on relaxation and full attention, proven scientific evidence in the field of business.

    The benefits of mindfulness in business are varied and verifiable, including reduced stress on workers, improved decision making, increased creativity, greater focus on employees, and increased productivity. overall personal well-being.

    So, with this workshop for companies, we will be able to immerse ourselves in learning the mindfulness technique and our company and our workers have experienced great benefits and improvements in performance.

    4. Department of Happiness Workshops

    The Happiness department’s coaching project offers a wide range of workshops and activities for all companies that ask for their services and need to improve in all areas.

    Some of the best-known workshops are those on promoting corporate culture among company members, that is, all these shared values ​​and patterns of behavior; a conflict management service; a leadership workshop and a teamwork workshop.

    5. Patricia Navarro Workshop

    Coach Patricia Navarro offers a workshop to drive success in companies based on establishing a good work climate and an optimal relationship with the workers. There we will learn useful and simple tools to achieve a number of benefits for the company and its employees, and we will also find a space where all members of the company feel heard and valued.

    At the end of this workshop, we will learn how to increase the productivity of the company, to improve the communication with our teams, to increase our levels of communication and engagement and to reconcile professional life with the staff, among many. other learning.

    6. Sukha Mindfulness Workshops

    Sukha group professionals will offer all kinds of mindfulness workshops and presentations for all companies that need to improve certain aspects of their performance.

    With this workshop, we will learn useful practical knowledge about mindfulness for companies with which to improve skills such as our employees’ attention, creativity, emotional control and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

    7. Center for Financial Studies

    The Center for Financial Studies is one of the pioneering entities in the training and facilitation of workshops for companies of all kinds, for over 30 years.

    Its workshops and courses are offered in person and online and cover areas such as corporate communication, teamwork learning, leadership and increasing productivity.

    8. Business mindfulness

    Coach Jordi Ferrer has over 20 years of experience and currently offers a mindfulness learning service for companies with the aim of overcoming all kinds of problems and improving their performance at all levels.

    As a teacher of mindfulness you will offer the best services by teaching the most basic guidelines of this technique with which we will obtain benefits such as improving the cohesion of the group in the company, reducing fatigue and stress, improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.

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