Workation: What is it and what are its benefits?

In the world of work, more and more means are put into practice to boost the performance of employees, by associating new ways of apprehending work. And this is usually achieved by improving both their conditions and their experience during the working day.

Work is part of the new ways of working with which many people around the world see both their performance and their well-being increased by working in holiday contexts, using strategies so that, on the one hand, they can better organize themselves and improve their productivity , and on the other hand, this fusion between work and leisure does not cause them any problems. It’s not about having less vacation time and devoting part of it to work, but about integrating work and leisure time in a different and more organic way.

If you want to know in depth this new way of working the holidays, keep reading; we will detail here the essential notions of work, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

    What is work?

    Labor is an increasingly popular form of work, especially in business integrate holidays into the workday to increase your productivity and personal well-being by not putting people under pressure to prepare for a vacation of total disconnection. And it is that, although it is often not talked about, in some jobs going on vacation can mean extra work during the previous days, and greater exposure to stress.

    It is an Anglo-Saxon term produced from the union between the words “work” and “vacation”, so It could be considered as vacation work or a vacation that we take during the working day.

    Work at work has been used in many transnational organizations and companies around the world, and its benefits have been demonstrated both in improving employee productivity and in improving their general well-being and their mental health.

    There are many working arrangements, and these days there are increasingly inventive and diverse ways to incorporate working vacations that companies and their employees are finding.

    Working methods

    Companies and workers implement this form of work in several ways; the most common is the so-called “digital nomads” self-employed workers who settle for relatively long periods in another country to work in a new environment.

    The way companies make work possible relies on offering team building days or organized work camps in vacation destinations, where your employees can enjoy a relaxing vacation while working in the hotel or elsewhere.

    On the other hand, a more conventional version of korkation assumes redistribute vacation days by extending them, and including very short work periods on some of these days. For example: working from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to remove the doubts of the rest of the team, attend to incidents, leave instructions on the tasks to be performed to team members, etc.

    We can also find a more radical practice in some companies, which is to move their offices on vacation to the beach or to the mountains for several weeks, which is an excellent incentive for their employees to work better and increase interest. to stay in the organization, assuming a talent retention mechanism.

      Benefits of work

      The advantages of this work practice for the employee are numerous, below we will briefly summarize the most important at the psychological level.

      1. New environment

      The new environment in which the employee will work is a real stimulus and a boost of energy that helps him to make the most of himself to be fully employed in his professional obligations.

      A change of air is always appreciated especially in repetitive work in which you have to concentrate and do everything possible to make sure everything goes well, and working in a holiday or leisure environment is always more rewarding than doing it in an office.

      Likewise, working in a new city or a new country also offers the possibility of meeting new cultures, different people and relaxing in heavenly places to regain strength during the hours of rest.

        2. Improve personal well-being in the face of stress at work

        As stated, working in a different place from the usual means a real boost both for the energy of the employee and for his self-esteem, his psychological state and his general well-beingespecially if the strategy is to spend more time out of the office.

        As has been proven time and time again, a person who works in better conditions will also be happier and more successful in their workplace.

          3. Log out

          The possibility of being on vacation while we work also allows us to disconnect more than if we were at our usual place of work; even if it seems counter-intuitive, “to mix work and holidays”, if done well, It helps us forget about work and stop worrying about whether we left something unattended..

          The possibility of getting to know new surroundings and being able to enjoy a holiday or free day environment also has a positive influence on the employee’s health.

          4. Improved productivity

          Improved productivity is, as noted, one of the most visible benefits offered by work implementation, which positively influences both the worker and the company.

          This is one of the reasons why more and more companies and organizations are using this work strategy that is so useful and positive for everyone.

          Possible disadvantages

          Some of the main disadvantages when working in work mode are as follows.

          1. Entertainment

          Distractions are the main disadvantage that we can find in the work mode, since when we are in a holiday environment There are many times when one is tempted to go for a walk on the beach or do any leisure activity.

          Additionally, some workers may find it difficult to concentrate when they find themselves in a new work environment that they are not used to.

          To overcome all these temptations, it is recommended to favor work over rest and first fulfill all the work obligations with which one undertakes.

          2. Difficulty adapting

          Likewise, It may also happen that some employees have difficulty adapting to the new environment.either because they are used to their usual place of work, or because they cannot concentrate or organize themselves properly in the new situation.

          Adjustment difficulties are common and perfectly normal in work situations, so it is recommended not to worry too much and try to make the most of the new experience.

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