What does an HR department do to keep employees happy?

Like any other type of organization made up of human beings, companies can sometimes present problems in their internal organization not only in relation to work performance, but also in terms of the psychological phenomena it generates.

For better or for worse, the work context influences workers emotionally, which can give rise to unexpected sources of discomfort or, on the contrary, incentives and reasons for them to positively value the work experience ( beyond what is billed at the end of the month).

This type of risk and opportunity is one of the elements to be taken into account by the Human Resources teams. But… What exactly can be done in the field of HR to increase and maintain the level of satisfaction of the workers of a company?

    What does the HR department do to promote the well-being of workers?

    The HR department does not only deal with the formal and bureaucratic aspects related to hiring employees and respecting labor rights; furthermore, much of their work is about talent retention, i.e. generating incentive systems beyond compensation, on the one hand, and enabling work processes not to be frustrating and to unfold as smoothly as possible, without producing unnecessary psychosocial friction. In short, it is from Human Resources that strategies are designed to make the company a pleasant and motivating place to develop professionally.

    Below, we briefly present the main functions of the human resources department to ensure the satisfaction of the employees of a company.

    1. Promotes communication in the company

    Communication in any organization is essential to maintain a good internal functioningand this is one of the main objectives of any human resources department.

    Communication channels in any company can be horizontal (between colleagues in the same department or position), vertical (between superiors and subordinates) and diagonal (between people in different departments and different positions in the organization chart).

    The work of expert professionals in Human Resources consists, among other things, of designing varied and flexible communication channels to avoid production bottlenecks due to misunderstandings, avoiding that there is only the flow of top-down information (the only channel that “takes for granted” without HR intervention).

      2. Apply time flexibility strategies whenever possible

      Family reconciliation it is one of the most important objectives sought by both the employees of any organization and the employees of the same, as it greatly facilitates the work of the whole world.

      To achieve the objective of reconciling employees’ professional and family life, HR professionals apply flexible working hours strategies according to the characteristics, needs and profiles of each of their employees.

      In addition to this, a good human resources department must also be attentive to the personal needs of each employee, individually and adapted to each of their profiles.

        3. Offer competitive compensation

        Remuneration and bonuses for objectives achieved are also elements that fall within the remit of professionals in the human resources department.

        These remunerations and incentives they should not be seen solely as something that allows you to maintain a lifestyle and cover staff expenses; must be proposed through objective criteria based on the performance and value provided by each employee so as not to generate comparative grievances between the company’s employees. The terroir has, in addition to an instrumental facet, a symbolic facet.

        4. Promote training plans

        Ongoing training is essential so that each employee gradually acquires new skills and abilities enabling them to successfully assume new responsibilities.

        That is why The HR department periodically offers internal training plans adapted to their employees in order to facilitate promotion to jobs with greater responsibility.

          5. Mentoring and supervision

          Professionals in the field of Human Resources also offer company employees a mentoring or supervision that guides and directs them especially in the first weeks of work.

          In the same way, the HR department will be available at any time for any employee wishing to consult or deal with any question that may concern him or for which he needs guidance.

          6. Promote Company Values ​​Consistently

          Enforcing work policies consistent with company values ​​is another function of the human resources department.

          The objective of this function is to avoid creating among employees and any other member of the organization a feeling of arbitrariness in decision-making within the HR department.

          7. Promote a sense of belonging

          There are many activities and actions that the HR department can undertake to promote employees a bond or a sense of belonging to the group in order to promote their involvement and motivation.

          Some of these group activities can be football matches, paintball days, group dynamics, escape rooms, tournaments…

          8. Provide non-autocratic leaders

          In addition to promoting and retaining talent, the HR department is also responsible for seeking out and identifying leaders within the company. Lack of leadership generates gaps in authority that lead to self-sabotage, while a total accumulation of authority leads to a work climate generating anxiety or even fear.

          This task is based on the identification of precise profiles of people who know how to animate groups of all types in an active and committed way and who do not limit themselves to passing orders, but who inspire and set an example.

            9. Offer psychological support

            Many professionals in charge of the HR department are usually psychologists or have extensive training in the field of psychology, which is why another of their basic functions may be to provide psychological support and supervision to their professionals.

            This service must be permanently available for all types of problems, also emotional or related to mental health, offer psychological help.

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