Tips to improve your professional profile during the summer

During the summer, we have all the time in the world to rest after months of work and disconnect from our professional obligations.

However, taking time does not mean going into inactivity and passivity. There are many things we can do in our free time that, while helping us feel good and regain strength, allow us to rethink our priorities, put ideas into perspective and launch new projects. stimulating and motivating.

A clear example: training during the summer holidays, an option that at the same time does not absorb all our newly acquired free time, helps us to keep running, in line with our personal medium and long-term goals. It’s done, the best strategy to improve your professional profile this season of the yeartaking advantage of the versatility offered by the time available.

    How to improve your professional profile during the summer holidays?

    Although it is a time of relaxation and leisure, summer can also serve to update or improve our professional profile in order to increase our knowledge or increase the chances that we have to prosper in our job and access or change the position that suits us better. our interests.

    We summarize below the main tips that we can follow to improve our professional profile during the hot months.

    1. Dedicate yourself to training in fields close to “yours”

    To train in professional fields that are not very far from what we are already dedicated to It’s a great way to boost your professional profile over the summer.

    Clients and potential employers prefer professional profiles that are easy to understand and show a clear trajectory, which is why continuous and specialized training will give us a better chance of thriving professionally.

      2. Take advantage of online training

      Online training offers a wide variety of possibilities for all those people who have to travel at some point or take occasional getaways at some point. In addition, as the online offer is much larger than the face-to-face courses we have (because it takes place near us), it is easier to find the option that corresponds to what we are looking for and the time we want to devote to it.

      Due to the difficulty of attending in-person classes during the summer, online training is one of the most popular options for many people who want to continue their professional training without canceling their summer plans.

      3. Plan schedules

      Although we have a lot of free time during the holidays, it is important to keep fixed schedules similar to those we have during the working months, so as not to lose the time organization habits that are of great importance. importance in our work.

      This discipline in keeping track of schedules It helps not to fall into routines that are eaten almost at all hours of the day and warns us to end up using routines that make you lose track of time, like the reckless use of social media or other distractions that we can spend hours with with no other goal in mind than to see what a screen.

      In addition to this, by organizing time into more or less constant patterns, we will know what to do at all times and we will not fall into the inactivity of spending hours without knowing what to do next, and we can even use the day to perform all of these activities during the course We were unable to perform any work as it required our continuous attention for too long and did not fit into the work schedule.

        4. Update CV

        Another of the problems that we have to face during the summer months is the updating of the CV, and for this it is recommended set a day and time that we dedicate exclusively to this task.

        In this update, we may include news related to our recent professional training and consider, if necessary, a design change in the presentation or structure of the content. This amounts to summarizing the data if there is too much information contained, so as not to be too saturated for the interested reader, which could discourage the reading of the CV.

          5. Improve your digital skills

          Mastering digital skills is one of the most valued skills in any business in the world, which is why it is very important to have specialized training in this knowledge.

          Get to know first-hand the main digital tools used in our workplace and mastering the most advanced technologies that need to be used in our workplace maximizes our chances of finding a job exactly what we want.

            6. Train soft skills

            Soft skills are a series of qualities currently in great demand in all companies, and are mainly based on social skills and the management of emotions. Skills that do not rely on learning theory and that allow us to perform successfully in contexts such as teamwork, crisis decision-making, conflict resolution, etc.

            Some of these soft skills are adaptation to change, active listening, critical thinking, growth mindset or teamwork.

            All these skills can be trained and learned in specialized training in this area, provided by expert professionals in the field of psychology.

            7. Practice stress management techniques

            Certain stress management or relaxation techniques can be of great help during the work period to deal with the various adversities or stressful situations that we face.

            That is why it is very important to learn how to use some of them on a daily basis. relaxation techniques more effective than them, including mindfulness, relaxed breathing, muscle relaxation or meditation.

              8. Networking works

              Acquiring a series of professional contacts that can be useful for our professional development is also a good way to work on our profile during the summer. We must not forget that today having visibility is another resource for not missing the opportunities that are created in our environment. There is no point in knowing how to do something well if no one knows that we have this characteristic.

              Networking is a strategy that allows us to network with other people with similar interests to ours or with organizations and companies that we are interested in working with in the future.

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