12 distinctive traits of a multipotential person

Do you know what multipotential people are? Have you heard of them? These are people with very specific personality traits. They like to try, innovate, learn and get involved in as many projects and activities as possible.

In this article we have selected the 12 distinctive traits of a multipotential person: Most of them are positive traits, although there are some that may present some difficulty (slightly more “negative” traits). We tell you everything, keep reading!

    12 characteristic characteristics of a multipotential person

    Multipotential people can engage in just about anything: they don’t have a specific “scope” because these are such versatile profiles that you can imagine them working on almost anything.

    So, they can be dedicated to science, engineering, electronics, education, health … Now, yes, we present the 12 distinctive traits of a multipotential person.

    1. They have a lot of creativity

    The first of the 12 distinguishing features of a multipotential person is their creativity. So, multipotential people tend to have a lot of creativity. This creativity translates into a great ability to identify problems as well as design innovative solutions for them.

    2. They have multiple interests

    Another distinguishing characteristic of multipotential people is the great diversity (and number) of interests they have. These can be of very different themes. In that sense, these are people who, if they didn’t have a lot of new interests and areas to explore, would be bored.

    This manifests itself both in their professional and social, academic life … At work, for example, they are generally very versatile people, who are bored in the monotony; in this sense, they like to embark on new projects, learn new skills, etc. They need constant new stimuli. The same goes for his social and academic life.

    3. They have several hobbies

    Related to the above trait, another of the distinguishing features of a multipotential person is their great diversity of hobbies. In addition, these are generally numerous. That is why this type of people is involved in many projects, volunteers, companies, new activities… Because they like to discover new things and get bored of them quickly.

    4. They have several professions

    That much, when we talk about professions we also talk about professional facets. In other words, multipotential people can either have more than one profession (for example a “central” profession and a complementary profession), or have many professional facets within their same profession (they specialize in many areas of their profession. field).

    This functionality is in line with the previous ones; they have so many concerns and motivations (and they also have the ability to do very different things) that they need to satisfy those motivations, get involved in many areas of the job (or have more ‘a job).

    5. They are very curious people

    Curiosity is another of the distinguishing characteristics of a multipotential person. This personal characteristic is defined as “the desire to know or to discover something”. In this case, the desire is extrapolated to the discovery of multiple things, permanently.

    This trait can sometimes harm them, as these people can sometimes become too intrusive because of this remarkable curiosity that they display. For the rest, this curiosity can help them learn more easily, even if it is sometimes difficult for them to concentrate on one thing, as we will see later.

    6. They like to learn new things

    The next distinguishing characteristic of a multipotential person is their desire to know, their passion for learning. As we have seen, these are people who need almost constant stimulation in every way, especially in terms of learning and challenges.

    like that, they like to challenge themselves, Both academically and professionally. They feel fulfilled by learning, discovering and innovating

    7. They have a lot of energy

    Another characteristic of these people is boundless energy. An energy that, on the other hand, they need to develop everything they do (which, as we have seen, is a lot).

    Sometimes it’s like they have a motor inside, which activates them and keeps them focused, even though they may have a hard time focusing on one thing, due to that insatiable desire to cover everything.

    8. They have a lot of intuition

    Intuition is another of the distinguishing characteristics of a multipotential person. Technically, intuition is the “ability to know, understand or perceive something clearly and immediately, without the intervention of reason”. We have intuition when we achieve something, almost automatically and unexpectedly, when we observe something or think about something.

    Intuition is actually an evolutionary mechanism that helped our ancestors survive. It is a tool that allows us to find easy shortcuts on complicated paths. Thus, multipotential people benefit from good intuition, which allows them to adapt to the environment and to develop easily in life.

    9. “Specialist in everything, expert in nothing”

    One way to summarize the following of the 12 distinguishing features of a multipotential person is with this phrase: “They are specialists in everything, but experts in nothing”.

    Logically, as in all the features mentioned, there will be exceptions, but generally this type of people, with so many interests and “lands to explore”, specialize in many fields, fields, subjects.… but they don’t become experts in any of them, often because of their lack of consistency (a trait we will see later).

    It’s not that they can’t focus on something and become subject matter experts, but rather that when they want to cover it all, they try a lot of things but without spending enough time to become experts. in something more, faced with a lack of time, for example, they prefer to do a lot of things even if they do not immerse themselves in any of them; they favor variety over quality).

    10. They disperse easily

    As we go along, although one of the distinguishing characteristics of a multipotential person is their desire to know and try new things (because besides, they are people with many abilities), it is not always easy for them to focus their attention on one thing.

    This is why they can sometimes seem scattered, and easily distracted, when faced with the large number of stimuli they are trying to address. However, not all have this degree of dispersion, and it is certainly something that can be trained and improved (beware).

    11. It is difficult for them to be constant

    A bit as a result of the above (or in relation to it), we have the following characteristic: the difficulty of constancy.

    Many times, multipotential people, involved in so many projects, they have trouble finishing them, And when faced with a new perspective of business, project, activity, etc., they can leave the initial projects overnight (suddenly). This results in some instability and the possibility of “letting others throw in”.

    12. They are flexible and adaptable

    This time, as a positive trait, another of the distinguishing characteristics of a multipotential person is their flexibility (And adaptation). This (these) feature (s) translates into a great ability to modify things (internally or externally), and to adjust them to work, or to achieve the desired changes in the environment.

    Thus, faced with new or unexpected situations, a multipotential person has effective resources to manage these situations and take advantage of them.

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