8 things to know if your partner is introverted

Relationships are always based on the fit between two people, but the style we adopt to do this varies according to the personality of the other. This is important to keep in mind because while the myth that the opposite poles are drawn is a lie (we usually start living as a couple with people with similar personalities to us), there are always nuances in how the other, if we don’t understand, can damage the relationship.

It is something that this happens especially in the case of introverted people, Whether men or women. Introversion has been a phenomenon that has been unfairly stigmatized for centuries in Western countries, which circulates many myths about it. Ignorance of this personality form doesn’t go away when you start dating an introvert; this ignorance is part of the relationship and, until it is confronted, does not go away.

To better understand how introverted people think, feel and act in the context of a relationship, Note the following lines.

    Introverted couples: the keys to love thrive

    Mature couples in which there is an introverted person and communication has been going for years, it is very possible that they have already overcome this ignorance about this form of personality.

    However, in all other cases, the habit of expecting introverts to constantly behave in a way that does not match their tendencies well is more common than it seems. In the long run, this misunderstanding usually takes its toll, Especially in married life, because it is a space where we are meant to be ourselves and not expect to be judged by everything.

    1. Better to avoid mundane conversations

    Introverted people hate “elevator conversations”. The idea of ​​speaking for the sake of speaking is something that makes them despairAs they try to control all aspects of a social interaction in which nothing really matters too much.

    Where most people just try to be nice and exchange a few words, introverts try to express cohesive and loose messagess. This is why they either choose not to talk and avoid going through that bad trance, or they take too long to realize just after taking the conversation too seriously. It is as if they want to pilot some kind of very sighted robot which is made in their own words.

      2. Express your affection in the right places.

      Many introverted people find it difficult to communicate affection, love, or affection in places full of stimuli and “distractions.” That’s why they prefer to book times when these affectionate exchanges can receive full attention they deserve.

      3. You need to talk, but stimulating things

      An introverted person he spends a lot of his time thinkingThink about different aspects of life. As a result, there are many topics that you find interesting and it is frustrating that you cannot share them with someone. This is why the prejudice that categorizes them as individuals who do not like to talk hurts them, because few people find it logical that a person who does not usually speak in mundane contexts dealing superficially with certain subjects has an interest in speak at length in specific situations. .

      4. Going to social events can be a big challenge

      There are many leisure events that, for introverted people, are not places of relaxation and entertainment, but contexts that are considered challenging. Holidays where many stimuli present themselves at the same timeAs music, new places and new people to talk to can saturate.

      5. Pay attention to everything

      Anyone who is introverted knows that their attitude towards life, although generally more low-key than others, is not based on passivity, doing nothing. The minds of introverted people are always bubbling with activity, and that’s why they are able to capture details that few people pay attention to.

      That is why it is strongly advised to judge such comments with strangeness, as if it is disturbing that someone can focus their attention on such trivial things.

      6. It is better to have a private dialogue

      Groups of people debating something can be too stressful for introverts. Conversations in which everyone is given are much better has time to talk without interruption and without having to be aware of the reactions of several people at the same time.

      7. Don’t be as shy as you seem

      Often introversion is misinterpreted as shyness. No, because the reasons why a person is introverted they don’t have to be related to the fear of giving a bad image or to receive teasing. In fact, many introverts are able to perform shocking actions knowing they will attract attention.

        8. Your thinking goes faster than your speech

        It is a fact that introverts they have a lot to say, but that makes communication difficult. His life is not guided by short, frivolous slogans, but by networks of ideas interconnected in a rather sophisticated way. This is why it is good to show understanding if in explaining certain things one cannot find the words; it is not improvisation, but an effort to pass their ideas through the funnel of language.

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